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Database List owners' prespective


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The Direct Mail Era - In the List Owner's perspective

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Database List owners' prespective

  1. 1. By Yogesh Aggarwal Global Business Director Yellow Umbrella Group The Direct Mail Era
  2. 2. Critical success factors • Realistic Expectations • Relevant Communication • Correct Timing • Correct Mail size • Correct Test Size • Correct Evaluation of Results • Understanding of Profile
  3. 3. Direct Mail Response A List owner’s Perspective 1. Responds to a factor of your knowledge on Chosen segment 2. HNI Syndrome 3. Database options and cuts available 4. Living with list owners
  4. 4. Responds to a factor of your knowledge on Chosen segment • Major Flaws – Individual / Corporate misunderstanding on what Works / Worked or Doesn’t.. • Zero Profile knowledge… a Failure in doing Homework before running campaign. • Segment knowledge: Study Product / Market / Target Segment • Target those who require / would respond and not to all…
  5. 5. HNI Syndrome A little bit of TOO MUCH • A segment over-done. • Everyone wants a bit of HNI – 100% database queries are for HNI – 100% companies wants to target HNI Is HNI so Important ?? Small Test…… Define it…..
  6. 6. Basic Questions to answer yourself before Targeting HNI • Why HNI? • How Do you connect to HNI? • Is HNI your Target segment? • What is your expectation from HNI? HNI… HNI… HNI… HNI Syndrome Continued…
  7. 7. HNI Syndrome Continued… Purchase Behavior • It’s not the money that responds but the profile and lifestyle of a person which does. • Target the group by Profile, Educational balance….. So how would you select the Data?? Largely a Psychographic study of the TA? Continued..
  8. 8. What is Database???? – a key component in Direct Marketing You Buy Customers and not the Mailing Lists Options & Cuts Available Databases are available by deep segmentation on Psychographic & Demographic classification Spending Patterns
  9. 9. Critical factors – Data selection • What is your current donor profile? – By Location – By Age – By Occupation –By Availability of Data with List owners Now Lets understand Psychographic study of the Target Audience…
  10. 10. Psychographic Analysis • It is a Technique of Geographic & Demographic study on psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, value, abilities, attitudes, buying motives and personality traits. • Gender, Age, income, occupation, Location & even Religion play vital role in any purchase behavior. • Psychographic data can be purchased from direct marketers or market profiles for general marketers
  11. 11. Database options and surrogates Segment Surrogate By Occupation CEO/MD General Manager + Business Heads By Ownership Car Owners Mutual fund owners of High value By Business Directors , Proprietors By Credit Credit Limit 1.5 Lakh + By Residence Residents to Premium localities By Age High Networth + Age > 40 By Ability to spend High value shoppers High value donors
  12. 12. Living with list owners List owner is like your doctor. • Share the objective • Share the communication • Share the expectations –What ROI ? Do not look for immediate R.O.I (return on investment). Building a good relationship with the customer is possible only by winning loyalty.
  13. 13. Living with list owners Continued… –What Media? To maximize your R.O.I, It is vitally important to test your campaigns. – What Budget? & What size of campaign? Start small campaigns and test various things to find what works (Vivid Segments / Different Creative / Different Offerings) Then, just scale it up, your profit will scale up along.
  14. 14. Living with list owners Continued… – Method to measure? A homework on what works and what doesn’t is very eminent before running a large scale campaign / or to derive a conclusion – What Time? Streamline your offers & campaigns with the current situation / Market Trends Communicate well - Your segment - Your interpretation of HNI
  15. 15. Last but not the Least… It’s a War.. Direct mail vis-à-vis Email/SMS/Tele calling