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Unlock Open Banking with Definition-driven API Development


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Our VP of Products, AlertSite, Anand Sundaram will take you through how APIs can help your organization succeed in Open Banking.

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Unlock Open Banking with Definition-driven API Development

  1. 1. Unlock Open Banking with Definition-driven API Development Presentation Title AnandSundaram SmartBearSoftware March22,2018
  2. 2. Page Proprietary & Confidential Software Innovation is Business Innovation Presentation Title 2 It’s resulting in improved digital experiences throughout the customer journey.
  3. 3. Page Proprietary & Confidential 3 Presentation Title SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS are Reshaping Markets Computer & Storage Maps Communications PaymentsSales & Marketing
  4. 4. Page Proprietary & Confidential 4 Presentation Title ProgrammableWeb API Directorylists 19,000+ public facingAPIs API Trend Volume APIs are the building blocks behind this innovation.
  5. 5. Page Proprietary & Confidential APIs are the fundamental building blocks behind business innovation today. Currently, mostAPIs are internal facing. But that is soon to change. Public FacingAPIs will increase in numbers as Open Banking gains momentum!
  6. 6. Page Proprietary & Confidential Complexities of Public API Growth QualityCollaboration API Challenges Security PerformanceScalability Compliance The increase in public APIs in the finance sector will create an increase in the challenges that API developers and consumers will face in deploying well-adopted services.
  7. 7. Page Proprietary & Confidential Balancing Your API Development Freedom Governance Management Insight & Transparency Standards & Consistency Across Teams Efficiency & Productivity Bottom up selection of tooling Bring your own best-of-breed toolset Leverage Open Source and Ecosystems Striking the right balance between practitioners and stakeholders is key to keeping API development frictionless.
  8. 8. Page Proprietary & Confidential 8 Presentation Title How Can We Combat These Challenges? Definition Driven Development Continuous Testing Service Virtualization Continuous Monitoring Designing and building your API with a standard spec like Swagger will encourage collaboration and speed up work across development and test. Make sure that a sense of ownership of “testing” and “quality” is felt equally by the development, testing, and operations teams. Virtualize services so that fragile, production, or 3rd Party services are always available for integration, e2e, and performance testing. Monitoring your applications performance and user experience pre and post production to shorten downtimes and outages.
  9. 9. Page Proprietary & Confidential 9 Nordic APIs – APIs for Banking and FinTech Create Great APIs, Without Tradeoffs DEV TEST OPS Centralized Governance/Reporting + Design, Develop, & Document APIs OAI/Swagger Spec Create Automated API Func. Tests Func. Testing Test Script Virtualize APIs, and other Services Service Virtualization Load Testing 1. Performance, 2. Availability, & 3. Correctness 4. Dist. Tracing 5. Anomaly Detection Monitoring Workflow Integrations with Tools 1. Use of a Standard 2. Collaboration 3. Improve Quality 4. Generate Interactive Doc 5. Publish and Market 1. Unit Testing 2. Automated test generation 3. CI/CD Integrations 1. Use Spec to Mock up APIs for dev and test 2. No impact to production API 3. No fees, switch when ready 1. Re-use tests 2. Load, Perf. and Stress Testing 3. Predictable degradation under load Ensure Scalability of APIs and Microservices EUX, GEOs, & Performance
  10. 10. Page Proprietary & Confidential 10 Example of Fintech Company using Open Banking APIs StarlingBank • UK/Ireland Mobile based Challenger Bank. • Open API • Starling Marketplaceallowing 3rd parties share their mobile applications (developed withthe Starling Bank Open API) to be shared with existing users. • TransferWise • Moneybox • Flux • Provide a developer portal withdocumentation powered by the Open APISpecification. • Quarterlyhackathons allowing developers tocreatenewest and best apps viathe Starling Bank API. Nordic APIs – APIs for Banking and FinTech
  11. 11. Page Proprietary & Confidential 11 Example of Fintech Company using Open Banking APIs HongKongMonetaryAuthority • Launched its own OpenAPI framework. • Open API • Easier trade with EU • Across 4 phases • Product and Servicesinformation • Customer Acquisition/New Applications • Account Information • Transaction processing • Largest retails targetedfirst • APIstandards and technicalprotocols are recommended, whereas PSD2 leavesbanks todecide whattype of interfaceis used Nordic APIs – APIs for Banking and FinTechNordic APIs – APIs for Banking and FinTech
  12. 12. Page Proprietary & Confidential We provide tools for development, testing, and operations teams to create great software, faster than ever. AccelerateSDLCWorkflows | ImproveQualityatEveryStage | RealizeRapidTime-to-Value • European HQ in Galway, with 7 offices globally • Founded in 2009 • Open Source Innovator (Swagger & SoapUI) 6.5M+ Users 194 Countries 22K+ Companies TestComplete SoapUI Pro SwaggerHub CrossBrowserTesting QAComplete AlertSite Nordic APIs – APIs for Banking and FinTech
  13. 13. Page Proprietary & Confidential Questions? Thank you!