Surviving the Azure Avalanche


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This session reviews Azure top to bottom, to describe where each features best fits, expose some myths and best practices.

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  • Sb can provide relay and broker services
  • Surviving the Azure Avalanche

    1. 1. DEVintersection Session AS22 Surviving the Azure Avalanche Michele Leroux Bustamante
    2. 2. Michele Leroux Bustamante Managing Partner Solliance ( CEO and Cofounder Snapboard ( Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP Author, Speaker Pluralsight courses on the way! Blog: @michelebusta 2 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. Windows Azure Features Store Compute Web Site Cloud Service Virtual Machine Marketplace Application Services Media Services Caching Recovery Services Service Bus Mobile Services Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control Data Services Storage Queues Storage Tables Storage Blobs SQL Database Networking CDN Traffic Manager Virtual Network SQL Data Sync SQL Reporting HDInsight (Hadoop)
    4. 4. Windows Azure Features Compute Web Site Cloud Service Virtual Machine
    5. 5. IaaS Virtual Machines
    6. 6. Virtual Machine Provisioning Choose a VM Generate Provision Select your VHD Upload Provision
    7. 7. Why choose a VM?     Migrate existing apps without changes Complex software deployment, easier with full control over VM Appliance or pre-existing VM SQL Server over SQL DB  VERY common choice  Prefer IaaS and have staff for IT operations support Job Security 8 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    8. 8. PaaS Cloud Services & Web Sites
    9. 9. Once upon a time… There were only cloud services Then along came web sites Michele used these for all her customers…and life was simple. …but Michele thought life was still simple…because this feature was just for blogs and cute little web sites…BUT…
    10. 10. Web Sites
    11. 11. Scale Multi-tenant. Daily quotas Multi-tenant. No quotas Dedicated VMs. No quotas 12 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    12. 12. Supported Web Frameworks 13 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    13. 13. 14 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. Supported Publishing Methods 15 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. Cloud Services
    16. 16. What is a Cloud Service? 17 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    17. 17. Packaging & Deployment 18 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    18. 18. VIP Swap 19 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    19. 19. Back to our story… 20 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    20. 20. Core Feature Comparison Cloud Services Web Sites WIF 3.5 Required ✔ .NET 4.5 SSL ✔ Dedicated IP ✔ Performance Counters ✔ WHO CARES? Auto-scale ✔ Global Assembly Cache ✔ WHO CARES? Distributed Cache ✔ Custom Software ✔ Nuget (LIMITED) VM Scale Out Control ✔
    21. 21. Web Site Drivers  Some web site specialties:   Sites based on built-in Azure templates such as blogs, wikis, and CMS sites MySQL database alternative  In reality, many will default to web sites first unless there is a cloud service driver 22 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    22. 22. Cloud Service Drivers Cloud Services Web Sites Control over IIS Settings ? Dynamic DNS ? Internal Endpoints Asynchronous Workers Virtual Network RDP ? Non-HTTP Protocols Control over OS Updates Certificate store access ?
    23. 23. Some Personal Preferences Cloud Services Web Sites Staging, SWAP Rollback Headless Deployment Single File Updates Proprietary deployment Familiar deployment Resource path changes Standard paths If cloud services needed, deploy all cloud services ✔ Built in diagnostics, tracing ✔ Yep Improved management of both in portal now Customers Choice!!!
    24. 24. …and so Michele is running out of arguments in favor… THE END
    25. 25. Windows Azure Features Data Services Storage Tables SQL Database SQL Data Sync SQL Reporting HDInsight (Hadoop)
    26. 26. SQL DB and SQL Server  SQL DB (formerly SQL Azure)    150GB limit No backup logs / replay Other SQL features  SQL Server on Azure VM   Popular alternative 1TB limit (blob storage) 27 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    27. 27. Map Reduce from 10K Feet HD Insight Aggregate Data (all Companies) Company A HD Insight (local) Company B Company C HD Insight (local) Server Company A Company B HD Insight (local) Company C 28 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    28. 28. Don’t Drink the Koolaid Hadoop Big Data noSQL
    29. 29. Don’t Drink the Koolaid  noSQL requires planning    Many people return to relational Start relational and figure your model out first Get an expert involved if you need noSQL  BigData is not for everyone  In many cases it is not needed  Get an expert, like: Lynn Langit  30 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    30. 30. Windows Azure Features Networking Traffic Manager Virtual Network
