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Quick! Check That Marketing Blind Spot


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Explore Valuable Opportunities You Don't Know You're Missing.

With the demand for talent holding strong and steady, many IT and engineering staffing firms are focused so much on recruiting, they are overlooking critical marketing steps they can and should be taking to compete even better and succeed even more. How do you know what you’ve never had or measure opportunities you don’t know you’re missing? It’s time to check your marketing blind spot and identify where holes in your branding, communication, messaging and retention strategies are weakening your competitive edge and limiting market opportunities.

Leslie Vickrey, CEO of ClearEdge Marketing, surprises staffing leaders and professionals with insider knowledge on the critical market processes and tools staffing businesses most often overlook or underfund. Find out which critical marketing efforts effectively boost long-term performance and why under spending leads to missed opportunities. The presentation examines:

- How internal communications and contests spark competition and increased performance
- Why developing compelling brand stories and company messaging fuels a stronger sales performance and brand recognition
- The power of a smart and engaging online presence that attracts candidates, potential managers, sales reps and recruiters

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Quick! Check That Marketing Blind Spot

  1. 1. Quick! Check That Marketing Blind Spot Explore Valuable Opportunities You Don't Know You're Missing Presented by: Leslie Vickrey, CEO & Founder December 4, 2014 Confidential Information. Copyright ClearEdge Marketing 2014. Webinar Series
  2. 2. Your Presenter, Leslie Vickrey 2 •  CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing, an agency specializing in outsourced marketing solutions for IT services firms   8+ years in business   Serving clients across four continents   Staff from coast-to-coast (30+)   8-year TechServe Alliance marketing partner •  18 years managing marketing operations or providing consulting services for companies such as Spherion, Harvey Nash, TechServe Alliance, Bartech, CRi, Aon Hewitt RPO and Fieldglass •  Co-founder of ARA—a mentoring organization for attracting, retaining and advancing women in tech ( CEO & Founder ClearEdge Marketing @lvickrey
  3. 3. Q&A on Twitter •  We want to hear from you during this webinar and after   Send us a tweet with the following in front of the message: @clearedgemktg   It will show up on our Twitter profile, open for the public to view   We will reply during the webinar or after •  Follow us at •  Also follow us on…   Facebook:   LinkedIn: 3
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda •  Where Is Marketing Heading? •  A Peek at Marketing Trends •  Where Top IT & Engineering Services Firms Succeed in Marketing •  Top Three Blind Spots in IT Services •  What Are They? •  Tips & Examples: Turning Weakness into Advantage •  Q&A 4
  5. 5. Poll #1 What is THE most effective marketing tool/ approach your business invests in today? A)  Social Media B)  Website/SEO C)  Marketing Campaigns D)  Events and Conferences E)  None of the Above 5
  7. 7. Excited About New Possibilities? 7 Augmented Reality Marketing reality-with-real-utility-meet-blippar/
  8. 8. Excited About New Possibilities? 8 Marketing Automation statistics-overview
  9. 9. Wondering What’s Next In IT Services Marketing? 9 PSYCHOGRAPHICS BIG DATA TALENT COMMUNITIES
  10. 10. What You Need to Do in 2015 10 •  Share Your BRAND   Your biggest differentiator is your company and culture •  Leverage Your RESOURCES   Staff   Recruiters and sales teams   Known candidates •  Engage CANDIDATES Where They Are: Online   Web engagement   Mobile engagement
  12. 12. Blind Spot #1: Brand Story & Strength 12
  13. 13. Poll #2 Does your business have a clearly defined vision and mission that your staff, clients and candidates understand and can clearly articulate? A)  YES B)  NO 13
  14. 14. The Power of Your Brand Today 14 •  People Have to WELCOME Your Brand into their Lives   Consumers of your marketing (candidates or clients) have more choice in whether or not to engage with your brand ­  Online reviews are helping them choose whether or not to engage with your brand ­  More and more consumers are turning off pop-up ads and paying for ad-free media (think Pandora and Google Contributor)   Now more than ever your brand must be likeable and memorable •  Questions to Consider:   Could your brand be confused with a competitor?   Are candidates and clients engaging your business on social media?   Do candidates trust your employment brand/see you as an employer of choice?
  15. 15. CareerBuilder: A Staffing Industry Story 15 •  Defining the Brand •  Targeting the Right Audience •  Creating a Story   Sales team contest   Create the best pitch
  16. 16. MMI: Talent Tech Labs 16 •  Highlight your DIFFERENTIATORS   MMI is passionate about innovation and founded Talent Tech Labs to further their mission – driving the industry and their individual business
