Using LinkedIn Polls for Great Marketing


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How to use LinkedIn Polls to learn more about potential clients or customers, and perhaps even to generate some leads.

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Using LinkedIn Polls for Great Marketing

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn Polls for Great Marketing © 2010 GrowMotor All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. PUTS A QUESTION TO LINKEDIN USERS LinkedIn Polls is an application that
  3. 3. The Rules 1. 125-character limit for the question 2. Up to 5 different 40-character responses 3. Cannot select more than one answer 4. $1 per response; add an extra $.50–$1 per targeting option
  4. 4. GrowMotor We recently repositioned our company and are always trying to find out more about our potential clients
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn Polls Makes Sense For Us 1. Decision makers for our services are active LinkedIn users 2. We want to speak directly to a larger pool of potential clients 3. We have a low budget and few resources
  6. 6. CHOOSE OUR POLL QUESTION First we need to
  7. 7. Two Simple Goals: 1. Learn more about potential clients 2. Generate leads by alluding to the respondent’s real problems
  8. 8. First, We Started Big We brainstormed questions about • Overall marketing performance • Leadership • Process • Product development • Positioning
  9. 9. SERVICES WE PROVIDE RIGHT NOW Then we refocused the questions on
  10. 10. One Final Criteria The results of the poll must help us market our services and test our ideas about marketing
  11. 11. The Question We Chose Are you going to write a marketing plan in 2011?  Already done! We write one every year.  Already done! This is our first time.  We plan to write one in December.  We might write one. We don’t know how.  What is a marketing plan?
  12. 12. Why It Works For Us 1. We have clear expertise in marketing plans, which is reflected in content on our website 2. We will learn how potential clients are using marketing plans, which will help us communicate how we can help them 3. Respondents might realize that their companies need help with marketing plans
  13. 13. Guidelines For Writing a LinkedIn Poll 1. Keep it simple and clear. Our question is straightforward and direct. 2. The shorter the better. Our question is only 40 characters long. 3. Use a casual, interesting tone. Our question sounds like something you would hear in casual conversation.
  14. 14. 50% DISCOUNT PER RESPONSE Woohoo! Graeme has a LinkedIn Premium account…
  15. 15. Choose Up to 2 Targeting Options We selected: • Job Function—Business Development, Creative, Marketing, Public Relations, and Sales • Geography—US, UK, Australia, Canada, and South Africa
  16. 16. JUST ENOUGH RESEARCH We selected 100 responses for $50. That is all we need for
  17. 17. ALL 100 RESPONSES WERE COLLECTED 20 hours after we posted the poll
  18. 18. Overall Results
  19. 19. Some Observations 1. Most people wait until the last minute to do their marketing plan 2. Many understand the importance of a marketing plan, but admitted they don’t know how to write one
  20. 20. Possible Potential Clients Let’s find out more about the 16% that responded: “We might write one. We don’t know how.” Let’s call them oranges
  21. 21. By Company Size
  22. 22. Some Observations 1. Most oranges come from medium and small companies 2. Almost half of respondents from medium- sized companies are oranges
  23. 23. By Age
  24. 24. 18-24 YEARS OLD Oranges are young!
  25. 25. By Job Function Oranges are in business development, sales, and creative
  26. 26. Putting It All Together Oranges, or people who understand the importance of a marketing plan but don’t know how to do one, are either: 1. Young entrepreneurs 2. Young people in tactical marketing roles at medium-sized companies
  27. 27. SO WHAT?
  29. 29. We Will Emphasize That... • We teach you how to write an effective marketing plan and implement successfully • We develop your first 2-year marketing plan and calendar together • Your marketing plan will read like an instruction manual, so anyone can use it
  30. 30. Other Discoveries 1. People who responded “We plan to write one in December” have a tendency to be older and in small businesses 2. People who responded “Already done! We write one every year” have a tendency to be middle aged and in large companies 3. People who responded “What is a marketing plan?” were all in the age range of 25-34
  31. 31. DID IT GENERATE LEADS? What about our second goal?
  32. 32. BUT HERE’S WHAT WE LEARNED Probably not…
  33. 33. Change Your LinkedIn Headline Include your company name in your personal LinkedIn headline because it appears at the bottom of the poll We should have changed Graeme’s title to Big Wheel @ GrowMotor before we published the poll
  34. 34. Marketing Performance Process™ 1. Understand customers, problems, needs 2. Diagnose problems in current system 3. Articulate the story 4. Decide on the plan 5. Communicate the story to customers 6. Deliver the customer experience 7. Measure results & improve the plan
  35. 35. STEP 1: UNDERSTAND LinkedIn Polls in the Marketing Performance Process™
  36. 36. LinkedIn Polls Can Help You 1. Make new discoveries about your target market 2. Confirm inclinations about your target market 3. Refine your message 4. Test product or service ideas 5. Discover new potential customers
  37. 37. PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS WITH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS Always confirm your findings from LinkedIn Polls in
  38. 38. Use LinkedIn Polls If 1. You’re in B2B or your customers are working professionals 2. You have a limited marketing budget and limited resources for market research 3. You need to learn more about your target market and get feedback from potential customers (Hint: We all do!)
  39. 39. If You Want More • • • •