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2015.04.09 f inish intro workshop v1

Workshop for preparing a proposal for the 2nd Open Call of Finish, April 9th 2015 at LEI in The Hague (partly in Dutch).

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2015.04.09 f inish intro workshop v1

  1. 1. Workshop 2e Open Call FInish 9 april 2015, LEI, Den Haag Cor Verdouw, Jan Willem Kruize, Bart Doorneweert, Johan Bremmer
  2. 2. 13.00 – 13.15 Opening en kennismaking 13.15 – 14.00 Introductie Finish – Cor Verdouw 14.00 – 15.00 Introductie FIware en FIspace – Jan Willem Kruize 15.00 – 15.15 Pauze 15.15 – 16.00 Introductie Business modellen – Bart Doorneweert 16.00 – 17.00 Aan de slag! Workshop agenda
  3. 3. Introduction Workshop 2nd Open Call FInish April 9th 2015, The Hague, NL Cor Verdouw - LEI Wageningen UR
  4. 4. Presentation structure Programme background FInish project 2nd open call
  5. 5. Internet trends will heavily impact agri-food chains Augmented Reality Internet of Things Wireless Sensor Networks Producer Associations / Cooperatives Traders Greenhouses / Farms Carriers Retail Customs Banks Insurances Authorities Consumers Social Media Privacy & Security Internet of Services Cloud Computing Linked Open Data, Big Data Future Internet
  6. 6. Internet-enabled Innovation in Europe 6
  7. 7. • European programme for Internet-enabled innovation • Objectives: – accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe – advance the European market for smart infrastructures – increase the effectiveness of business processes through the Internet. Future Internet Public-Private Partnership Programme ( Phase 1 • Requirements Definition & Demo Prototypes • 8 Use Case Projects Phase 2 • Development based on FIWARE • 5 Use Case Trials Phase 3 • Expansion of Use Cases • 16 Accelarator Projects, in total 100 m€ EC funding • 20% project partners, 80% SMEs FI- WARE Tech- nology Foun- dation
  8. 8. Future Internet PPP programme 90 M€ 80 M€ 130 M€ Open Calls 20 80
  9. 9. Future Internet PPP projects Technology Enablers App Development Future Internet Accelerator Projects Domain App Platform
  10. 10. Building blocks for the Future Internet
  11. 11. FIspace EcoSystem for Business Collaboration Security, Privacy, Trust Framework: SPT System & Data Integration B2B Collaboration Core App Store User Front-End OperatingEnvironment SoftwareDevelopmentToolkit: SDK I2ND IoT IoC IoS S&T (+ follow up) GENERIC ENABLERS DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Base Technologies Validation Industries (converging) Farming & Manufacturing Transport & Logistics (Producers, Farmers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, ..) Wholesale & Retail Health Sector (Forwarder, Carriers, 3PL / 4PL, Ports, …) (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Stores, …) (Banks, Insurances, Authorities, ..´) ICT Industry (going to the Cloud) Cloud Operators & Infrastructure Providers Business Configurators App & Service Providers
  12. 12. 1 4 3 5 2 6 8 7 Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics Smart Distribution and Consumption Farming in the Cloud 1. Crop Protection Information Sharing 2. Greenhouse Management & Control 3. Fish Distribution and (Re-) Planning 4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Quality Assurance 5. Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring 6. Meat Information Provenance 7. Import and Export of Consumer Goods 8. Tailored Information for Consumers FIspace trials 2nd phase
  13. 13. Domain Apps through FIspace open call Trial ​Apps Crop Protection Information Sharing Formulation of weather scenario Bad weather alert Green House Management & Control Greenhouse Crop Monitoring Greenhouse Crop Analyzer Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning Find Cargo Replacement app Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Quality Assurance Inventory Management of RTI Packaging (BOXMAN) Risk Management in the Distribution of FFV (RISKMAN) Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring​ Botanic Info App Meat Information Provenance Meat Transparency System App - Query EPCIS repositories Meat Transparency System App – Discovering data sources (EPCIS repositories) Meat Transparency System for aggregating traceability information Import and Export of Consumer Goods Transport Demand App Shipment Status App Manual Event and Deviation Reporting App Tailored Information for Consumers Shopping list & Recipes Augmented reality Product Info Push Information