    31. 31. Virtual Networks VPN Device VPN Gateway DNS IPSec Azure Virtual Machines & Cloud Services AD On-Premise Devices 32 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    32. 32. Traffic Manager  Load balance endpoints    Fail over in emergency to another region Look for closest server Round robin (only if you use regions instead of instance scaling) 33 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    33. 33. Windows Azure Features Application Services Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control
    34. 34. Access Control and Mainstream Identity Providers Browser 3 Google 1 5 2 FaceBook Yahoo! Windows Live 4 Access Control Your App 35 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    35. 35. Access Control, Social & Azure AD (vision) Browser Google FaceBook Yahoo! Windows Live Access Control Azure AD Your App User Profile Any IdP 36 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    36. 36. Windows Azure Features Application Services Caching
    37. 37. Caching is Good  Co-Located Caching    Allocate % of memory on each VM Together produce distributed cache total Any role can access 38 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    38. 38. Caching is Good  Shared Caching   Allocate worker roles for caching Together produce distributed cache total 39 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    39. 39. Windows Azure Features Application Services Service Bus Data Services Storage Queues
    40. 40. Service Bus as DMZ Browser Browser MVC / JQuery AJAX Rich Clients Mobile Clients Service Service Web Forms Site MVC Site Web API Web API Service Service DMZ Corporate Domain 41 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    41. 41. Service Bus to Data On Premise / Migration Client Web Application Service Bus Corporate Domain Windows Azure Service 42 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    42. 42. Queues 43 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    43. 43. Topics 44 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    44. 44. Queue Comparison Service Bus Queues Storage Queues Unlimited message lifetime 7 days expiry Max 64K message size Max 256K message size Max 5GB total storage Max 100TB total storage Duplicate detection Order guarantees Dead letter queue Storage metrics Purge capability Long polling Manual back-off polling
    45. 45. Windows Azure Features Application Services Mobile Services
    46. 46. What is Windows Azure Mobile Services? 47 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    47. 47. Push Notification Lifecycle Overview 48 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    48. 48. Notifications: Different services 49 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    49. 49. Communications: Cloud-initiated !Raaawww 50 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    50. 50. Mobile Services 51 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    51. 51. Windows Azure Features Application Services Media Services Data Services Storage Blobs Networking CDN
    52. 52. Storing Content  Blob Storage is the standard now      Scales across instances Replicated Map domain to storage account CDN benefits Security and shared links 53 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    53. 53. Client Service Scaling Out Media Access Blob Container CDN Cache CDN Cache Blob Container Blob Container CDN Cache Corporate Domain HTTP Azure Storage Azure Storage 54 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    54. 54. Blob Storage Integrity Windows Azure Service validate signature MD5 Hash + Windows Azure Storage MD5 Hash + Blob Container 55 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    55. 55. Blob Storage Shared Access Signatures Browser Service Service Service Service shared access policy list create update delete read Public Blob Access create update delete read list Public Container Access read access for limited time with shared access key Shared Access Signature (SAS) create update delete read list Private Container 56 Client >1 hour requires authentication header in request (no browser) Private Container © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    56. 56. Blob Storage Recommendations  Store content in blobs in lieu of drives  Set metadata explicitly for best results  Secure access accordingly   From JavaScript can lease a shared key No need to embed keys in the JS file  Always chunk blobs for best performance 57 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    57. 57. References  Conference resources:   See my snapboards:   Currently at the alpha site: Will move these to when we go live on the main site (SOON watch my blog for announcement)  Contact me:   @michelebusta COME VISIT OUR BOOTH! LET’S HAVE A CONVERSATION! 58 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.