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Media comparison (1)

  1. 1. By Yogesh Aggarwal Global Business Director Yellow Umbrella Group Media Comparison
  2. 2. Take a Pick… Its Choosing Media Direct mail vis-à-vis Email/SMS/Tele calling Concerns • Getting email read is becoming harder and harder. Bounces are very high • Target High Net Individuals / Premium base over phone through SMS / Telecalling has almost become impossible due to DND (DoNotDisturb) listing. • DND ratio is almost 50%
  3. 3. Mathematics Mail Size Cost Total cost Open Rate Reach Cost to reach Response percentage from open Response Cost to acquire Email 100000 0.4 40000 3% 3000 13 1% 30 1333 SMS 100000 0.2 20000 50% 50000 0.4 0.020% 10 2000 Direct Mail 100000 6 600000 200% 200000 3 0.40% 800 750 Tele Call 100000 6 600000 50% 50000 12 1% 500 1200
  4. 4. Choosing Media Advantage Disadvantage Email Faster and cheaper for testsPrimarily reaches to value seekers Doesn’t cover most of wealthy Has limited shelf life Reach is limited to individual to whom it is sent Tele calling More persuasive Negative Image Slow reach Doesn’t reach wealthy DND SMS Fast & cheaper Negligible shelf life Not enough space to communicate Doesn’t reach wealthy DND
  5. 5. Direct Mail Facts Advantage Disadvantage Reaches ALL High Initial Cost Lot of space to communicate Cuts clutter No DND issues Helps build brand Read by multiple people at home
  6. 6. Direct Mail Facts Continued… • Direct Mailer is not an expensive mode but Smart mode of marketing products / services. • The open ratio of an email campaign / SMS response is far low & in fact equivalent to the volume of Direct Mailer campaign. • Direct Mailer also works as a Reminder in many cases for recurring sale from same customer.
  7. 7. Mathematics for media option To make this simple let us check the following: • An email campaign of 1lac with even 95% delivered rate can fetch you open rate of 5k and unique clicks of 3k. Which simply means out of 1lac Target Audience only 5k have opened your email … • Whilst a Direct Mailer campaign of just 5k will fetch you approximately 4 times more visibility per household multiplying your Branding.
  8. 8. Communication perspective in media –Catchy headline or handwritten address on the envelope of a direct mail letter will get read. If your offer is effective, you should be able to profitably sponsor new members and enroll customers with the proper direct mail mailing list.
  9. 9. Fight the Flaws Understand what works and what doesn’t Profile Understanding Target who requires and who doesn’t Its not the Cost… It’s the Mode we communicate through…. Its a Wrap…. Happy Direct Mailing..