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The Wikification of Blackboard (2008)


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The Wikification of Blackboard

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The Wikification of Blackboard (2008)

  1. 1. The Wikification of Blackboard In pursuit of a better way? (Steve Mackenzie -24/01/08)
  2. 2. The Motivation, The How and The Why? • To provide a better service to students – Reduce the time it takes to develop and maintain a blackboard module – Reduce searching time for students • Achieved by – Using the blackboard wiki tool as the primary navigation interface – A navigational strategy of wide and shallow as opposed to the current deep folder style (hierarchical) navigation. • Perceived Benefits – Less time consuming to create, maintain and develop a Blackboard Module – Students have all resources on a single page
  3. 3. For 2 or more closely related programmes (Relieving the burden of duplication) The Plan in Action One place to update general Information Community Module linked to all individual modules and vice-versa Blackboard Community Support Material & Programme Level Information Year 1 Cohort Blackboard Module All Module Resources Listed on a single page Blackboard Module Year 2 Cohort Blackboard Module Blackboard Module Year 3 Cohort Blackboard Module Blackboard Module Pre – Reg Students Blackboard Modules all follow the same navigational style as the community module and each other
  4. 4. Creating a Wiki Home page • From Scratch – – • Control Panel > Manage Course Menu > Add Tool Link > Select Wiki Tool > name it ‘Home’ OR Control Panel > Use copy course option from another module (wiki text is not transferred) And Then Some Technicalities – – Wiki page is used to store all Module Resources (docs and Links) Left hand menu is reserved for Communication features or other blackboard tools • • Tidy up Left Hand Menu – – – – • e.g. On one module a turnitin link has been added Manage Course menu > remove or hide all menu options Include Home, Announcements, Discussion Boards and Send Email ONLY Other tools can be added as desired Course Design > Manage Menu Display Options > Select Quick VIEW and don’t show both views Slight Issue – If Announcements are made – an Announcement Alert is added to the wiki page – Announcements are still listed as normal.
  5. 5. Copying the Format and Web Links 1. 2. Copy HTML Source from one wiki page to another Relatively Easy to upload Documents to correctly customize the new wiki page 2 1
  6. 6. Demonstration • Talk you through the Blackboard Community Module • Will build a new module now (10-15 mins) – ASCS5211-2008-X ASP 2 - DEVELOPING AND DISSEMINATING BEST PRACTICE (ASCS5211_2008_X)