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2013 Partners in Learning Innovation Workshop session 6


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This is the sixth workshop for the Partners in Learning Innovation workshops preparing teachers for the expert educator programme

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2013 Partners in Learning Innovation Workshop session 6

  1. 1. Innovation Workshop2013Session 6: Applyingto be a MicrosoftInnovative Educator:Expert
  2. 2. Do you stand out from the crowd?Be willing to inspire others! Take the leap!In this session we will:• Find out more about theMicrosoft InnovativeEducator: Expertprogramme• See the steps for applying• Find out what the benefitsare• Give some tips forenhancing your applicationTweet about it!What do you think are thecharacteristics of anInnovative Educator? #msedu
  3. 3. Who is an Expert Educator?We are looking for self-driven educators whoare passionate about their careers, inspiringstudents with outside-the-box thinking and atrue collaborative spirit.Resourceful and entrepreneurial, they relishthe role of change agent, and work to achieveexcellence in education usingadvanced technologies and social media.
  4. 4. How to apply to be a MicrosoftInnovative Educator: ExpertAt you willneed to:• Upload a Learning Activity(which includes a two minutevideo that you have madedescribing your LearningActivity)• Complete the MicrosoftInnovative Educator – ExpertApplication
  5. 5. Put your best self forwardTips• Provide detailed descriptionsof your activities• Complete all sections of theapplication with thoughtfuland concise answers• Provide supporting resourcefiles• Look at therubrics to seewhat judges arelooking for!• Read the FAQs!You can startapplying – and whatyou have done willbe automaticallysaved if you don’tfinish in one sitting.
  6. 6. What’s in it for you?Apply to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator: Expert ANDupload a Learning Activity (including video) by 3 June 2013and you could be one of 15 Innovative Educators who win atrip to the SchoolNet SA ICT in the Classroom Conference.• Bloemfontein from 2 – 4 July 2013.• Travel, accommodation, meals and conference fee sponsored.• An opportunity to present your Learning Activity at the SouthAfrican and Lesotho Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum whichwill be part of the conference.• A fantastic networking experience with other InnovativeEducators• A great professional development opportunity.
  7. 7. One• At least one teacher who is selected to present his or herLearning Activity at the ICT in the Classroom Conference inBloemfontein will be selected to be a Microsoft InnovativeEducator Expert.• Additional ‘Experts’ will be selected from other South Africanand Lesotho teachers who apply before 31 July 2013.‘Experts’ attend the Global Partners in Learning Forum.This will be taking place at a not-yet-selected exciting,international destination in March or April 2014.
  8. 8. Microsoft experts receive:• A trip to the Partners in LearningGlobal Forum• Free technology for their schools• Insider access to MicrosoftProfessional and careerdevelopment opportunities• Peer coaching certification• Opportunities to share theirexpertiseMicrosoft Experts have opportunitiesto:• Share their passion for through socialmedia, blogs and videos• Provide input for professionaldevelopment content for educators• Help develop strategies to benefit othereducators• Represent Microsoft throughdemonstrations and at events• Mentor other educators and help trainthem on education technologies
  9. 9. 9Next steps, links and contacts:••• for infoabout the competition• for webinarsand online support• Your facilitator!At you willneed to:• Upload a Learning Activity(including video)• Complete the MicrosoftInnovative Educator – ExpertApplication• By 3 June 2013 if you want towin a trip to Bloemfontein• 31 July 2013 is your lastchance to be a MicrosoftInnovative Educator Expert