Crowdsourcing Tedx Cibeles August version 2011


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What it is and what it is not,example ideas sharing crowdsourcing project
This is the written full version of the presentation made at Tedx Plaza Cibeles Madrid on the 25th of June 2011
Below the YouTube link for those of you who prefer the video version
To ideate or not to ideate that is the question

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Crowdsourcing Tedx Cibeles August version 2011

  1. 1. This is the written full version of the presentation made at Tedx Plaza Cibeles Madrid on the 25th of June 2011 Below the YouTube link for those of you who prefer the video version
  2. 2. When I was a child I had a dream:I wanted to travel into the Clouds to reach“las tres Marías” of ORION, because Ibelieved they were the center of theconnected network of stars, ideas and livingbeings in the Universe.
  3. 3. My father, a Spanish Republican and a MedicalDoctor, said to me “everything is possible, there areno limits to ideas”My mother, a Venezuelan Physics and MathProfessor, said “ it is not the quantity of time what isimportant but the quality of time spent on yourdreams what is”They loved me, and I believed them.
  4. 4. My 1st experience with a Crowd was in 1958, I was seven yearsold. It was when the Venezuelan People decided they could no longer accept repression and abuses from its Dictator, and everyone lived and spoke about that with passion.
  5. 5. Before, thenIt took 9 months to achieve critical mass since the “Pastoral Manifesto” was read in May 1957 in all Catholic Pulpits followed by Popularmobilization of Crowds. The 23rd of January 1958 Pérez Jiménez had to flee the country in the “Sacred Cow” airplane.
  6. 6. After, nowIt took less than a month in 2011 to end the Tunisian and Egyptianregimes. The new technologies lower costs, wider access and socialnetworks connections to the outside world permitted fastercommunications and organization of protests which acceleratedgrowth of a critical mass for crowds’ political actions.
  7. 7. My 2nd crowd experience, in 1960, had to do with music and it wasbecoming part of the school choir, you networked, learnt and sharedwith other girls older and taller than you from different classes, at thetime, it was the best part of school: to have a crowd listen.
  8. 8. Before, then and now Eric WhitacerIt took then, in 1960, and takes now more than a year to synchronizeand fine tune a good performing Choir. We need to learn musicscores and find time to meet, practice and rehearse after schoolhours, as well as being together in the same place at the same time.Photos from video Cloudbursting2222
  9. 9. After, nowIt took less than 4 months in 2010 to create a Virtual Choir from 12countries with 185 voices and 234 tracks recorded in differentlocations and times. The new technologies permitted a virtual choirsong performance Lux Aurumque‘ (Light and Gold).Created by Eric Whitacer.
  10. 10. It is the wisdom of crowds working.A new curtain opens up for new ideas.
  11. 11. I always felt in my professional and personal life that weall had many ideas and that, good or bad, most of them were wasted. I felt when my father died of AlzheimerDecember 2005, that I should do something about that.
  12. 12. ideas must be connected like stars…. And in 2008we created an ideas, free vertical social network to connect them.
  13. 13. I believed we should not let ideas fade in a limbo with no memory, we needed a place to share them and leave them for others to use.
  14. 14. 85% of internet users do feel that they very often or sometimes have ideas that are wasted because there is not an easy way to share and channel them. TNS Research in UK USA and India (1154) 60 50,8 50 40 34,1 30IDEATORS 20 11,1QUESTORS 10 3,9CREATORS 0 Sometimes Have no ideas w orth sharing Very often Know w here to place ideas
  15. 15. Rene Descartes“Cogito ergo sum” ( I think, therefore I am)The simple meaning of the phrase is that someonewondering whether or not he exists is, in and ofitself, proof that he does existWilliam Shakespeare“To be or not to be that is the question”Hamlets Soliloquy
  16. 16. It would be nice to implant the verb to ideate and the word ideatorTo ideate or not to ideate that is the question
  17. 17. SHARING % Main Reason to Post IDEAS, by gender40 3435 32 303025 1920 17 17 17 17 12 1315 9 9 9 7 8 710 5 3 5 0 Total Male Female
  18. 18. Not everyone has the same interests, each one has its Element (Robinson) Environment care and Sustainability Universal trends.
  19. 19. 2009 2011Unsolicited ideas in the Cloud come from everywhere and anyone.
  20. 20. Of course you feel proud of what you build but not always,We committed errors along the way. We learned to live on β permanent Crowdusers conversations are most rewarding.
  21. 21. Connecting over 100.000 people to share ideas in a network like the fishermens nets.
  22. 22. You need to take care of the network; sometime the users (the fish) break them in some places and teach you to do them better.
