David smith building strong relationships


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David smith building strong relationships

  1. 1. Building Strong Relationships between UK and African Businesses March 2012 www.britishafrican.org 1
  2. 2. Imagine doing business in a world, where…• There are no bank accounts, no standing orders, no direct debits and all payments have to be made and received in person, in cash• Where business loans costing 20% are considered cheap and on average such loans cost between 40% and 60%• Where sending money is difficult, risky and expensive… – But, “Business” needs to secure its cash flow as a primary activity to create real wealth… www.britishafrican.org 2
  3. 3. British African Business Alliance• A diaspora led initiative,• Privately funded, commercially driven, communications hub• Aimed at improving the communication of business opportunities between – Diaspora communities – Businesses in the UK and Africa and – Those organisations involved in supporting commercial and development projects. www.britishafrican.org 3
  4. 4. 240,000 100,000 700,000 Diaspora CBI IOD Chambers Networks & Members Members of Commerce Organisations Members British Federation Africans of Small BusinessBritish African BABA UK Based Diplomats Communications SMES Hub African UK Businesses Consultants and Mentors African Business UK Based The “Africa Friendly” Networks NGOs Investor Community
  5. 5. British African Business Alliance Rwanda Community Association British Africans in Government www.britishafrican.org 5
  6. 6. Collaborative Advantage• How can you… – Maximise Profits? – Minimise Risk? – Enhance Performance? – Create wider social benefit? – Eliminate competitive threats? www.britishafrican.org 6
  7. 7. The BABA Business PipelineIntroduces 2. Investors and Funders 3. Business partners 4. Consultants 5. Mentors62 projects published inFeb ‘12 Published on the 15th of each month and can be downloaded from the website. www.britishafrican.org 7
  8. 8. BABA - Deals Now Under Discussion• Security Communications Systems• Automotive - Country franchises• Pig & chicken farms• Juice pressing plant• Solar Home Systems• Call Centre Operations• £14m Hospital• Health clinic• Mentoring Business Sale• Consultancy contracts www.britishafrican.org 8
  9. 9. Qualified Business Partners Your Company Score in PointsBABA Business Qualification Criteria: Score Your Company NameIs the company a fully paid up BABA Member, Affiliate Member, or 20 ptsmember of the BABA Investment Forum?Have they provided copies of their Company Registration and 5 ptsMemorandum and Articles?Have they provided their reports and accounts for the last 3 years? 3 pts eachHave they provided up to date Management Accounts? (Investment 10 ptsDeals only)Have they provided 2 trade references? 3 pts eachHave they provided a banker’s reference? 10 ptsHave they met with a BABA Representative or Director? 5 ptsHave they submitted a BABA Project Summary for this project 5 ptsHave they submitted the Executive Summary to a complete business 10 ptsplan?Is the complete business plan available? 20 ptsHave they submitted a resume or CV? 10 ptsAre they a qualified investor (Investment deals only)? 20 pts www.britishafrican.org 9
  10. 10. BABA Entrepreneur’s Packs• A library of proven business models – Reducing risks – Not reinventing the wheel – Extending the influence of originator • Sharing the business model, knowledge, technology and supply lines – Creating “Collaborative Advantage” www.britishafrican.org 10
  11. 11. BABA Entrepreneur’s PacksLive Programme – Solar Home Systems • 800,000 homes fitted in Bangladesh • $5m creates 75 jobs/8000 homes over 3 years/local manufacturing plant and returns profit… • Projects under discussion in Uganda, Kenya and NigeriaUnder Discussion – Secondary School Design, Build to Run Sustainably • 8 schools up and running • Up to 1000 pupils each • £150k – Bio-Fuel Project • Agriculture • Processing • Distribution www.britishafrican.org 11
  12. 12. BABA Events Programme• Finance – Remittances, Diaspora Business Banking, Investment through the Diaspora, Securing the Supply Chain• Health – A new Hospital, Training and Education, Pharma Distribution• Education – Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Satellite Phone Schools• Agriculture – Reducing the cost of Finance, Improving Productivity, Micro Production• Resources – Water, Solar Power, Bio Fuels, People• Countries – 54 Countries filled with opportunities for 1bn peopleIs your organisation stimulating real change, breaking down barriers and providing the inspiration, technology or funds… www.britishafrican.org 12
  13. 13. • A local networking initiative – 30 to 50 Local African Focussed Businesses – Objectives • To draw together local business owners and managers from the African Community • To provide a regular business networking venue • To stimulate the transfer of business opportunities between village members – Membership Values • To build trust, support and mutual benefit through respect, fair trading and timely delivery of agreed services • To make prompt payment for services requested and well delivered “It takes a village to educate a child…” www.britishafrican.org 13
  14. 14. BABA – Stepping up to the plate• The BABA Online Remittance Platform – Bank account to bank account – Anywhere in Africa – Remittance and Business Payments• The BABA UK Micro-Finance• The BABA Investor Forum – An interactive, online version of the BABA Business Pipeline directing – Qualified Proposals introduced to Qualified Investors and funders – On a similar platform • The BABA Business Partnerships • The BABA Consultant and Mentoring Network • The BABA Donors’ Link www.britishafrican.org 14
  15. 15. Diaspora Investment into Africa1. Diaspora Bonds2. Remittances Activity3. The Diaspora Bank – A Linked In Group, part of Africa – All Things Business – 140 people – 12 months of discussion – Targeting 4 funds • Innovation • SME Businesses • Micro-finance • Property – Match funding Diaspora Investment with local funds through qualified, local investment intermediaries – A Continuing Open Conversation www.britishafrican.org 15
  16. 16. BABA - A Membership Organisation• UK Chapters – London – Aberdeen – Oxford• African Chapters – Uganda, – Kenya, – Nigeria – Rwandaand we are looking to support more of these, right across the UK and the African Continent. www.britishafrican.org 16
  17. 17. BABA – Every Deal CountsAccelerate the application of proven technology todeliver:- 1. Business opportunities for people 2. To save money 3. To make money 4. To build wealthy communitiesAround good health, good education andsustainable businesses and developmentorganisations www.britishafrican.org 17
  18. 18. Inspiring the Diaspora to Drive Investment, EnterpriseDevelopment and Jobs in Africa and Build Stronger Relationships March 2012 www.britishafrican.org 18