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Saksoft Software Performance Testing


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Saksoft Performance Testing offerings for Software products. Our ready to use performance test frameworks identifies the root causes of performance delays and improve the product performance. Tools - HP Loadrunner, Apache JMeter, Shunra

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Saksoft Software Performance Testing

  1. 1. Saksoft trusts that the “Greatness of a product is measured from the experiences of the end user receiving through it”. Our step-by-step bottleneck identification methodology ensures you the best of Software Performance Testing throughout the entire lifecycle. Increased the product response time by 36% and reduced the testing efforts by 64% USA . UK . India . Singapore Delivering Business Value Success Stories Performance Testing Offerings Performance Base-lining Load/Stress Testing & Capacity Planning End User Monitoring Solution Availability Test of your application/websites Determine the issues during long-term user activity Determine the response time & throughput Determine the peak user load Defining business SLAs, criteria and assess the current performance standard Performance Analysis & Reviews Root cause analysis - Database review and design Forecasting of future load & hardware requirements Track every step performed by the application Determine the performance and behavior of any specific component Production Performance Monitoring Services Performance Testing Our Tool Strength Applications Domain Expertise System Integration Web Services Streaming Databases Remote Applications Custom applications & Packages Retail Travel Social Media Logistics & CRM Manufacturing Workflow (BPM) Value Propositions / Differentiators Resolving performance and scalability issues before they occur Reduce the testing time by using “Performance Test Harness” Ready to use Performance test frameworks Identify the root causes of Performance Delays Saksoft partners to define an Improvement Roadmap that blends with your business plan Logistics Increased the Speed of Test Cycles by 35% using Reusable Automation framework Real Estate Effective Performance Testing of Business Critical Applications led to Enhanced Responsiveness & Cost Savings over 42% Retail The performance of the application improved by 60% and ensured SLA adherence Finance