IT Careers with a Computer Science Major


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The article ‘IT Careers with a Computer Science Major’ furnishes thorough information regarding careers and professional certifications with a Computer Science degree.

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IT Careers with a Computer Science Major

  1. 1. IT Careers with a Computer Science MajorIf you spent most of your high school in the computer lab learning how to make it do cool thingsby stringing together a bunch of words that might look like gibberish to the uninitiated, but to youthey spell “code,” then you are among the lucky few who have a clear career path ahead of them.Yes, computer science may be a lot more than writing programs, but for a lot of IT professionals,that’s where the seeds of passion are sown.So, if you are passionate about making this wondrous little machine do wonderful things and havea few other qualities like an aptitude for math, logical and analytical ability, and problem solvingskills, then you are an ideal candidate for computer science degree.A computer science major will give you the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies in abroad spectrum of exciting jobs that involve designing software, writing code, maintainingsystems, managing database, etc. Some of the popular computer science careers are as follows:1. Computer Programmer:A computer programmer uses programming languages like C++, Java, etc. to write a series ofcommands that a computer follows to complete a task. Programmers are also responsible fortesting, debugging, modifying, and expanding existing programs.Computer programmers can find employment in a variety of industries ranging from IT firms tofinancial institutions. As they get more technical and business experience, programmers may bepromoted to senior roles as lead programmers, systems analysts, or managers leading a team ofprogrammers.Besides a computer science degree, those interested in programming may benefit byprofessional certifications in JAVA II, C++, Microsoft ASP, etc.2. Database Administrators:Database administrators are responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and repairof an organization’s database. They may also be responsible for formulating policies andprocedures regarding the management, security, and use of the database.Candidates can boost their chances of employment by completing professional certifications likeStructured Query Language (SQL), SAP, etc after completing their computer science degree.Like computer programmers, database administrators are also employed in a wide range ofindustries such as technology and telecommunication companies, financial firms, governmentagencies, etc. Many database administrators are promoted to managerial positions in theirorganizations depending on factors such as their education level, experience, and the ability tostay on top of emerging technologies.3. Network Administrators:Network administration has emerged as one of the most popular computer science careers.Network administrators install and maintain hardware and software that make up anorganization’s computer system. They are responsible for the smooth running of a company’sLAN, WAN, Internet, Intranet, and security systems. In some organizations, networkadministrators are also given the task of designing and deploying networks.
  2. 2. Those who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with professional certifications inA +, CCNA, Novell-C.N.A, C.N.E.- Advanced Administration, etc. are likely to enjoy goodemployment opportunities.