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  1. 1. Recover Deleted Text Messages with iPhone Many people have suffered from the frustrations of accidentally deleted texts. I too have the habit of deleting texts as soon as they are read. This habit can be hard to break once you receive important information through SMS messaging that is needed to be saved for later. Honestly, who actually uses the save file for text messages? Accidentally deleted text messages may seem like they are gone forever, yet iPhone users need not worry. Can you recover deleted text messages? There are, technically, twoways of recovering deleted text messages, however only one manner is actually recommended. Isit possible for you to recover your deleted texts through iTunes, however the results may becatastrophic as this was not intended for data recovery. This method requires you to fully restoreyour iPhone to its original settings and set up your iPhone as a new device on iTunes. With a fewsteps of data backup and file sorting and transferring, you are then able to click on the option,“Restore from Backup,” enabling you to view your deleted text messages. The major problemwith this method of text message recovery is that there is a great risk of file corruption, causingpotential damage to your files, iPhone, and computer. The only safe and recommended mannerin recovering deleted text messages is through the use of external software. This allows you toexport your iphone text messages.Wondershare offers two data recovery programs: one for PC users (Dr. Fone) and one for Macusers (Data Recovery for iTunes). Not only will these Wondershare programs recover deleteddata, the will also allow you to scan and texts messages through your iPhone. The Wondersharedata recovery programs are compatible with all iPhones including the new iPhone 5. Using theWondershare software, recovering deleted text messages can be easy and here are the steps thatyou need to go through in order to safely recover messages.After installing the data recovery program, connect your iPhone to your computer and run theprogram. Next, you will be prompted with holding down the POWER and HOME buttons at thesame time for ten seconds, then release the POWER button while still holding down the HOMEbutton; this successfully brings you to the DFU mode which allows the software to beginscanning your iPhone. Once the scanning is complete, there will be a list of data in clear andcoherent categories displayed on your computer. This data includes all data that has been deletedfrom your iPhone. Click on the folder labeled “Messages,” and begin clicking on the desiredmessages you want to keep and then click “Recover.” It’s that simple! You can also recoverdeleted video from your iphone. Always remember, in order to avoid any further lost files on
  2. 2. your iPhone, regular backup of all your files is necessary, even backing them up on the computeris necessary as well.