Software Testing Services


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A quick overview of software testing services ScienceSoft provides to Healthcare, Telecommunication, Retail, Banking and other industries.

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Software Testing Services

  1. 1. Software Testing Services
  2. 2. ScienceSoft’s testing services Quick facts • 75 full-time testing specialists • 28 years of experience in testing • Processes in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 • CMMI3, GAMP4 pre-assessment • ISTQB team members certification • In-house center of excellence for testing services
  3. 3. ScienceSoft offers Wejoinawell-developedQAprocesswithstate-of-the-arttoolsand methodologytofulfilthemostchallengingprojects Testers who have necessary skills to perform the service 75 Functional testing Performance testing Automated testing Localization testing Mobile testing
  4. 4. Collaboration models Team augmentation Test lead Testers ScienceSoft’s testers are a part of the Testing team Testing team Responsible for the functional module 1 Responsible for the functional module 2 ScienceSoft provides a complete testing team
  5. 5. Collaboration models ScienceSoft’sinvolvement • Full lifecycle testing Starting from the requirements gathering and through the implementation till the release, upgrades and support, we test every component of your system to ensure compliance with requirements for the particular phase • Involvement of ScienceSoft’s team at high-time phases release releaserelease Testing process Involvement of ScienceSoft release
  6. 6. ScienceSoft ensures • full transparency of the team activities, and • visibility of test results, as well as • a complete workflow transparency For each project stage we • present and develop the necessary documentation (a detailed plan of testing activities, test cases) • deliver periodical detailed reports about all errors or problems Your concern – our solution What if we lose control over the testing process? We use tried-and-true bug-tracking and task management systems We create an optimal team structure with role allocation
  7. 7. Professionals with • analytical skills to define properly testing steps • experience in several industries and domains • understanding of applications and requirements for specific systems Your concern – our solution How does your team deliver deep system understanding? For every project we select specialists with not only technical background, but also with the domain expertise that best matches the customer’s business
  8. 8. Concerns Understanding of a customer’s domain our specialists know • what users expect • what are critical points of the system ScienceSoft delivers a systematic approach Your concern – our solution How do you minimize the amount of missed bugs ? • Understanding of system priorities and roles • Localization of root causes • Continuous employee training
  9. 9. Concerns Additionally to the points mentioned above, our team provides extensive bugs description that accelerate and simplify bugs fixing Your concern – our solution …and “pointless” bugs ?
  10. 10. Concerns o The optimal team structure with well- balanced role allocation o Intelligent approach to testing • automation of test data creation • identification and testing of critical paths • UI testing automation o Use of various instruments to manage testing process itself and testing data o Experience in complex projects (over 80.000 man-hours) o Knowledge of project domain o Successfully performed projects for EU and US customers Your concern – our solution How do you guarantee team performance?
  11. 11. Application types we test ScienceSoft’s expertise includes, but is not limited to • Enterprise OLTP applications • Healthcare applications • Business intelligence applications • Business modeling tools • Information security applications • Portal solutions
  12. 12. Mobile testing • 45 mobile testing specialists • Testing services on most popular platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone • Testing on existing mobile handsets and prototypes • Park of 100+ mobile devices for testing • Deep domain expertise to identify risk properly
  13. 13. Test automation tools  Microsoft Coded UI Tests  Selenium  Ranorex  UI Automator for Android  for iOS  HP QuickTest Pro etc. ScienceSoft possesses an automated testing team of 10 engineers. We combine test automation experience (since1997), keyword- driven and data-driven approach and technology proficiency to increase customers’ productivity
  14. 14. Performance testing Science Soft team tests software performance to ensure its reliable work on each stage of the development lifecycle (under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions) The results of the testing are presented in the form of reports that contents an overall performance summary and recommendations for performance improvement. Performance testing tools: • Apache JMeter • Microsoft Visual Studio • HP LoadRunner
  15. 15. • Retail • Banking • Healthcare • Pharmaceutics • Information technologies • Entertainment • Public sector Expertise in domain areas ScienceSoft testing team have knowledge in a broad variety of domains to minimize time needed for efficient project start.
  16. 16. Shorter testing, including shorter regression testing Reduction of the time between releases Reduce of developers’ idle time during testing Test automation Reduce of testing expenses Accelerating testing process Commercial benefits thanksto collaborationwith ScienceSoft
  17. 17. Why ScienceSoft • Transparency and control • Skilled team • Cross-product and domain- specific knowledge • Scalability • Quick start • Experience in complex projects • Smooth collaboration • Test automation expertise Why ScienceSoft
  18. 18. Initial implementation for customized version was transferred to the core version used by >20 Customers within 2 weeks Innovative Medicines Before Automation Smoke test efforts: • 5 manual testers • 12-16 working days • not-shared passwords Test Automation After Automation • 32 comprehensive test cases are executed at night • password encryption AdditionalBenefits Test data and test code separation Modular approach Non-automation tester can create new tests The Customer is a science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative medicines and brands. The quality of the application to be tested includes many parameters to be covered QTP11 integrated with QualityCenter 3-4 working days for each of 4 test platforms – local, DEV, TEST, UAT
  19. 19. Performance testing for Retail CHALLENGE SOLUTION Finnish retailing conglomerate asked ScienceSoft to test the site performance for the widest and the most diverse customer loyalty program in Finland. The program provides company’s clients with benefits from more than 3000 outlets and over 40 cooperation partners. ScienceSoft team performed testing in extremely short period: 120h for the whole project including scripting, test runs, analysis and reporting. The Customer got answers to the following questions: • maximum of simultaneous users that can be handled by the environment; • checking whether the environment can handle 2000 users per hour for 24 hours in a row; • checking stability of the environment under load for extended period of time; • detecting system bottlenecks; • checking the system behavior under stress load. Due to a well performed testing, the application has been released and it is able to successfully handle the load of real users.
  20. 20. Business Modeling Product A company, that provides high-tech services in all sectors of economy, needed testing of their product that might be affected by changes after refactoring • Automated test framework and test scripts were created, and • Integrated into daily building of new version, thereby helping to detect critical defects that appeared as a result of changes • 55 test scenarios were automated for daily run • Visual Studio Coded UI Tests was used • Key benefit: the possibility for development team to fix defects immediately. The new stable version of the application was released and paved the way to new business opportunities and increased revenue.
  21. 21. Smart card system for public transport CHALLENGE SOLUTION Dutch IT company, the main provider of software and hardware equipment for OV-Chipkaart program (contactless smart card system for all public transport in the Netherlands), came to ScienceSoft for additional testing resources. The project goals were to carry out manual functional, regression testing, robustness testing and performance testing. After receiving all the necessary information about changes and updates of the system a set of tests was created and performed over the updated versions. After each iteration ScienceSoft provided complete bug reports. Conclusions and recommendations related to the testing results were stated in the Test Advice Report. Based on the valuable feedback from the testing team, the Customer was able to significantly improve the functionality and performance of not only separate modules, but also of the whole system. The Customer was satisfied with the development and testing quality and continues mutually profitable cooperation.
  22. 22.  Locations in USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia  450+ full-time staff  ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI best practices  Customers in 30+ countries  Average age is 29  MSc degrees are held by 90% of staff ScienceSoft in brief
  23. 23. Let’s keep in touch! SCIENCESOFT USA 5900 S. Lake Forest Dr., Suite 300 McKinney, TX 75070, USA Phone: +1 214 306 68 37 Email: Web: Learn more about our SOFTWARE TESTING SERVICES