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Personal Brand Book for SEL


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As a brand manager and designer, I define myself as a brand to best express myself for future classmates, and thus made a personal brand book. The SEL book consists of two parts: brand verbal & visual identity system and brand portfolio.

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Personal Brand Book for SEL

  1. personal brand book of Sang Eun Lee (SEL)
  2. “HOW can I express myself in the best way?”
  3. As a brand manager and designer,I define myself as a brand to best express myself for classmates.This personal brand book is prepared for my future classmates.
  4. Brand Verbal Identity001 The triangle visualizes the verbal identity of SEL: promise, statement and vision. To realize the brand vision, SEL puts the brand promises in action everyday, keeping in mind of the brand statement. brand vision “Change the World through Design and Innovation” brand statement “business oriented design thinker” brand promise “empirical “balanced creativity” perspective”
  5. Brand Visual Identity002 Each rectangular in my logotype shows my areas of interest. Each represents design, technology, business, and innovation. The exclamation mark on the right end of the first logo shows my willingness to change the world. The right version tried to express the initial of my name, ‘Sang Eun Lee’. brand logotype brand color PMS 1945 PMS 11-0601 PMS 433-2X
  6. Brand Promise : empirical creativity003 I have accumulated various experiences through traveling, meeting celebrities, taking part-time jobs & internships, and joining SNS activities. Such various experiences of mine played a huge role for me to display the creativity through experiences, in other words, ‘empirical creativity’. 21 different jobs e.g. woman drummer and fashion designer 75 celebrities e.g. Eric Schmidt and Psy, a Korean musician 120 cities over 29 countries e.g. world’s best underwater diving spots ‘Balicasag’ & ‘Similan’ 1541 connections through 7 SNS channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in
  7. Brand Promise : balanced perspective004 I have cultivated an artistic taste by watching both of my grandparents, one was a famous Korean traditional painting artist and the other was a famous architect. On the other hand, I was also influenced by my father, an engineering professor. My antithetic experiences and interests became the basis of my harmonious viewpoint, which means ‘balanced perspective’ HOWEVER, I have cultivated an artistic taste I am a brand manager at a leading by my grandfather who was mobile service provider, dealing with a famous Korean traditional artist. high-tech products & services I won the 1st prize at mathematical HOWEVER, contests during attending a science high I used to struggle with numbers school for gifted students since I was young, influenced by my father, an engineering professor HOWEVER, I am a wandering minstrel, I am an technology geek, who who likes painting pictures and enjoys disassembling machines taking photographs while traveling and studying them I worked as a men’s wear HOWEVER, fashion designer at a leading I entered a university majoring in design fashion company and stayed up all night designing.
  8. My philosophy: The best way to explain a brand is to actually show it.I prepared the selected portfolios of my personal brand ʻSELʼon the following pages.
  9. “ WHY do famous fashion designers always make eye-catching but unwearable designs?”I tried to design a cloth which grasps peopleʼs needs exactly, that can bedressed as a business suit in the daytime, and changed to a party costume inthe nighttime to solve the inconvenience for people who have to change clothesbefore attending a party at night. As a result, my design became the only workwhich was sold among 100+ works that year.
  10. “ HOW can a rigid & distant high-tech brand come closer to customers?”While the quality of mobile service gets standardized and the competition getsintensified, I need an emotional brand which can move customerʼs hearts.For this, I renewed the brand ‘T’ as ‘the brand to realize dreams in customer’s life’and designed various brand touch-points. As a result, those outputs wereawarded at the global top design awards, such as Red Dot Awards.
  11. “ WHAT can differentiate SKT’s retail shops to become special to customers?”SKT needed differentiation of retail shops while mobile device manufacturers and retailcompanies rush into mobile service distribution business. To meet the needs, I initiatedethnographic research, observing customerʼs behavioral patterns and characteristicsand developed six concept stores, including cafe-combined store. As a result, it wasaccompanied by sales increase in 50%, and number of visitors increase in 75%
  12. “ HOW can the smart robot solution be utilized for the most valuable purpose?”While launching smart robot ‘Albert’, ‘Classroom Full of Possibilities’ campaign forthe challenged students who can be the biggest beneficiaries of technologywas developed. It was successfully launched along with the specially designedclassroom for the challenged students, educational contents, and the customer’scheer.
  13. “WHAT is the best way to enhancethe brand experience of SEL in 2 years?” “Learning by doing in MIT Sloan!”