  23. 23. ideAs SHARING and LESSONS• Collective idea sharing is the first motivator• 76% of ideas are posted under creative commons and that surprised us.• Negative votes are perverse, are boomerangs to community build. They were responsible for our 1st community mutiny.• Profiles, Recognition, Ego trips and different rankings are most appreciated• Entrepreneurs and VCs do not visit to find ideas jet• Ideas are not as sexy as music or tweets
  24. 24. ideas can come from all All Minds have ideas 12 million visits since launch 211countries i.e. 90% + of world users 180 countries 6.565 locationsideas 118 countries 3,065 cities/locations.
  25. 25. Charles McKay Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 1841The crowd can also be irrational looking back at the Tulip Bulb Bubble Market. In 1600 Holland the Bulb prices= 6x annual salaries.
  26. 26. Yet they are so beautiful that the crowd loved and longed for TulipsI cant miss what others see in them so I shall also buy by imitation on this Tulip Mania Market.
  27. 27. But we are better than Herds, we are no sheep mimicking all the time the others, as some say. No we can be a wise crowd.
  28. 28. Albert-László Barabássi Linked 2003How everything is connected to everything else And networks despite being Complex systems always surprise us with the simplicity of its laws Nature had an Underlying Universal Law
  29. 29. Could anyone in the audience tell us What is Paretos principle ?
  30. 30. What is Paretos principle ?His love for the mathematical beauty 20% 80%of Newtonian Physics, conformed Effort Resultshis dream: making economics intoan exact Science.
  31. 31. Could anyone in the audience tell us which is the Internet principle ?
  32. 32. Coined by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba 2006 1% 9%What is network Internet principle ?the 1% rule or the 90–9–1 principle lurks contributors creatorsReflects a theory that more people will lurk in 90%a virtual community than will participate. Thisterm is often used to refer to participationinequality in the context of the Internet.
  33. 33. Coined by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba 2006 1% 20% the 1% rule or the 90–9–1 principle In ideas4all Crowd/Communityregistered users contributors active creators 79%
  34. 34. What is the small world principle ? The online networks behave like small worlds there is a power law that rules them, they are scale free irrespective of their size, space, time. The distance is smaller than 6 degrees connections precisely because we are linked.
  35. 35. My facebook network beautiful fractalsSymmetry and the beauty of physics are inside the web and the online and cloud crowdsourcing communities.
  36. 36. How much do you think this cow weights ?
  37. 37. James Surowiecki The Wisdom of Crowds 2005 Francis Galton Philadelphia , the crowd guessing the weight of an Ox “Under the right circumstances groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them”In my opinion it is because crowds act like a Global Brain Multiknowledged and Multitasked
  38. 38. Jeff Howe coined Crowdsourcing in Wired 2006 Published Crowdsourcing 2008 The White Paper Version: Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. The Soundbyte Version: The application of Open Source principles to fields outside of software. And one of the best definitions although long by…
  39. 39. TED Conversations If you were a member of Virtual Choir, Eric Whitacres incredible global collaboration please share your story & journey with us & the worldMaria PetrovaApr 3 2011: Eric Whitacres music — to me — is healing in sound form.
  40. 40. Im so moved by the fact that MY CONTRIBUTION WAS WANTED, and WELCOME.My voice? Really? ANYBODYS voice? Its so DEMOCRATIC and welcoming andloving, and Im so MOVED By the OPENNESS. What I couldnt offer in clarity, aSKILLED sound engineer made up for by scrubbing my video. My energeticCONTRIBUTION is there, and so much of my HEART is in this video, because I feelso much love from the song, from Eric, and from EVERYONE who participated. Its anexperience of resplendent UNITY and ACCEPTANCE, despite weaknesses, aboveCOMPETITION, where everyone came as they were, and we sound and LOOKGLORIOUS for it. The vision we now SHARE, of CREATING experiences that UNITEPEOPLE ACROSS BORDERS, across SPACE AND TIME, despite individualdifferences, is thanks to this Choir. Thank you, Eric, and thank you, everyone, for yourmissives of love in this GALACTIC EXPERIENCE. We truly TOOK PART in somethingTHAT MATTERS.
  41. 41. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire... If only 4% of the audience knows theanswer... Statistics will reveal results as follows : 24%, 24%, 24%, and28%! Over 90% of times the audience will be right vs. 65% for experts.
  42. 42. Crowds that are diverse, with different degrees expertise, disagreement and contest take better decisions.
  43. 43. Crowd wisdom starts to fail when people collaborate... It becomesgroupthink, similar to a cluster of experts. The novelty/diversity of the crowd is what recruits novel,. its not who you know (as in, know well), but it is who you dont know well... Thus avoiding group think.
