Tech training tier 2 changes


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  • Since the implementation of Tier 2, you have voiced a number of very valid frustrations that impact you daily as a Tech agent. At CREDO we recognize these as very legitimate, but lets review the most common challenges we have with the current Tier 2 setup.We are unable to see the notes created by Tier 2 agents. This makes it difficult to know what a customer has done after they have visited Tier 2. Likewise, this forces lengthy transfers, as we have to exchange a great deal of information when transferring to or from Tier 2.Long hold times have been reported frequently by nearly all Tech agents. Customers often refuse to leave a voicemail for a callback and are willing to wait a very long time before getting to an agent. If an agent does not become available, then the customer is required to leave a voicemail with know way to verify that this callback has happened.Knowing where your responsibilities end and Tier 2 duties begin has not been easy, and has required a great deal of guesswork in many scenarios.Finally, Tier 2 closes earlier than Tier 1, making calls late in the day or on weekends more difficult to handle. This is frustrating for you and the customer.You may have additional complaints, but we will not discuss them during this training. Instead, lets look at improvements that are coming very soon.
  • We are addressing all the frustrations listed.Tier 2 will be using Salesforce, just like you. They will be able to read your case notes and you will be able to see their notes. This makes our lives easier in many, many ways. We will review some of these implications, later in training.Voicemail is no longer going to be used for customer callbacks. Customers that want to speak with a Tier 2 agent will always be able to get through. Customers that want to schedule Tier 2 support for a future appointment will be placed in a Tier 2 callback queue. This works just like your Tier 1 outbound callback queue, and it will be easy to verify that the customer received a callback as requested.We have more clarified duties distinctly by category. We will spend some time reviewing each of these things during training, and these duties are clearly listed in PBWorks as well.Longer hours are being implemented. In fact, Tier 2 is now open more hours than the Tier 1 centers. You will never have to tell a customer that Tier 2 is unavailable at this time.
  • Everything we discuss will be listed inPBWorks so you can view it anytime you are unsure. There are too many subjects to memorize during this training. Refer to this guide as much as possible until you are clear on which department handles which responsibilities.Each category is listed by Tier 1 and Tier 2 and specifics are listed for each role.
  • This is a huge list of Tier 2 responsibilities. We will breakdown each one of these categories and discuss which center handles which aspects of each.
  • There are some Tech calls and issues that will never be transferred. All things network related must be handled by Tier 1. Activations and provisioning require access to tools and systems that Tier 2 does not have access to. Neither are they trained in handling network issues. This is true for Account and billing issues as well. Only you have the tools and training to handle these issues.
  • You will notice that HD approval is no longer required for device or battery replacements. This change has been made because we now share SalesForce. Tier 2 troubleshooting will be recorded, and they can easily be held accountable for misdiagnosed RMA’s. They will only recommend the RMA to Tier 1. It will be Tier 1’s responsibility to process the replacement correctly in the system.
  • You will notice that Tier 2 can now handle smartphone to feature phone contact transfers. This is not a common customer request, but they will now accept these requests. It is important that you understand and warn the customer that these transfers are not always successful, though we are happy to assist them in attempting the transfer.
  • Note that all Bluetooth device setup and troubleshooting is now handled by Tier 2. You do not need to attempt guidance of Bluetooth device pairing or troubleshooting, and all calls regarding this must be transferred to Tier 2.
  • Note that speaker/sound issues can often be misreported network issues described as sound quality problems. You should do some basic network investigation before transferring sound issues to Tier 2.
  • All desktop applications that connect to a phone should be transferred immediately to Tier 2.
  • This is a long list and will take some time to learn, but there are some simple rules that can help you. If there are currently clear troubleshooting or how-to steps on PBWorks for a specific issue, you should follow these steps first. If the issue is not listed or troubleshooting on the site does not achieve issue resolution, then your call should be transferred to Tier 2.
