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Skyscanner social and bots


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Solving traveller problems is what we do here at Skyscanner, and bots give us the opportunity to solve our travellers’ problems in fresh, innovative and engaging ways. But what is the future for bots,
where can they be useful for our customers and how can we make sure that we don’t forget to talk like a human?

Here Sam Poullain from Skyscanner shares his slides presented at ChatBots and the Social Commerce Revolution 2017

Visit for more growth tips and for a working example of our product in motion.

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Skyscanner social and bots

  1. 1. V
  2. 2. Skyscanner is the no.1 independent travel search engine. 30+ languages $11.2 billion airline tickets booked 50 million monthly visitors 40% growth year-on-year 56% repeated sessions 1,200+ partners globally
  3. 3. Disclaimer: Epic fails can happen to and humans.
  4. 4. How are people communicating?
  5. 5. How it works 800m 22% Monthly active users Are registered for payments
  6. 6. Part One. Solving problems with bots
  7. 7. How can we solve traveller problems in fresh, innovative and engaging ways?
  8. 8. Part Two. The benefits early mover advantage and experimentati
  9. 9. Part Three. Getting the balance right between and bots
  10. 10. Humans are great at answering questions. Bots aren’t.
  11. 11. But - bots can bring you efficiency in customer service.
  12. 12. Bonus slides. Top Tips
  13. 13. Start with the data. What are your customers biggest problems?
  14. 14. Treat bot users as if they’ve downloaded an app - onboarding and understanding are critical
  15. 15. Keep them hooked.
  16. 16. Integrate into your product
  17. 17. Do it just because it’s new
  18. 18. Make it too complicated
  19. 19. Expect people to use it, just because it’s new.
  20. 20. more
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  22. 22. Thank you. @sampoullain