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Recruiters Boolean Cheat Sheet

Recruiters - still getting your ANDs and ORs mixed up? Take a look at this Recruiters Boolean Cheat Sheet.

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Recruiters Boolean Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. H Boolean Logic is fundamental to the George Boole first search functions of internet search introduced mathematical engines (Google, Bing etc), resume logic in 7341 resulting in databases (_l/ lonster, Dice, Seek etc), , ” applicant tracking systems , / internal the name 300/93” I-09": databases and social media. As a recruiter, correctly utilising the three key Boolean Operators and — Modifiers will provide better more accurate search results. BOOLEAN OPERATORS SEARCH MODIFIERS QUOTATION / -. -. l AN D AND is also implied bya : : SPEECH : blank space between words : E_G_ "project Manager" MARKS E-G- Snltwale AND Englneel I‘ Results will contain the Snnwale Englneel words Project and Manager E Results will contain both the together as an exact phrase ¥ words Software and Engineer -. -. .1 -. f CI. -u_'u! '-_'u-' 'h_'h _ _ _ _ r ‘h 'h_'h_I' : _‘. 5 _ _ _ -. , ASTERISK 1* E. G. Construction OR Building 3' E. G. Manage* : Results will contain one or ‘ Results will contain terms : more of the words that begin with Manage, e.g. Construction or Building Q Management and Manager * I; -. ' -. -. -. ‘I '- 'u 'v -5 -i. -5 H. H. ’ I. I. '- I. ll. I N 2' PARENTHESIS / '-2 'u 'u ' BRACKETS E G Mana er NOT Director E'G' (Manager OR : ' ' 9 Director) Sales '. ; Resu| r:StWOng. COntta'n the : _ Results will contain the word E Seam erm Wee or -. Sales and either or both ofthe -. , 5', words Manager or Director 1' 1' ‘<¥ ¥¥H‘~ “-‘-~ , _ '-‘-‘—'I' SEARCH STREAMS BOOLEAN TIPS Boolean Operators and Modifiers can be used togetherto form more specific search streams. E. G. A search for a Construction Project Manager in Sydney or Melbourne: ‘he AND Operator narrows results ‘he OR Operator produces broader results Use the NOT Operator to remove previous results Q upmject Manager» Construction (Sydney on Always use capitalised letters for Operators Melbourne) NOT ”lnformation Technology” some systems only support Boolean Symbols l. _'| :'fl| ._'| ._‘K Some applications don't support the Asterisk Modifier, instead construct OR statements to Results will contain the specific phrase — Project Manager, . . search for all variations the word Construction, the word Sydney and / or the word Melbourne but not the phrase Information Technology K‘ Record each search stream to avoid duplication SOCIALPROMINENCECO rominence employment social media