Top (I-phone) Chef


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Top (I-phone) Chef

  1. 1. Top (i-phone) Chef A conceptual design by Shubha Bhat Design Challenge: Use social media to encourage healthy behaviors that impact weight Time Frame: 4 weeks
  2. 2. Top (i-phone) Chef Persuasive Purpose: To teach anyone how to make healthy meals on a budget through an interactive competition that can be played anywhere, anytime. Industrial Design:
  3. 3. User Description Top (i-phone) Chef targets iphone users who: • are already at-home experts but.... o want "Top Chef" status among friends o don't have a way of displaying their recipes o need a little creative challenge to stay on their game • want to cook but... o don't know any/many recipes o need others to push them o are on a budget o don't know how to choose healthy options • are bored and need to fidget on a gadget
  4. 4. Storyboard of user experience Shubha gets app and invites her friends to compete in a Top (i-phone) Chef challenge as individuals or teams. Teams are presented with the cooking challenge and must decide which ingredients to use, portion size and price. At the end of pre-determined time limit, teams submit their recipes to the i-phone judge, which determines which team made the healthiest meal on a budget, using an algorithm 87% The winning team gets points, yippie! See expansion section for further ideas
  5. 5. Prototype Top (i-phone) Chef provides a series of prompts to select. Algorithm is then calculated
  6. 6. Features and Functionality - Interactive game - Competitors are given a challenge - Teams with healthiest, cheapest meal get points
  7. 7. Justifications for Design - Social Pressure to play - Incentives to choose healthy options - Intrinsic lesson in the game - Uses a popular TV show to gain popularity - Encourages social interaction
  8. 8. Results of User Testing To be tested....
  9. 9. Shortcomings of Design • requires knowledge of meal preparation algorithms • prices may change • did not do market research on what is already out there • need to make the game fun/challenging enough but not too hard
  10. 10. Expansion- What else is possible? • Begin with limited ingredients/recipes, then allow users to input their own ingredients/recipes to create a huge, search- able, rank-able virtual cookbook on, for example, Facebook • Connect to Google calendar and spreadsheets to schedule potlucks and assign friends to different dishes from the cookbook • Connect to local grocery stores, markets, restaurants to get discounts based on the number of points earned
  11. 11. Next Steps in Design Process 1. Start building the prototype o I'm behind on this!!! I'll catch up once I finish my exam on Monday. o Create recipe algorithm o Create facebook app 2. Check in with industry mentor. o I don't have one yet 3. Learn Google optimizer to run tests
  12. 12. Summary Top (i-phone) Chef aims to improve nutrition and eating choices through a fun interactive game.