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SSCG Learning
Executive Seminars
on Africa 2015
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Benefits of Attending SSCG
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SSCG Learning: Executive Seminars on Africa 2015


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SSCG Learning: Executive Seminars on Africa 2015

  1. 1. SSCG |T: +44 (01865) 600580 | E: | W: SSCG Learning Executive Seminars on Africa 2015 Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas 1. Understanding African Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas Industry Local content Laws and Regulatory Requirements 2. Managing E&P JVs, PSA and PSCs Governance and Leadership 1. Enhancing Good Governance and Thought Leadership in Organisations 2. Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management 3. Organisation Leadership Alignment and Capability Improvement 4. Managing Multi-stakeholders Partnerships and Collaborations Technology and Innovation 1. Optimising e-Government Technology and Innovation 2. Information Systems and Technology Transformation and Governance 3. Creating Competitive Advantage Using Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics 4. Optimising ICT Infrastructure and Technologies 5. Improving Information Systems and Data Service Capabilities. 6. Improving e-Commerce in Africa 7. Boosting Management Technologies 8. Consolidating Operation Processes and Systems for Efficiency and Effectiveness 9. Optimising Your Technology for Efficiency, Effectiveness and Compliance 10. Driving Value through Technology and Innovation Business Growth and Performance 1. Optimising your Organisation Growth and Performance 2. Planning for Growth: Leading Practices and Strategies 3. Developing High Return and Value Driven Businesses 4. HR Transformation and Improvement in Africa 5. Maximising Organisation Growth, Efficiency and Return 6. Optimising Talent Management and HR Services 7. Localising your Organisation and Projects for African Market 8. Organisation Transformation, Optimisation and Improvement Finance, Banking and Investment 1. Capital Projects Management and Financial Analysis 2. Investment Options and Futures Trading Strategies 3. Portfolio Optimisation and Reshaping 4. Risk Analysis and Financial Modelling 5. Promoting Financial Stability through Effective Regulation 6. Capturing Emerging Business Value in Africa 7. Boosting intra-African Investment and Trade Competitiveness 8. Managing M&A and JVs in Africa 9. Managing Debt and Equity Financed Portfolios 10. Economic Analysis of Investment Dates/Locations 16 – 17 Feb 2015, Oxford 08 – 09 June 2015, Oxford 03 – 04 August 2015, Oxford 17 – 18 August 2015, Oxford 12 – 13 October 2015, Oxford 09 – 10 November 2015, Oxford
  2. 2. SSCG |T: +44 (01865) 600580 | E: | W: Benefits of Attending SSCG Seminars and Events: As organisation and project specialists, we have deep and longstanding experience assisting clients in every step of the project cycle in Africa. Our team of professionals strive to support you to enhance your knowledge base about the market, navigate operation complexities, optimise performance and increase you capital position. Our dedicated team of professionals pride themselves on executing flawlessly for our clients, time and again; possess extensive international experience and robust local understanding of the market. Registration: Programme fee (2 days): £495.00 or $795.00 To register visit or by e-mail at or Tel: + (44) 01865 600580 Registration and Cancellation Policy: The fees indicated for each course cover all learning materials, instruction, food and beverages. Discounts are available for early registrations or combination purchases. Group discounts and SSCG conference attendee discounts are also available. Please contact SSCG Corporate team at for more information. Registrant cancelling booking 60 days prior to the events will incur 20% administration fee, cancellation between 30 to 60 days will receive 50% refund. Any cancellation less than 30 days will receive no refunds. Fee can be transferred to another date, however £50 administration fee apply. For more information regarding administrative policies or for further assistance, please contact our team by e-mail at or Tel: + (44) 01865 600580. Contact Us E: Tel: + (44) 01865 600580. At SSCG, we support our clients to do business in Africa and navigate market challenges, de-risk operations, increase their capabilities and strengthen value chains to enhance efficiency. We provide focused managerial perspectives and analytics to help our clients understand their market and consumers, enhance decision making, performance and growth. We draw upon our global and local knowledge, experience and insights to help our clients strengthen controls, grasp opportunities and achieve full potential particularly across multiple countries in Africa. We are highly integrated across Africa, which is very significant for our clients and to ensure that we retain consistent and quality standards everywhere.