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Extending the Spiceworks Help Desk


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Speaker: Cole Lakes, Support Engineer, Spiceworks
16:30 - 17:30
Hit up this session for a deep dive into the management capabilities of the Spiceworks help desk and get more done, quicker! Learn how to:

Work tickets “on-the-go”
Keep admins and techs on task with custom dashboard widgets
Prioritize work with custom attributes, ticket rules and more
Help users help themselves with Knowledge Base searches
Use the most popular plugins to move even faster

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Extending the Spiceworks Help Desk

  1. 1. Extending the Spiceworks Help DeskTake your Help Desk how-to to the Next Level
  2. 2. • Working tickets on the go• Customizing your tickets• Extending the help desk• Automating your day• Helping users help themselves• Keeping track of staff/ticketsAgenda
  3. 3. Remote Ticket Management
  4. 4. •• Examples• Time worked - #add 10m• Close ticket - #close• Assign ticket - #assign to [email]• Set Custom Attribute - #set attribute name=attribute value (ex:#set Floor Number=14)Tickets Anywhere
  5. 5. Mobile Apps – Help Desk
  6. 6. Mobile Apps - Inventory
  7. 7. Mobile Apps – People
  8. 8. Mobile Apps – Android and Tablets
  9. 9. Extending the Help Desk
  10. 10. Automating Tickets
  11. 11. Overseeing Operations
  12. 12. • Manager Overview• Report -• Plugin -• Average Resolution Time -• Ticket Trend Graph -• Management Weekly Report -• Ticket Checklists Plugin -• Subcategories Plugin-• Help Desk Power Pack -• Help Desk Customizations -