  14. 14. Presentation structure Programme background FInish project 2nd open call
  15. 15. Future Internet PPP projects Technology Enablers App Development Future Internet Accelerator Projects Domain App Platform
  16. 16. FInish is one of the 16 FIWARE Accelerator projects
  17. 17. 1. Improve Business Collaboration in the Food & Flowers Chain 2. Boost the usage of the FIspace platform & FIWARE Enablers Main objectives FInish Accelerator
  18. 18. • Reduce your development efforts – by reusing FIWARE / FIspace tools • Benefit from features of other apps • Open new markets for your application • Minimise your financial risk by receiving funding –while remaining your Intellectual Property What’s in it for you?
  19. 19. Food & Flower Supply Chain Retail/ Consumers Farming Logistic & Transport Services Food Manufacturing What is funded? Developing an App relevant for a Business Sector
  20. 20. Application Areas
  21. 21. We do not predefine Apps!! We are asking for great ideas With business need/interest In the Food & Flower Chains domain
  22. 22. • EC Funding: € 6,1 Million – € 4,88 Million (80%) to be distributed to App Developers • 8 partners from 6 countries • 19 supporting organisations with background either in ICT and/or end- user related business FInish project
  23. 23. 1. ATB Bremen, Germany (coordinator) 2. DLO Wageningen UR, The Netherlands 3. Euro Pool System (EPS), Germany 4. CentMa, Germany 5. iMINDS, Belgium (lead open call management) 6. Campden BRI (CBHU), Hungary 7. Democenter-Sipe, Modena, Italy 8. EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey Partners
  24. 24. • 2 Calls for Application Development – Calls open in Oct-Dec 2014 and Mar-May 2015 – Searching for ± 50 apps – Envisaged apps are funded with some 50-150 kEURO – Only WEs / SMEs can submit proposals – Commitment and support of a business partner mandatory! • Competitions / hackatons – Two competitions - apps will be assessed by a jury – Prizes of up to 25 kEURO awarded in March 2015 and Feb. 2016 • Awards – The three most promising apps will also receive an award FInish Accelerator – Available Grants
  25. 25. Presentation structure Programme background FInish project 2nd open call
  26. 26. Good idea Business partner Motivation! What do you need?
  27. 27. Proposal template
  28. 28. • Who can apply? – SMEs established in the EU and associated countries – < 250 employees, annual turnover ≤ 50 Mio EUR, and annual balance sheet total ≤ 43 Mio EUR • How many organisations can participate in an app development? – one SME is asking for a sub-grant – this SME could cooperate with other SMEs in app development – support of a business partner in the Flowers / Food domain is obliged • How should Business Partners be involved? – co-financing the proposal with ≥20% (in cash and/or in kind) • Exception: large number of end-users at low costs (e.g. consumers) – sign a letter of intent Frequently Asked Questions (1)
  29. 29. • What is the available sub-grant for developing an application? – we will limit the funding for one SME to 150 kEuro – this limit is independent of the number of Apps proposed • Who owns the Intellectual Property of the Software that my organisation develops? – Your organisation. • Which programming language do I have to choose? – Any language that you prefer – The widget to be uploaded in the FIspace store needs to be a W3C compliant widget Frequently Asked Questions (2)
  30. 30. • How will my proposal be evaluated? – External evaluators will assess the proposals based on predefined evaluation criteria Frequently Asked Questions (3) Threshold: >25 points per category and >60 points in total
  31. 31. Open Call System – Register in time!
  32. 32. Application Form
  33. 33. Additional questionnaire
  34. 34. Questions? finish-info@finish-project.eu