  44. 44. Chris Anderson“The Long Tail” 2006Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More“The “Long Tail” – the extensive, online, sustained reach ofsmaller, low-volume specialized products, the “hidden majority,”the vast assortment of books, films, recordings that don’t becomepopular hits can be garbage but also include lots of qualityproducts that “one-size-fits-all” gatekeepers bypass“Let the customers do the work” – Google, eBay and Craigslist relyheavily on their customers’ labor. Self-service is the key.Customers handle shipping, inventory and tracking.Forget about outsourcing; this trend is “crowdsourcing.” I believe that is best to have more diverse niche people producing more smaller ideas the long tail MULTIPLICITY DISCOVERY
  45. 45. Charles McKayMatt Evans Mozilla The Power of Crowdsourcing 2010 Crowdsourcing is here to stay “So, I’m glad that uTest is making a go of it. I think the explosion of social networking over the past years has really made it apparent that the virtual crowd is a very powerful thing. It can solve lots of interesting problems we know about now, and I’m sure we will be discovering areas where crowdsourcing can be very effective in the future… So, I think crowdsourcing is a practice that is here to stay and will be with us in some form for as long as the web stays running.”
  46. 46. • Is not OUTSOURCING• It is the generalization of OPENSOURCE• NOT A STANDARD phenomena with one formula /manual• It is diverse and has a SPECTRUM• INCLUSIVE of Community participation and Crowdsourcing, and in between all kinds of HYBRIDS•The Long tail participation is important to enhance DISCOVERY
  47. 47. Google reference results in Millions 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
  48. 48. Then you want to continue your dream with no boundaries and not onlyyou want to build the open Global Brain but to transform the ideageneration as the first step on open innovation ofCompanies, Citizens and Institutions, and then again you find you arenot alone and many people are working on that as well.
  49. 49. Nelson Mandela “It always seemsimpossible until its done ” His picture done with crowd pictures
  50. 50. What we have learned from the open social network, we bring to the Cloud for Companies, Citizens and Institutions INNOVATION AGORA
  51. 51. The principal barrier to companies innovation is middle management There is important internal resistance to what Stefan Lindegaard calls “the antibodies of change” There is no democratization, no retro-feedback or synergies in traditional innovation
  52. 52. We need to change the internal Darth Wider withinOrganizations/Institutions to promote real open innovation by the crowds external and internal, the DWs like it and commit to innovation early in the new process.
  53. 53. 1. Crowds have better collective wisdom than individuals, experts, corporations2. People want to participate and share, amateurism3. 90% is no good, 9% is good, 1% of crowd ideas are very good4. Motivate, Reward them, let them feel good, like gaming5. Diversity trumps expertise, getting outside the boundaries also importantIn the web the Multitude is there ready for Crowdsourcing
  54. 54. 6. Need to foster right atmosphere for collective wisdom, a common or loosely common goal7. Harvest Crowd creation and long tail’s discovery8. Let crowd sift vote. Among the 20 most voted are the best9. Democratization, transparency, independence, decentralization, authenticity, fun works increases employee participation up to 40% in the 1st month and 90% after one year10. KISS Keep it simple and small (tasks and goals) In the web the Multitude is there ready for Crowdsourcing
  55. 55. ideaCrowdsourced design. Those are my ideas if you don’t like them I have more
  56. 56. executedWe made the idea happen. Those are my ideas if you don’t like them I have more
  57. 57. Different NGOs Making others’ dreams come true via the crowd.
  58. 58. “Our Constitution... is called democracy because power is not in the hands of a few but of the majority” Thucydides And the majority is the Multitude the Crowd
  59. 59. Before,“Chance favors the prepared mind “Attributed to PascalNow ,“In the Cloud, Chance favors the prepared Crowd”Crowds are the DNA of the future communities and organizations as well as disruptive Innovation and Progress channels towards the Stars
  60. 60. Our great Team, Crowds Collectiveparticipation and Crowdsourcing , have permitted my dream come true and my coming closer and closer to “las tres Marías” of ORION,the center of the connected network of stars, ideas and living beings in the Universe
  61. 61. “las tres Marías”All Minds are Intelligent and have ideasMultitasked crowdsourcing the DNA of progressMultitudes and Mambo !!! Crowds can be orchestrated to make their instruments dance openly to Innovation
  62. 62. Juvenil Simón Bolívar de Venezuela - BBC Proms 2007 300.000youngsters from poverty to musicians in 30 years. Maestro Abreu’s dream.
  63. 63. IN YOUTH WE TRUST15M Plaza THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE TODAY Thanks to Wikipedia and other Google images sources @anamariallopis