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Take Your Practice Where You Want to Go (presentation slides)


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I recently spoke about about taking your practice where you want to go at the OBA (Ontario Bar Association). These are my presentation slides.

For further details on this session, visit:

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Take Your Practice Where You Want to Go (presentation slides)

  2. 2. First, you need to decide where you want to go…
  3. 3. Introduction & Agenda
  4. 4. Agenda Take your practice where you want to go 1.Tactical marketing 2.Take a step back, to move forward 3.Strategic marketing Introduction & Agenda 4
  5. 5. Tactical Marketing
  6. 6. 04/18/18 Tweets? Blogs? Video? All tactics, not to be confused with strategy.
  7. 7. Marketing Involves Tactics But that’s not the big picture There are many valid options to market a law firm, online or off. However, to really deliver impact, they need an overarching strategy that ties them to the firm’s identity and its goals. •Brochures •Direct mail •Website •Video •Search Engine Optimization •Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog •Advertising •Speaking engagements •Publications •Networking •Promotional goods •Charitable contributions •Newsletters •Other events •… Tactical marketing 7 Branding: •Logo •Tagline •Business cards •Stationery •Signage
  8. 8. Return on Investment Scattered resources don’t drive return. Tactical marketing 8 People Time Money
  9. 9. So, what works? It’s easy to get lost in the numbers. But, online or off, law firm marketing results are still about people. Take a step back to move forward 9
  11. 11. Take a Step Back To Move Forward
  12. 12. Success. Profit. Life. What should it look like?
  13. 13. Leadership. Tactics are necessary but they should be in response to something…
  14. 14. Leadership Marketing Transformation happens here.
  15. 15. Building a plan There are many ways to get there Strategic plan Succession plan Business plan Business coaching Leadership development Firm retreat… … or scrawl it on the back of a napkin! Take a step back to move forward 15
  16. 16. Strategic Planning Framework Actions Measures Culture Functions Priorities Mission Vision Direction Activities Initiatives History People Market Clients Profession Difference Succession
  17. 17. Strategic Marketing
  18. 18. Great leadership inspires great followership.
  19. 19. Marketing planning: The process We start by exploring the big picture, both inside and out Environmental scan •Competitive set •Clients •Referrers •Trends in the industry •Changes in the marketplace Introspection •Direction •Objectives •History •Success •Status quo Strategic marketing 19
  20. 20. Marketing planning: The elements Now we’re ready for tactics! Messaging Develop a communication strategy Why us? From client perspective Strategic marketing 20 Distribution How to reach the desired growth market Which vehicles Push vs pull Online vs off Creative direction Establish a voice Tell the right story Use design tools to reinforce messaging Action planning What When How Who
  21. 21. Insert template here
  22. 22. Marketing planning: Implementation The best plan doesn’t stand a chance without commitment 1.Measure 2.Review 3.Refresh Strategic marketing 22
  23. 23. Insert checklist here 1. Where do you wa Strategic marketing 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. Strategic marketing… in service of your highest goals.
  26. 26. CONTACT US TO PLAN YOUR NEXT STEPS: SANDRABEKHOR@BEKHOR.CA TEL. 416.969.9600 Take Your Practice Where You Want To Go Our approach is focused on what really works to build and enhance small to mid-sized, Canadian professional practices. We invite you to request a proposal or book an initial consultation to discuss your practice development goals.