  • If the customer’s issue is caused by network-related problems, then the Tier 2 rep will not be able to resolve the issue and will have to transfer the customer back to Tier 1.Does this mean you have to do a test call and data test before any transfer? A customer’s confirmation is fine, but you must ask. Are you able to make phone calls? Are you able to browse websites without WiFi? Often times customers will report an issue while forgetting these details. If these things are not made clear during the customer‘s descritpion, they must be confirmed before every transfer.
  • Two minutes on hold feels like a lifetime to a customer. The callback number, the issue and troubleshooting that you’ve attempted will be included in the template. The Tier 2 agent will only need the customer name to locate the case. You need to only confirm that the Tier 2 agent has located the case and have no additional questions.For this reason, your case needs to be completed and saved BEFORE you begin the warm transfer. If you are still learning to fill out a case while speaking with a customer, it is better to keep the customer on the phone with you before you transfer. Do not place them on hold or begin the transfer while you fill out the case. Let them know you are adding some information to help the Tier 2 agent, and if needed, ask them about the weather or ask another friendly question, so they do not feel ignored while you complete the information. Our primary concern is that the customer does not feel ignored or frustrated by silence. You will find this keeps the customer in a much more pleasant mood while we help them deal with a difficult problem.
  • The Tier 2 switchover will take place on Feb 18th. This is being done on a Saturday so that call volume is low while we adjust to the change.MCW is aware of the switch, but you are not to discuss their departure while transferring calls. This is an issue of professionalism. You are speaking for CREDO when talking to outside centers, and we do not want this discussed on warm transfers. Non-compliance with this request will be taken very seriously.The new phone number will be available on the PBWorks Tech home page, in the same location as the current MCW transfer number.Any challenges or confusion experienced when transferring to Tier 2 should be shared with your supervisor.
  • Tech training tier 2 changes

    1. 1. Tier 2 TrainingFor Tier 1 Agents
    2. 2. Tier 2 ImprovementsCREDO has heard your frustrations
    3. 3. Frustrations with current Tier 2 Epic 4G Touch The Specs Unable to see Tier 2 Notes Long hold times require voicemails Unclear division between Tier 1 & Tier 2 Hours of operation do not match Tier 1
    4. 4. Improvements to Tier 2 Epic 4G TouchShared SalesForce Access The Specs Tier 2 notes will be visibleVoicemail replaced with Callback QueueClarified responsibilitiesLonger hours Open all hours and days with Tier 1
    5. 5. Who handles what?Tier 1 and Tier 2 responsibilities
    6. 6. Guide is on PBWorks Epic 4G Touch The SpecsResponsibilities are clearly separatedDon’t try to remember all from training
    7. 7. Tier 2 Overview Epic 4G TouchSoftware and Handset Configurations BlueTooth Setup The SpecsExhaustive RMA troubleshooting Hardware TroubleshootingAdvanced Email Issues Software TroubleshootingContact and Calendar Transfer Desktop SoftwarePC or Mac transfers to phone Battery and OS Troubleshooting
    8. 8. Tier 1 Only Epic 4G TouchPhone Activations The SpecsVoice TroubleshootingData TroubleshootingAccount Inquiry/Maintenance
    9. 9. Software and Device Configuration Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2 • Perform all how-to’s • Application troubleshooting available in PBWorks. • Settings errors • Perform basic settings changes
    10. 10. RMA Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Process RMA and Battery • Exhaust Troubleshooting replacement requests • Recommend RMA • HD Approval no longer necessary
    11. 11. Email Setup Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Basic email setup (Gmail, • Manual email setup (POP3, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc…) IMAP)• Corporate Email setup • BES email setup • Email setup errors
