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Thanks to the UTC


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Lots of interesting discussion regarding what SignWriting has accomplished and how the Center for Sutton Movement Writing can work with the Unicode Technical Committee.

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Thanks to the UTC

  1. 1. Thanks to the UTC Prepared for UTC # 144 / L2 # 241 (July 27-31, 2015) a Unicode Technical Committee meeting in Redmond, WA by Stephen E Slevinski Jr in association with the Center for Sutton Movement Writing Characters for information interchange From the Center for Sutton Movement Writing Writing the sign language of the world
  2. 2. The Big Umbrella of the Center for Sutton Movement Writing All sign languages supported right now. Documented, stable, and free standards. Many implementations from separate groups. Other sign languages scripts can be supported through a font-face.
  3. 3. Separate Concerns for Written Sign Language CSMW UTC Production Fonts Growth Forwards Compatibility Domain Experts Development Design Ideas Potential Backwards Compatibility Unicode Experts
  4. 4. Standard Organizations ISOW3C IANAIETF The Center for Sutton Movement Writing Unicode
  5. 5. The SignWriting Reality 16-bit glyphs set created by Valerie Sutton 652 Palettes of 6 by 16 Grid Dynamic Pages: single file 114 KB 234 Pages Deleted From Wikipedia Static Pages: 8 MB after markup Could be optimized Symbol Encoding Model PUA Plane 16 (37,811 characters)
  6. 6. Large ASL Wikipedia Page 0 KB 100 KB 200 KB 300 KB 400 KB 500 KB 600 KB 700 KB 800 KB 900 KB 1000 KB 1100 KB Server Side SVG PUA Plane 15 ASCII Real numbers Size Matters Page Title in FSW 66 bytes long Equivalent PUA Plane 15 28 code points 112 bytes of UTF-8 336 bytes URL Encoded %F3%BD%A0%80%F3%BD%A2%B5%F3%BD%A0%91%F3%BD%A0%A7 %F3%BD%A4%B5%F3%BD%A0%90%F3%BD%A0%A0%F3%BD%A8%AF %F3%BD%A0%90%F3%BD%A0%A0%F3%BD%A0%83%F3%BD%BC%9D %F3%BD%BC%AC%F3%BD%A8%AF%F3%BD%A0%90%F3%BD%A0%A0 %F3%BD%BB%AE%F3%BD%BB%AF%F3%BD%A4%B5%F3%BD%A0%90 %F3%BD%A0%A0%F3%BD%BC%93%F3%BD%BC%84%F3%BD%A2%B5 %F3%BD%A0%91%F3%BD%A0%A7%F3%BD%BC%83%F3%BD%BC%91 󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀󽠀 AS18517S20500S2ff00M529x544S2ff00482x483S20500519x504S18517503x517
  7. 7. The SignWriting Stack 2015 iOSWindows Linux Android OS X Explorer FireFox Chrome Safari Opera TrueType Fonts (TTF) The Bottom Layers SignWriting works on desktops, tablets, and phones. Forward compatible, rather than backward compatible. Vertical Writing Mode has very poor support.
  8. 8. Wide Operating System Support Android support through CSS font-face or App.
  9. 9. Freeform positioning Script Encoding Model PUA Plane 15 (1,179 characters) 2-D Script SignWriting has the largest data set and the most advanced 2-D searching of any planar script. Number characters Express the concept of the ruler principle with characters.
  10. 10. Sorting with Syllables Supports multiple theories
  11. 11. Thanks to the UTC by Stephen E Slevinski Jr