  17. 17. Brand Lessons 17 •  Know Your Core BRAND MESSAGES   Vision, Mission, Value Proposition ­  Are they well defined? ­  Can they be easily communicated? •  Give Clients and Candidates Ways to ENGAGE WITH YOUR BRAND   Reach them in their worlds ­  Skill communities ­  Social networks ­  Events •  PARTNER WITH COMMUNITIES AND MOVEMENTS that Compliment Your Brand   Talent communities   Causes/Outreach –Where do employers volunteer? Where does the company give?
  18. 18. Blind Spot #2: Internal Marketing 18 IsYour Internal Team Part of Your Marketing Engine?
  19. 19. The Importance of Internal Communication 19 •  Staff Members Need to Understand WHAT’S HAPPENING   To contribute to success they need to understand what success means for the business ­  Do team members know how the business is doing? ­  How are goals and milestones communicated? •  Staff Members Need to Know HOW THEY ARE DOING   High performance needs to be cultivated and recognized ­  How are achievements shared? ­  Is their regular recognition of team and individual achievements?
  20. 20. CSI: The Pit 20 •  GOAL   To integrate all employees – including full-time consultants/ bench employees – with company culture and happenings   Connect branch offices with headquarters •  Result: THE PIT   A community and destination for all things CSI   Includes social, file sharing, internal communications, collaboration, recognition and networking tools
  21. 21. Internal Communication Best Practices 21 •  Underscore Vision, Values & Goals   Remind staff of brand attributes—what makes your business unique •  Reach out Regularly   Give staff the certainty that comes with regular communications •  Share Stories   People like to read about other people—their successes and challenges •  Be Concise   Remember that people have little time to read—keep content succinct, clear and informative
  22. 22. Sales/Recruiting Contests: The Opportunities 22 •  UNITE & MOTIVATE   Get staff members excited and united behind a goal   Push performance •  TARGET CRITICAL NEEDS   New Accounts   Existing Accounts   Skill Gaps – Java, .NET, etc.
  23. 23. Poll #3 When was the last time your business ran an internal sales or recruiting contest that was planned, measured and achieved ROI ? A) Within the last month B) Within the six months C) Within the last year D) Within the last two years E) We don’t run sales/recruiting contests 23
  24. 24. Sales/Recruiting Contests: Common Issues 24 •  Roll Them Out & Let Them Fizzle   No follow up   No encouragement   No recognition of winners   No transparency •  Too Ambitious   Targets are set too high   Staff are overwhelmed and uninspired   Challenge is good but make it attainable •  Too Long   Attention spans are short   A few short contests are more effective than one long one
  25. 25. Best Practices 25 •  Be Consistent   Have a theme   Communicate weekly   Start and end on time   Make part of daily stand-ups •  Praise Winners   Make a big deal about those who win and contribute   Profile winners, share their stories •  Reward   In competitive contests, rewards do matter   Offer worthwhile prizes Vacations Stay-cations Events Training Cash Gadgets
  26. 26. Blind Spot #3: Online Candidate Engagement 26 How Strong IsYour Online Presence?
  27. 27. Poll #4 How much of your online content is candidate focused? A)  More than 50% B)  25%-50% C)  10%-25% D)  Less than 10% 27
  28. 28. The IT Services Web Problem: Candidate Content 28 •  SIA Report: “Which Website Design Attributes Drive Staffing Firm Business Success?”   IT staffing firms have the least effective websites in terms of contributing to their company’s success   IT staffing firms stand out as having more client-focused websites, and the lowest level of average satisfaction   The staffing companies that had ‘candidate focused’ websites reported having a higher level of satisfaction with their website than those that had ‘client focused’ websites   Candidates in general are more likely to visit a recruiting website than prospective clients
  29. 29. Increase Candidate Engagement on Your Site 29 •  Develop and CALL OUT CONTENT AND FEATURES that will attract candidates   Job postings   Salary insight   Candidate blogs and success stories •  Go MOBILE   Make mobile job search and application processes easy •  Make ACCESS Easy   Provide easy access to recruiters   Share job placement insights and consultant stories
  30. 30. Thompson Technologies 30
  31. 31. Candidates Want to See Jobs 31 •  Job search and office locator are the first thing that a visitor sees •  Opportunities to connect on social media to help validate front and center •  Spotlight content that engages and helps generate interest and leads
  32. 32. In Summary 32 •  Erase Marketing Blind Spots:   Be Clear in Your BRAND   Be Strong in COMMUNICATIONS   Be CANDIDATE Focused
  33. 33. Q&A 33 Questions?
  34. 34. Need Help? Contact Us Any Time! 34 Leslie Vickrey, CEO & Founder ClearEdge Marketing Tel: 312.731.3149 E-mail: Twitter: @lvickrey @clearedgemktg