    12. 12. Email Troubleshooting Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Basic email troubleshooting • Email issues unresolved by • User error basic troubleshooting • Data connectivity • Advanced questions and configuration
    13. 13. Contact and Calendar Transfer Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Basic Gmail to Phone sync • All Bluetooth and alternate• Feature phone to feature transfer methods phone transfers • Smartphone to Smartphone • Feature phone to Smartphone • Smartphone to feature phone*
    14. 14. Phone to PC Media Transfer Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Basic education on media • Troubleshooting related to storage and transfer via USB USB transfer • Alternate methods for media transfer
    15. 15. Battery and OS troubleshooting Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Educate on usage habits • Advanced investigation and• Basic settings troubleshooting • Optional features • Sync settings • Screen Brightness
    16. 16. Bluetooth Epic 4G Touch The SpecsTier 1 Tier 2 • Bluetooth device pairing and troubleshooting • Headsets • Handsfree devices • Phone to Phone • Phone to computer
    17. 17. Hardware Troubleshooting Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Basic Troubleshooting • Advanced Troubleshooting • Power cycle • Unresponsive screen or • Battery pull keys • Alternate chargers • Random freezes • MicroSD errors • Error messages • Speaker/sound issues*
    18. 18. Software Troubleshooting Epic 4G Touch The Specs Tier 1 Tier 2• Basic Troubleshooting • Advanced Troubleshooting • Power cycle for supported apps • PBworks App • Error messages troubleshooting • Performance issues • Eliminate user error • Investigation of unknown issues
    19. 19. Desktop Software Epic 4G Touch The SpecsTier 1 Tier 2 • HTC Sync • BlackBerry Desktop • Samsung Kies • Palm Desktop
    20. 20. General rule of thumb Epic 4G Touch The Specs If clear steps are in PBWorks, it can be handled in Tier 1 Issues with unclear resolutions should be transferred
    21. 21. Tier 1 to Tier 2Cases for Warm Transfers
    22. 22. Before Transferring Epic 4G TouchTier 2 can not correct network Specs Theor provisioning issuesAlways confirm Voice ServiceAlways confirm Data Service
    23. 23. Transfer Template Epic 4G Touch The SpecsTemplate assists Tier 2 agentTemplate is requiredAdjusted template included forTier 2 transfers during activation
    24. 24. Transferring to Tier 2 Epic 4G TouchComplete notes The SpecsAssign to Tier 2Leave Case OpenWarm Transfer
    25. 25. Transferring to Tier 2 Epic 4G Touch The Specs Complete notes
    26. 26. Transferring to Tier 2 Epic 4G Touch The Specs Assign to Tier 2 - Pending
    27. 27. Transferring to Tier 2 Epic 4G Touch The Specs Leave Case OPEN! This is how Tier 2 will locate the case
    28. 28. Make Warm Transfer Epic 4G Touch Under 2 minutes The Specs No chit-chat, the customer is waitingConfirm Tier 2 Agent has located the case Provide additional details if requested
    29. 29. Tier 1 to Tier 2Cases for Tier 2 Call Backs
    30. 30. Tier 2 Callback requests Epic 4G TouchComplete notes The SpecsSet Future ActionAssign to Tier 2Leave Case Open
    31. 31. Tier 2 Callback requests Epic 4G Touch The Specs Complete notes Use Transfer template Include with Activation template for BlueTooth transfers or email setup
    32. 32. Tier 2 Callback requests Epic 4G Touch The Specs Set a Future Action Date BEFORE changing owner
    33. 33. Tier 2 Callback requests Epic 4G Touch The Specs Assign to Tier 2 - Pending
    34. 34. Tier 2 to Tier 1Receiving a transfer from Tier 2
    35. 35. Reasons for Transfer Epic 4G Touch The SpecsAccount inquiry following issue resolutionIssue diagnosed as network issueRecommended for device or batteryreplacement
    36. 36. Account/Billing Inquiry Epic 4G Touch The SpecsRequest WAMI account numberCreate NEW caseTier 2 agent will closetroubleshooting case
    37. 37. Network Issue or RMA Epic 4G Touch The SpecsRequest WAMI account numberCreate NEW Sub CaseTier 2 agent will closetroubleshooting case
    38. 38. Date of Tier 2 Change
    39. 39. Tier 2 Switchover Epic 4G Touch The SpecsNew center will be live Saturday, Feb 18thDo not discuss switch with MCW AgentsReport any hiccups to your Supervisor
    40. 40. Quiz Time