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This presentation compliments the design document for a Game Design project at UT|D ATEC.

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LuDiem Game Presentation

  1. 1. Game Designand Fitness Education Virtual Sports Proposal Table of Contents  Abstract / Overview  Core Experience  New Innovations  Features  Scoring & Skill  Enduring Understandings ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  2. 2. Abstract Overview Game Design Proposal LuDiem is a motion sensory based learning game for sensory-based physical strength and conditioning where the player must move in real space to control the precise movements of an avatar within the game world world. The interface works through a densely gridded virtual space with space, motion detection & sensory devices to challenge players toward building real at et c s athletic skill and coordination through a d coo d at o t oug muscle memory. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  3. 3. Core Experience in Strength Game Design Proposal The foundation program uses core strength training to engage the player in physical activity. LuDiem builds on each player’s individualized level of fitness, and teaches through a graphical interface that focuses on a hi hl d t il d muscle highly detailed l structure with on-screen form locators.  Future expansions for the game will address more focused activities and interest groups. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  4. 4. Core Experience in Strength Game Design Proposal The target players are either casual gamers wanting a real-world skill set from gaming or people looking for an alternative to personal trainers in a public gym environment. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  5. 5. Core Experience in Strength Game Design Proposal The core experience is to feel alive strong graceful alive, strong, graceful, deadly sexy, competent, skillful or healthy, depending on which sport you want to play. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  6. 6. New Innovations in Gaming Game Design Proposal LuDiem contains a d t b L Di t i database lib library of user status f t t that tracks progress over real time. The database will track and inventory the following states through user feedback, bio sensors and accelerometers:  Player’s Height  Resting Heart Rate  Player’s Weight Player s  Target Heart Rate  Flexibility Progress  Exercise Plateaus  Core Stability  Strength Progress  Exercise Form  Cardiovascular Progress  Percent Body Fat  Nutritional Intake  Body Mass Index  Overall Skill Level ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  7. 7. Features for Wellness Game Design Proposal The levels of difficulty and progression through the challenges are dependant on both the player’s game time and real world physical fitness. Periodic physical assessments keep track of wellness through Checkups. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  8. 8. Features for Wellness Game Design Proposal Learning through play time is complimented by a basic understanding of nutritional requirements and how the body uses food for energy. For example, refueling your avatar requires a meal selection activity from a visual library of both nutritional food and junk. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  9. 9. Features for Wellness Game Design Proposal The major components of the game’s audio alert game s system have been given human characteristics and are essentially the only game generated characters. In- In I -game Virtual Trainer Vi t l T i Player’s can select from a variety of virtual trainers that are designed to motivate and keep p y g p players on target. g The trainer uses verbal reminders in response to the player’s vitals :  “Watch your breathing ” Watch breathing.  “Slow down, watch your form.”  “Good set! Take a breath, drink some water.” ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  10. 10. Features for Wellness Game Design Proposal The major components of the game’s audio alert game s system have been given human characteristics and are essentially the only game generated characters. Out-of-game “H lth Conscience” Out f O t-of- “Healthy C i ” This personality is one that infiltrates all other aspects of the player’s lifestyle through internet p p y y g accessible social networking tools. This character possesses the comical and obsessive personality of artificial intelligence like HAL 9000 from 2001 A Space Odyssey and Glados from the game Portal.  “Hello Dave, you missed your workouts this week. Are you ignoring me?” ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  11. 11. ScoringDesign Proposal Game & Skill Assessment Scoring is based on a percentage of distance from the player’s ideal target. Statistics for a given age and actual player health and status help calibrate for precision. Skill precision translates into scoring ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  12. 12. ScoringDesign Proposal Game & Skill Assessment A progression chart illustrates the player’s starting player s point, current status and target point. Comparisons within a social network and average population statistics are layered transparently and can be accessed through toggle options shown on the progression chart. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  13. 13. Educational Games Education Virtual Sports and Fitness Finally, if it is to be educational, it must have an Enduring Understanding  Players truly begin to understand how the body works as an efficient engine and the essence of healthy, active choices.  Giving the player the assurance that they have the skills necessary to experience a more active lifestyle. ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09
  14. 14. Game Design Proposal Virtual Sports and Fitness Education Questions ? ATEC-6351 S.Wheeler 08.06.09