Are You an Accidental Athlete?


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This gives an overview of the effects of standing, an idea of what are the harmful effects of prolonged standing, the prevention and the benefits of applying foot massage.

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Are You an Accidental Athlete?

  1. 1. Are You an Accidental Athlete?
  2. 2. WHAT Is Accidental Athlete? Accidental Athlete is: “ someone who is unintentionally performing to athlete level of competition in their activity or occupation.” There are many occupations and professions where people spend much of their working life standing , they range from factory workers through to surgeons.
  3. 3. Some Accidental Athletes Are: · Flight attendants · Dancers · Athletes · Machine operators · Teaching staff · Hairdressers/barbers · Casino dealers · Doctors · Nurses · Traffic wardens · Bar/hospitality staff · Health care workers · Museum staff · Nursery staff · Library assistants · Reception staff · Warehouse staff · Ticket collectors · Hair stylist · Catering/waiting staff
  4. 4. Why Should I Care? Poor lower leg circulation and aching from the effects of gravity (standing in this case) channels blood and fluid down in the legs and ankles causing leg fatigue. Leg fatigue can contribute to exhaustion and loss of concentration and leads to workplace accidents. Aching legs caused by being on them for long periods is an occupational health and safety issue because the long term effect of them on peoples’ health is very real.
  5. 5. Is It REALLY That BAD ? Consider the following: Health statistics suggest hundreds of thousands of people in the UK could be suffering health problems related to prolonged standing . Almost 200,000 report lower limb symptoms caused or made worse by the job. Lower limb disorders cause over 2 million days sick leave a year. Chronic heart and circulatory disorders are linked to prolonged standing at work. Prolonged time in an upright posture at work may cause hypertension comparable to 20 years of aging. Researchers have linked prolonged standing to an increased risk of carotid atherosclerosis, which in turn can cause an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Another paper reported evidence that “upright posture at work constitutes a major risk factor of the development of atherosclerosis, comparable to the risk found for traditional risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.”
  6. 6. Keeping the body in an upright position requires considerable muscular effort that is particularly unhealthy even when standing motionless. It reduces the blood supply to the loaded muscles. Insufficient blood flow accelerates the onset of fatigue and causes pain in the muscles of the legs, back, and neck (these are the muscles used to maintain an upright position). Prolonged and frequent standing without some relief also causes blood to pool in the legs and feet, resulting in inflammation of the veins . This inflammation may progress over time to chronic and painful varicose veins. Excessive standing also causes the joints in the spine, hips, knees and feet to become temporarily immobilized or locked. This immobility can later lead to rheumatic diseases due to degenerative damage to the tendons (the structures that bind muscles to bones) and ligaments (the structures that join bones to bones). And more…
  7. 7. What Can You Do?
  8. 8. If you are from the workers’ union reading this… Both management and customers have to be brought to realize that sales and service personnel whose feet, legs and backs hurt are not going to be giving as friendly, smiling service as those who are feeling comfortable. If you are from the health ministry reading this… Prolonged standing at work has been linked to health problems including foot, leg and back pain, varicose veins, circulatory problems, including a possible increased stroke risk, birth defects and difficulties in pregnancy. It could even affect your mental health. Do you want sick citizens? If you are a helpless employee reading this…
  9. 9. We Don’t Recommend Quitting Your Job.
  10. 10. We Don’t Recommend Bringing a Chair to Work.
  11. 11. In the Netherlands, considerable attention is given to working conditions in hospitals. Among other things, a package of practical guidelines for reducing exposure to physical stress has been developed. The Dutch Labour Inspectorate performs inspections based on these guidelines. One pertains to standing work. We Don’t Recommend Moving to the Netherlands .
  12. 12. We Don’t Recommend Overthrowing the Government. WE WILL NOT STAND!!! STANDING IS CRUEL!!!
  13. 13. While you still need to work standing, you can reduce the harm caused by prolonged standing through…
  14. 14. * This is also the principle behind the strange-looking insoles with protruding dots which became a fad several years ago. Foot Massage also known as sole massage or reflexology , has been widely practiced by the Chinese in their belief that every organ in the body corresponds to a particular point on the sole of the foot. Thus they feel that via foot massage, the nerve endings on the foot's sole will be stimulated and would then produce benefits for the malfunctioning organ.
  15. 15. * It is said that reflexology can get rid of toxins, help your circulation, improve body functions and even improve memory. A professional foot reflexologist can even diagnose the health problems that you are facing just by massaging your feet. Foot massage is common throughout the east as a healing method . Foot massage or reflexology works in the same manner as acupuncture . Each area of the foot corresponds with another area of the body and by massaging each part of the foot, you may be working on your liver, kidney, colon, stomach, etc. Thus, if you experience constipation, a massage through your feet can help in your bowel movement problems. * It is said that reflexology can get rid of toxins, help your circulation, improve body functions and even improve memory. A professional foot reflexologist can even diagnose the health problems that you are facing just by massaging your feet.
  16. 16. A foot massage starts with a brief foot bath wherein the feet are placed in a small basin of warm water. Herbs or fragrances usually mixed into the soaking solution, both to make the skin softer and to relax the foot muscles. A solution is then applied to the feet to lubricate them and make it easier for the masseur to perform the foot massage. He proceeds to apply various strokes and pressures to the various points on the soles, making the foot massage an unforgettable experience. The Procedure * It is believed that if a person is in good health, then he should not feel any kind of pain when pressure is applied anywhere on the sole. If pain is experienced during the foot massage, the person may have an undiagnosed illness or some other medical condition that needs to be treated immediately.
  17. 17. How Does a Foot Massage Reduce Harm of Prolonged Standing?
  18. 18. <ul><li>Massaging improves blood circulation. </li></ul><ul><li>The better the circulation, the quicker the healing process to the injured organism. </li></ul><ul><li>Massaging eliminates toxic substance in your body. </li></ul><ul><li>Detoxifying helps protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. </li></ul><ul><li>Massaging builds up your heart and circulatory system. </li></ul><ul><li>The increase in blood flow (to tissues and organs) can relieve much muscular and joint pain (especially associated with swelling). </li></ul><ul><li>Massaging stimulates the nervous system. </li></ul><ul><li>The release of endorphins (the body's natural painkiller) relieves nerve pain and decreases chronic </li></ul><ul><li>pain . </li></ul>
  19. 19. How Do I Get Started With Foot Massage?
  20. 20. <ul><li>It is not easy to learn about foot massage . In fact, masseurs engaging in this trade need to be certified for the job. It is not about pressing randomly on your feet or picking up information from the internet and applying them. Think becoming a surgeon. </li></ul><ul><li>Repetition is key. Just like you would regularly exercise to keep fit and stay in shape, regularly massaging helps to keep your organ tissues healthy and enhances healing to improve the function of the system as a whole. </li></ul><ul><li>However, you can do a simple foot massage on your own if you want to as there are quite a number of devices for foot massages being sold everywhere these days. These handy devices are great as gifts or for personal use. </li></ul><ul><li>Compared to professional services, these devices are much more affordable. Thus you can complement professional visits with these home-solutions, at your own time. </li></ul>
  21. 21. A foot massage device can be use even while you’re doing something else, like typing away at the computer or watching your favorite TV program. It can be easily stowed under any table or bed. Some also comes with warm air therapy .
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