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Answering The Matrix question


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Presentation by undergrads in a Communication course on "Media and Culture", about Taking the Red Pill as shown in The Matrix.

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Answering The Matrix question

  1. 1. Giving you the information to WHAT IS THE MATRIX. ANSWER.
  2. 2. “The Matrix is the world that has beenpulled over your eyesto blind you from the truth.”
  3. 3. “You take the Blue Pill—storyends, you wake up in your bedand believe whatever you want to believe. You take the Red Pill—you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…”
  4. 4. “The Matrix is the trap the world has become.” “We are already pawns in a modern technological society where life happensaround us, but is scarcely influenced by us.”
  7. 7. +
  8. 8. What we useWhat controls us
  9. 9. “Our everyday lives are saturated by radio, TV,newspapers, books, the internet, movies, music, magazines, and more.” Answer section relates to map of syllabus description because even though our society is in the middle of everything, technology and media influence us and our actions.
  10. 10. Answer section connects to the parable because the parable gives examples of underlying meanings to the Matrix, thusrelating the Matrix to our world. The answer section expresses that the Matrix is our world.
  11. 11. So What’s Next? Today our society is controlled by the machine…“Social construction of reality…whilereality exists, we must negotiate the meaning of that reality.”