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Liber's digital preservation projects


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Liber's digital preservation projects

  1. 1. LIBER’s EU Projects- focusingon digital preservationSusan ReillyProject Officer LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries)susan.reilly@kb.nlwww.libereurope.euAPARSEN meeting, KB, 8/9/2011
  2. 2. Contents LIBER- why digital preservation? Current EU projects Future Cooperation
  3. 3. LIBER: “Making the case for research libraries” Largest network of European reseach libraries: 420 in over 40 countries LIBER aims to represent the interests of European research libraries, their universities and their researchers. It promotes in particular -efficient information services -access to research information, in any form whatsoever -innovative end-user services for teaching, learning and research -preservation of cultural heritage -efficient and effective management of research libraries
  4. 4. Current EU Projects Europeana Libraries-working to make 5 million digital objects from 19 leading European research libraries freely accessible to researchers ODE APARSEN MEDOANET-Co-ordination of Open Access strategies, policies and structures
  5. 5. APARSEN: Our role WP 11Common vision WP 36: Business cases (Blue Ribbon Task Force) WP 44 Stakeholder communication WP 45 International liasion WP43 Training Courses WP 41External workshops & events
  6. 6. Opportunities for Data Exchange(ODE) Researchers, publishers, libraries and data centres Identify, collate, interpret and deliver evidence of emerging best practices in sharing, re-using, preserving and citing data, the drivers for change and barriers impeding progress, in forms suited to each audience (led by CERN)
  7. 7. Opportunities for Data Exchange(ODE) Identify "success stories", “near misses” and “honourable failures” in data sharing, re-use and preservation Only 20% (Parse.Insight) of researchers submit data to digital archives What are the barrier and incentives?
  8. 8. Report: Integration of Data &Publications To be launched at the APA conference!
  9. 9. Report; Integration of Data &Publications Publishers’ concern: how ‘safe’ is data in supplementary files (quality, preservation)? Researchers’ concern: who is responsible/will pay for preservation of data? Libraries & Data Centres’ concern: How do we ensure continued access to data? And reusable? Next step: definition of roles- survey of LIBER members
  10. 10. “A goal-oriented partnership with otherorganisations in Europe and beyond” We need to work with other organisations to achieve our mission= EU projects Future focus: E-science -digital preservation is key -research infrastructures -policy related to open access to scientific data -advocacy
  11. 11.  Thank you! Questions/comments?