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SelectChicago® June 2019


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SelectChicago® is attending the #SelectUSA Summit in Washington DC in June. Learn about Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) opportunities. In August, investors get a tour of showcase FDI properties in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.

A shout-out to the Chicago International Trade Commissioners Association (CITCA). This group of commissioners from international consulates supports foreign investors in the mid-west region. US businesses can also get assistance with international business to the trade commissioners' native countries.

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SelectChicago® June 2019

  1. 1. SELECT CHICAGO The SelectUSA Summit June 10-12th is right around the corner Connect with us at Booth 822
  2. 2. Representing more than 40 countries, is making an impact by fostering academic partnerships and facilitating global trade missions. Scan me for more info about CITCA ▶ SELECT CHICAGO
  3. 3. SCANME SELECT CHICAGO Strong economic drivers in healthcare, manufacturing and agriculture continue to fuel Whiteside county.Whiteside County
  4. 4. SelectChicago® FDI Conference 2019:Workshops Dinner Cruise Community Tours SAVE THE DATE AUGUST 7 SELECT CHICAGO SCANME Visit this link for more info ▶