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Research Process.


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Research Process.

  1. 1. The Research Process An initiative to enhance future..
  2. 2. Group members: Sneha. J. Chouhan- B111207 Triveni Dunna- B111210 Hiral Thakkar- B111247 Sagar Bhatia- B111202 Nikhil Kudmethe
  3. 3. What is research? The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. In a nutshell, it is the movement of knowing something i.e. known to unknown.
  4. 4. Research Process: Stages of the Research Process:1 Defining the research objectives,2) Planning a research design,3) Planning a sample,- Collecting the data,- Analyzing the data,6) Formulating conclusions,
  5. 5. Café Coffee Day..
  6. 6. Corporate profile Café Coffee Day (C.C.D.) is India’s largest coffeeconglomerate, the Amalgamated Bean Coffee TradingCompany Limited (ABCTCL). Popularly known as Coffee Daywas formed. Its origin lies in the golden soil of Chikmagalur that atraditional family owned a few acres of coffee estates, whichyielded rich coffee beans. V.G.Siddhartha Hegde – Founder & Chairman ofAmalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co. His family owns 10,500 acres of coffee plantation farms inKarnataka. Venu Madhav – Head of Operations at C.C.D.
  7. 7. important events YEAR EVENTS Since Rich coffee – growing tradition started 1875 Early Opportunity arose with the deregulation of the 1990s coffee board in Coffee Day began exporting coffee to the connoisseurs across USA, Europe & Japan 1996 C.C.D. was first set-up at Brigade Road in Bangalore 2000 Exported more than 27000 tonnes of coffee valued at US$ 60 m to countries like U.S.A., Europe & Japan and, for the second time in its short career of 7 years retained the position as the largest coffee exporter of India.
  8. 8. YEAR EVENTS2002 C.C.D. owns & operates 213 cafes in all major cities of India2008 C.C.D. expanded to 595 cafes in 100 cities of India, 3 in Vienna, 2 in Karachi & targets to expand till 950 cafes in a year from 20082010 Earning revenue of US$45 million, jobs 5000 employees, owns 1016 cafes in 135 cities
  9. 9. mission and visionMission:- “To be the bestCafe chain by offering a worldclass coffee experienceat affordable prices.”Vision:- “To be the only officefor dialogue over a cup ofcoffee.”
  10. 10. Divisions of Coffee DayCoffee Day - Fresh & GroundCafé Coffee DayCoffee Day – VendingCoffee Day - XpressCoffee Day – ExportsCoffee Day – PerfectCafé Coffee Day is the part of India’slargest coffee conglomerate named CoffeeDay, Rs.750 crore ISO 9002 certifiedcompany.
  11. 11. Competitors Direct Competitors: Barista Cafe Mocha Costa Coffee Beyond Coffee Gloria Jeans Minerva Coffee Shop Indirect Competitors: McDonald Haldirams Global Competitors: Star Bucks
  12. 12. Research Methodology1.Conducting Survey by circulating Questionnaires,2.Face-to-Face interviews..
  13. 13. Research Methodology at CCD 2012.Sample size: 100Sample unit: Customers of Café Coffee DaySampling method: Convenience SamplingSecondary Data:The major source of secondary data is through internet .Theinformation on coffee industry and company profile of Café coffeeDay is collected through internet.
  14. 14. On the basis of occupation:Interpretation:58% of respondents are students.33% of respondents are working9% of respondents are from businessThus, students visit CCD more as compared to others.
  15. 15. On the basis of gender:Interpretation:56% of respondents are Males.44% of respondents are Females
  16. 16. On the basis of AgeInterpretation:15% of respondents are between the age group 15-20.57% of respondents are between the age group 20-25.21% of respondents are from business age group 25-30.6% of respondents are from business 30- 35.1% of respondents are from business 35- 40.Thus.. “Age Group” between 20-25 visit more than any other agegroup.
  17. 17. For what purpose do you visit CCD?Interpretation:57% of the respondents visit CCD for refreshment purpose,20% of the respondents visit CCD for Light Snacks,12% of the respondents visit CCD for Parties,5% of the respondents visit CCD for Business Meetings,6% of the respondents visit CCD for other purposes(hanging outwith friends)
  18. 18. What factor influences you to come to CCD?Interpretation:For 7% of respondents music influences to come to CCD,For 8% of respondents service influences to come to CCD,For 49% of respondents Coffee & Snacks influences to come toCCD,For 1% of respondents price and promos influences to come toCCD,For 2% of respondents hospitality influences to come to CCD,For 30% of respondents environment influences to come to CCD,This shows that promotional activities are not effective. To makethem effective company has to make some plan.
  19. 19. Opinion about price:Interpretation:3% of respondents are highly satisfied about price,39% of respondents are satisfied about price,48% of respondents feel price is neutral,10% of respondents are not satisfied about price.
  20. 20. Opinions about Staff service:Interpretation:62% of respondents feel staff of CCD is friendly,11% of the respondents feel staff of CCD is very friendly,18% of the respondents feel staff of CCD is rigid,9% of the respondents feel staff of CCD is blank.This shows, staff of CCD is good.
  21. 21. Suggestions &Recommendations:1) Organize at least few promotional activities in order to build good relation with customer.2) Give advertisement about promotional activity3) Maintain Customer data base.
  22. 22. 4) Wish the regular customer for New Year or for any festivals through greeting card or SMS or through gift. This will increase the loyalty of the customers.5) Increase number of couches and place6) Play the good music7) Quick Service8) To increase sales Café Coffee Day can also have corporate tie ups within the city.
  23. 23. Some IntereStIng FactS1. All-Day Refresher, most selling product of C.C.D. whose selling cost is Rs. 100 has a prime cost of just Rs. 20 & rest all is profit to C.C.D.2. C.C.D. does not use sugar as raw material in any of its preparations but uses milk cream & Sugar Free as raw material.3. Ice-creams & other eatables are out-sourced from Amul & local vendors of reputed brands.4. It is unique in its distribution way where coffee beans are cultivated in its farms at Chikmagalur.
  24. 24. recommendatIonS 1. To improve the interiors and décor. 2. To have more and more tie-ups. 3. Only 50 % or less than 50 % people find Café Coffee Day quality of service, ambience, pricing and location to be very good which proves that still Café Coffee Day need to do lot of homework in order to satisfy its customers. 4. It should introduce a feedback form system in order to know about the customers satisfaction level.
  25. 25. concluSIon1. C.C.D. is the fastest growing Café in the country.2. The major competitor undoubtedly Barista.3. That Café Coffee day is planning to go international.4. The other major things regarding service marketing is that customers give top priority to the quality of the services / products and ambience.5. It is providing tough competition to its competitors by satisfying its customers with great café experience.6. “A lot can happen over coffee” message has touched the hearts of youngsters who are the largest consumers of C.C.D.
  28. 28. SiteS RefeRRed ffee-day-brand-strategy-india food-and-drink-report-q- r2164244.htm eting dex.aspx
  29. 29. QUeStiONS
  30. 30. thaNk YOU