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Gaf investor's pitch


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Presentation about he insights of Global African Foods and the details of the Private Placement.

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Gaf investor's pitch

  1. 1. GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS CONFERENCE CALL 13 - APRIL - 2016 01 Minnessota 2016 Your home food, one step away
  2. 2. OUR VISION To become the dominant supplier of African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern products to North American supermarket chains as well as the regional and local food markets. AsianFoods 02GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS ETHNIC INDUSTRY Asian Food African and Caribbean BUSINESS MODEL 1980 2015 Global African Foods Midwest   African and Caribbean Foods $300,000 sales 2015   . Midwest Asian food $100M sales 2015
  3. 3. MARKET OPPORTUNITY Global African Foods is the fist company to sell African and Caribbean in large supermarkets and chains. African Immigrants Hispanics Caucasians 04GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS OUR PARTNERS OUR MARKET $1 BILLION/ YEAR Commodity Products Similar in taste Inspirational Foods
  4. 4. TRACTION GAF's Team has extensive experience with African Foods. GAF originates from African Food Market a $1M business that fail due to mismanagement. GAF Incorporates 03GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Gain Partners Try Products Strength Supply Chain Sales Growth 80% Sales growth 60% PPM Sales growth 150%*
  5. 5. SOLVING TWO PROBLEMS 05GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS CURRENT SOLUTION THE PROBLEM OUR SOLUTION 21 African Immigrants need to look for their food in specialty stores African Farmers have no means to market their products Specialty stores are inconvenient, overpriced and often lack products Farmers cannot preserve or sell their food, which goes to waste Bring their home food directly to the supermarkets Build a facility in Liberia and buy the food directly from farmers
  6. 6. OUR PRODUCTS GAF brings most of its products from Africa, but also Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the USA. 06GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS PRODUCTS Supermarkets SUPPLIERS HEADQUARTERS Minneapolis
  7. 7. OUR MARKETING STRATEGY Take advantage of being first to the market 07GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS AGGRESSIVE GROWTH Bring products that have been tested but are not in the supermarket Double or triple GAF shelf space in supermarkets BRING NEW PRODUCTS INCREASE AISLE SIZE x y
  8. 8. OUR REVENUE MODEL Most of our revenues comes from sales in supermarkets, our biggest client is Cubs Foods. 08GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS PRICING STRATEGY SALES We launch our products with a high price, and modify it based on demand.
  9. 9. FINANCIALS With this private placement, GAF will achieve the necessary volume of sales to achieve profitability. 09GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS
  11. 11. OWNERSHIP This private placement will add 1M stocks at a price of $1 per stock. This is the distribution 11GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS New investors
  12. 12. EXIT STRATEGY Global African Foods considers the two following scenarios: 12GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS IPO PURCHASE Once GAF reaches $1M in sales Asian foods was bought by $200M
  13. 13. THREATS 13GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS NATURAL DISASTERS MISMANAGEMENT LOSS OF A CLIENT Highly unlikely, but if it happens GAF has $5M in insurance coverage Our team has year of managemet experience and useful partnerships Cubs has already signed contracts with us and shows its interest on furthering our relationship
  14. 14. GLOBAL AFRICAN FOODS QUESTIONS 14 Further questions at: