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Tapal marketing slide

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION OF TAPAL:Tapal is Pakistan’s largest Tea manufacturer.State of the art equipment & a team of highly dynamicprofessionals headed by Aftab Tapal. COMPANY PROFILE:  Manufacturer company.  Located in Korangi Industrial Area.  501-1000 people work there.  Established in 1975.
  3. 3. Brands:• Green Tea• Tapal Danedar• Tapal Family Mixture• Ice Tea• Tezdum• Mezban
  4. 4. Company’s Vision & MissionVision Achieve leadership in all Categories ofour core business & diversify in areaswhich compliment the core business.Mission To satisfy our stakeholders & as aguiding principal to our business be abenchmark for quality, creativity & ethicalvalues.
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION OF ICE TEA:Flavors:• Lemon• Peach
  6. 6. A & B class People .Youth Generation male & female.Only available into city not rural areaLess calres ,no artificial color
  7. 7. POSITIONING:TAPAL positioned it self as a refreshing taste of Ice Teafrom TAPAL - the experts in tea. Made from real tea,TAPAL Ice Tea combines the goodness of TeaAntioxidants with no preservatives, no artificial colorsand only 16% sugar which is less than most regularsoft drinks.
  8. 8. MARKETING MIX: 1. Product • Core benefit • Actual product Trade name Branding brand personality • Augmented product
  9. 9. 2. Price • 320 ml tin can for 30 rupees into liquid form • 25 gm sachets for 6 rupees into powder form • less for more “high quality with less price” • Other brands charged for the beverages more then the TAPAL ICE TEA for the same quality level.
  10. 10. 3. Placement CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION Manufacturer- -----◊ Distributor---------◊ Retailer--------◊ Consumer 1. KARACHI 2. HYDERABAD 3. SUKHUR 4. MULTAN 5. RAIWIND
  11. 11. 4. Promotion • It launched with a fully integrated marketing program that includes. • Print. • Banners. • Radio. • Advertising. • Web/interactive. • Consumer sampling programs. • TAPAL is also using the online portal advertisement for Ice Tea promotion.
  12. 12. 5. Packaging Cans 320ml into liquid form Lemon & lime Peach Sachets 25 gms into powder form Lemon & lime Peach
  13. 13. 3C’S COMPETITOR •Pepsi •Co cola •Pakola •Lipton Ice Tea •And many more… Sachet •Tang Company Tapal private limited Consumer Youth’s Generation
  14. 14. 3SWOT ANALYSIS OF ICE TEA: • Strength • Weakness • Opportunities • Threats
  15. 15. Strength•The first to introduce soft pack in thecountry.•The first tea company in the country tointroduce metal-free tea bags.• The first to invent the highly successful brand Danedar Leaf Brand.
  16. 16. WeaknessTapal`s competitors were in the market beforeTapal came into being but Tapal is capable toincrease its market share.In revenue generation Tapal is second but as themarket share increases Tapal would stand top.Tapal`s initial focus was on Pakistan market now itis planning to export its product.
  17. 17. OpportunitiesTea is mostly in demand in local areas. AndTapal is easily reachable in such areasbecause of their accepted prices andvarieties according to the taste ofconsumers.
  18. 18. ThreatThe greatest threat to Tapal is their localcompetitors that are why it is imperative to keep aclose look on their activities. Competitor`sprices,discounted offers and attractive prices arealso to be taken into proper consideration.
  19. 19. RECOMMENDATION• Tapal should increase the radius of target market• Tapal should reposition Ice tea by targeting soft drink users.• Tapal should represent Ice tea as a substitute of soft drink in his promotion.• Tapal promote ice tea by formulating new strategies aligned with time goal. Moreover, Tapal should focus on ATL & BTL advertising activities.
  20. 20. RECOMMENDATION• Tapal should demonstrate that ice tea is healthy drink it is suitable for diet conscious because has low calories and without carbonated gas.• Tapal should visit colleges, malls and different areas for awaring people about taste, quality benefits of ice tea
  21. 21. CONCLUTION:At the end we concluded that:• When any company want to enter in a new market and extend his product portfolio, it should consider the culture, society, climate and the trends which a society have.• Organization should manufacture their products according to the needs, wants and demands of the consumers of the society.• The marketing strategy should be aligned with the mission statement of the organization and strategy should be execute on time.• To introduce a new product in a market is very difficult when market is dynamic and environment is uncertain. To capture the market share word of mouth marketing and image building is very important and necessary.