Xbox in education


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This is my Software Evaluation of three Kinect Game that can be intergraded into the classroom.

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Xbox in education

  1. 1. Xbox in EducationDigital Game Based LearningSoftware Evaluation
  2. 2. Requirements: All software will require the Xbox 360 System and the Kinect sensor – Microsoft - Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle = $299.99 – Microsoft - Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle = $399.99 Projector or TV for viewingLicense: A single unit license is required for each Xbox 360.
  3. 3. Instructional Goals Supporting Literacy and EnglishKinect Adventures The Kinect Adventures Story Mysterious Objects Speech Writing Factual Research: Sea Creatures Developing Trust and communication Skills Supporting Mathematics Simple Sums (Rally Ball) Data Collection 3D Shapes (cubes) Shape Averages and probability Supporting Science Exploring Space Making Bubbles Forces, Levers and MotorsPrice: Free with purchase of a Supporting Social Landforms Geographical SubjectsXbox 360 / Kinect Console Climatic ZonesBundle Historical Research
  4. 4. Pros – •Motion controls work well •Events range from serene to strenuous •Living statues make interesting rewards for your progress.Cons – •Not enough depth or variety to stay interesting for long stretches •20,000 Leaks requires a bit too much precision •Space Pop is too laid-back to be engaging.
  5. 5. Instructional Goals Supporting Literacy and EnglishKinect Sports The History of Sport Instructional Writing Advertising Campaign Supporting Numeracy Data Collection Data Processing Averages and Probability Simple Sums: Distance and whole numbers Simple Sums - Time and decimals Supporting Health and Wellbeing Setting, Serving and Slicing Developing Motor SkillsPrice: $29.99 + SH
  6. 6. Pros – •Good variety of sporting events •Intuitive and mostly responsive controls •Multiplayer works well both locally and online.Cons – •Does almost nothing to cater to solo players •You need to exaggerate some of your movements for them to register.
  7. 7. Instructional GoalsBody and Brain Secondary Mathematics Connection •Fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals using the standard algorithm for each operation •Apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract rational numbers Elementary Mathematics •Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers. •Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm. •Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols. •Numbers and Operations- UnderstandPrice: $19.99 + SH operations how they relate to one another.
  8. 8. Pros – •Accessible mix of physical and mental challenges •Makes you feel like youre getting sharper •Mini-games cover a nice variety of skills.Cons – •Some mini-games have control issues •Not enough content to justify the price •Occasional sign-in snafus.
  9. 9. Features Kinect Adventures will get you off the couch and into the game in a whole new way. You and your friends and family will jump, dodge, and kick your way through 20 pulse-pounding adventures set in exotic locations. Work together as you navigate through roaring rapids, challenge obstacle courses or save a leaky underwater laboratory. Body and Brain Connection revolutionizes the mega-popular Brain Training genre he helped originate with an all-new, unique blend of physical and cerebral challenges. It will challenges players to exercise both their minds and bodies with fun, fast-paced mini-games ranging from math, logic and memory to reflex and physical-orientation exercises. Kinect Sports features soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track and field, and boxing. It delivers the ultimate party experience - whether you are trying to outmaneuver the goalie to win the soccer match or cheering on your friends at ringside. Kinect Sports is so real, you will almost feel the wind in your hair as you fly over hurdles and the sand in your toes as you set, bump and spike your way to volleyball victory.
  10. 10. ComparisonIs previous gaming No No Noexperience needed? 1 or 2; may be 1 or 2; may be 1 or 2; may beNumber of players? grouped or put into grouped or put into grouped or put into teams teams teamsThe game’s target Kinect Sports is rated All levels All levelsage level? PEGI 12.Would students Yes in some Yes in some Yes in somewith disabilities be activities activities activitiesleft out?
  11. 11. RecommendationsAs with most cutting edge technology tools, the gains in studentparticipation, student motivation and student increased performance will negate thecost in the long run. Each of the software has its own it own diverse operation and Iwould recommend all items if one is starting a Kinect program in a school district. Kinect Sport will be a great Body and Brain motivational tool for yourWith the game being Connection challenges you classroom. It can be used tobundled with the Xbox to exercise both your mind develop motor skills. Kinect360 Console, this will be a and body with fun, fast- Sports allows you togreat starting tool for paced mini-games ranging complete with other playersacross the curriculum from math, logic and at virtual sporting events viadevelopment of lessons memory to reflex and Xbox LIVE. This is athat will engage and physical-orientation great way to developmotivate the students. exercises. international education and citizenship in your classroom.
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