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03.12.2015 f inish intro v1


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Introduction of the European project FInish and its opportunities for Internet-based innovations in fruit & vegetable supply chains.

1st EU FRESH INFO Forum & Round Table
3-4 December 2014, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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03.12.2015 f inish intro v1

  1. 1. Future FRESH Internet Opportunities for Internet-based innovations in fruit & vegetable supply chains 1st EU FRESH INFO Forum & Round Table 3-4 December 2014, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Cor Verdouw – Wageningen UR
  2. 2. Internet trends will heavily impact Fruit & Vegetables chains Trends Internet of Things Wireless Sensor Networks Augmented Reality Producer Associations / Cooperatives Traders Greenhouses / Farms Carriers Retail Customs Banks Insurances Authorities Consumers Social Media Privacy & Security Internet of Services Cloud Computing Linked Open Data, Big Data
  3. 3. Example: Real-time quality monitoring and (re)planning Virtual Box Virtual Location A Location A Location B Virtual Location B Condition update Location update Condition update 3
  4. 4. Example: Augmented Reality apps and smartphones with external sensors Fruit Evaluation Tool 3: S4e12:l: e:S TcShateo kAlwen c PaRti lecFytsrsuuisrli tetTsype LYCOPERSICON ESCULENTUM L. var. PREMIO F1 96% Ripe
  5. 5. Example: Smart Consumer Awareness • New modes of interaction with consumers • Personalisation • Active participation • Experience Virtual Reality The Virtual Supermarket Social Media SmartPhoneApps
  6. 6. Crucial ICT success factors
  7. 7. Internet-enabled Innovation in Europe 7
  8. 8. Future Internet PPP projects Technology Enablers Future Internet Apps Accelerator Projects Domain App Platform
  9. 9. Building blocks for the Future Internet
  10. 10. FIspace EcoSystem for Business Collaboration User Front-End App Store B2B Collaboration Core System & Data Integration Operating Environment Security, Privacy, Trust Framework: SPT Software Development Toolkit: SDK Base Technologies (+ follow up) GENERIC ENABLERS I2ND IoT IoC IoS S&T DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Validation Industries (converging) Farming & Manufacturing Transport & Logistics (Producers, Farmers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, ..) Wholesale & Retail Health Sector (Forwarder, Carriers, 3PL / 4PL, Ports, …) (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Stores, …) (Banks, Insurances, Authorities, ..´) ICT Industry (going to the Cloud) Business Configurators App & Service Providers Cloud Operators & Infrastructure Providers
  11. 11. FInish is one of the 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects
  12. 12. Main objectives FInish Accelarator 1. Improve Business Collaboration in the Food & Flowers Chain 2. Boost the usage of the FIspace platform & FIWARE Enablers
  13. 13. FInish project • EC Funding: € 6,1 Million – € 4,88 Million (80%) to be distributed to App Developers • 8 partners from 6 countries • 19 supporting organisations with background either in ICT and/or end-user related business
  14. 14. What’s in it for you? • Reduce your development efforts – by reusing FIWARE / FIspace tools • Benefit from features of other apps • Open new markets for your application • Minimise your financial risk by receiving funding –while remaining your Intellectual Property
  15. 15. Application Areas
  16. 16. Good ideas for App development? • Forecasting of supplies • Simulation of shelf-life • Delivery Control • Quality assurance • Rebate systems • Consumer involvement • Feedback handling • … • Risk management • Managing joint inventory • Joint use of Resources • Immediate delay notification • 2nd source management • Making use of sensors • B2B & B2C trading • …
  17. 17. We do not predefine Apps!! We are asking for great ideas With business need/interest In the Food & Flower Chains domain
  18. 18. FInish Accelerator – Available Grants • 2 Calls for Application Development – Calls open in Oct-Dec 2014 and Mar-Apr 2015 – Searching for ± 50 apps – Envisaged apps are funded with some 50-150 kEURO – Only WEs / SMEs can submit proposals – Commitment and support of a business partner mandatory! • Competitions – Two competitions - apps will be assessed by a jury – Prizes of up to 25 kEURO awarded in Oct. 2015 and Feb. 2016 • Hackathons – Educational hackathons foreseen. Further details on possible prizes will be published at a later point of time. • Awards – The three most promising apps will also receive an award
  19. 19. How to contact us?