Amatsu Presentaton


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This presentation explains how Amatsu Ireland is an invaluable technique treating a wide range of problems including:

Neck Arthritis Discomfort during Pregnancy
Shoulder Colic Sprains and Strains
Back and Pelvis Joint Problems Postural Problems
Muscle Spasm Headaches Circulatory Problems
Sciatica Sports Injuries

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Amatsu Presentaton

  1. 1. AMATSU – What is it ?! <br /><ul><li>A physical/touch therapy .
  2. 2. It is performed to re-align the tension/compression in the tissues of the body and return it to homeostasis so it can heal itself.
  3. 3. Clients are clothed during the session, and the Practitioner works hands on, through the clothes.
  4. 4. Diagnostic tools used: Muscle Testing, Range of Motion and orthopaedic testing and Palpation.
  5. 5. The Therapists uses own body movement to affect the desired change in the client. It is performed on a Massage Table. The therapist follows the movement pattern in the client’ s body,to bring it to a point of resolution which releases tension in the tissues .
  6. 6. It is safe to use on people of all ages, from new born babies to the elderly as active participation is not necessary
  7. 7. It is safe to use on cancer patients. There is currently, a member of the Amatsu Association Ireland working with cancer patients at the Becon Clinic, Sandyford, Dublin 18 in the Cancer Support Centre.
  8. 8. Amatsu Therapists are trained to give aftercare advice to clients. This consists of advice on </li></ul> -Changing their lifestyle to maintain correct physical posture whilst walking, standing, sitting and lying. <br /> - Improving their eating habits. <br />
  9. 9. AMATSU – THE GODAI <br /><ul><li>This chart shows the interaction between the many factors that affect the health of an individual.
  10. 10. The Amatsu treating being primarily a physical treatment with some energetic effects will still have a series of knock on effects on all the other factors because of this interaction. In addition we give post care advice to deal with these things.</li></li></ul><li>AMATSU – Skillset<br /><ul><li>Anma
  11. 11. Push- pull of the soft tissues of the body
  12. 12. Could be considered as a remedial massage
  13. 13. Seitai
  14. 14. Limb and joint mobilisation technique
  15. 15. ShindenJutsu
  16. 16. Ligamentous and visceral balancing
  17. 17. Kenkujutsu
  18. 18. Balancing of the cranial and cranio-sacral </li></li></ul><li>AMATSU VS OSTEOARTHRITIS<br /><ul><li>Amatsu can realign the joints so that the pressure is taken off the areas that are ‘rubbing’ together. Once the joint is re-positioned, the body has the best possible chance of regenerating and healing the affected bone surfaces. Accompanying stiffness can also be improved so that overall joint and therefore body mobility increases and pain reduces.
  19. 19. Arthritis comes in many forms. Generally from the wear and tear of bones onto each other .
  20. 20. There is no quick and easy solution because the complexity of the causes of the disease means that only individualised therapy can really help treat it.</li></li></ul><li>AMATSU VS MIGRAINES & HEADACHES<br /><ul><li>Causes :
  21. 21. tightness in the joints, muscles and tissue of the head, neck, shoulders and back region
  22. 22. Misalignments of the bones in the neck can cause nerve compression
  23. 23. A diet high in refined foods and sugar (food allergies, dehydration)
  24. 24. Other - indigestion, constipation, blood sugar problems, liver congestion caused by poor diet, general congestion in the sinuses, menstrual disorders and water retention.
  25. 25. Amatsu treatments which alleviate tension, restrictions and realign the whole body. This in turn will restore normal blood flow and toxin removal, improve mobility in the neck, shoulders and back thus improving posture. Any other associated problems usually improve too. </li></li></ul><li>AMATSU VS ASTHMA <br />Amatsu therapy treats the whole body and can benefit Asthma sufferers by <br /><ul><li>Correcting spinal and ribcage misalignments, correcting posture and generally opening up the chest and ribcage area to facilitate breathing.
  26. 26. Identifying and releasing any other restricted areas of the body that might be affecting the diaphragm, ribcage or shoulder area.
  27. 27. Advising on dietary changes, water consumption, stretching and breathing exercises.
  28. 28. Helping the body regain its ability to handle blood sugar adequately using the physical therapy as well as diet.
  29. 29. Amatsu can also help with post-respiratory illness ailments such as lingering coughs and catarrh, and sinus problems following the flu virus. </li></li></ul><li>AMATSU VS Indigestion<br /><ul><li>Releasing restrictions in the area just below the central ribcage which have a major impact on the stomach’s mobility and its ability to churn up food properly . This can help problems at the level of the cardiac sphincter.
  30. 30. Addressing spinal problems in the neck which alter the nerve and blood supply to the stomach and other organs of digestion. Issues here make proper function very difficult.
  31. 31. Problems with the thoracic region, perhaps caused by injury or previous acute respiratory illness, can affect the mobility of the ribcage and diaphragm and consequently the stomach which lies just below.
  32. 32. Releasing the muscle around the kidney area. Tightness in these muscles can lead to general dysfunction including problems like bloating and water retention.
  33. 33. Addressing these physical and structural issues as well as eliminating rout causes such as poor diet will lead to optimum health .
  34. 34. Recent studies have shown that indigestion is a one of the first signs of chronic water shortage. Drinking a pint of water can help.</li></li></ul><li>AMATSU VS I.B.S (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) <br /><ul><li>The ileo-claecal valve is a sphincter muscle between the large and small intestine. It’s function is to allow waste product to pass into the large intestine whilst preventing backflow into the small intestine .
  35. 35. Refined foods will cause dysfunction of this valve
  36. 36. The symptoms of this include: IBS , Pain in the chest, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Bloating, liver congestion leading to haemorrhoids and skin problems, fatigue, black circles under the eyes, depression, wrist problems, sciatica, hip problems, knee and big toe ailments.
  37. 37. Amatsu therapy can reset a malfunctioning ICV and address the knock on effects of this. It can also identify and treat tight, restricted areas of the body that are possibly the root cause of problems in the bowels, relieving pain and symptoms and restoring proper function. These include the neck and jaw !</li></ul> <br />
  38. 38. AMATSU - Contact Details : Xavier Vercaemst244 Hampton SquareNavan RoadDublin 7Tel: 087 281 26 06email:<br />