Equitable Student Funding Presentation


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Presentation on the RCSD ESF Plan and how this will effect School of the Arts (Rochester, NY).

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Equitable Student Funding Presentation

  1. 1. Every Child is a Work of Art. Create a Masterpiece. Equitable Student FundingTown Hall Meetings for School of the Arts
  2. 2. What is ESF? ESF (Equitable Student Funding) is the tool that all city schools will use todetermine how they will be funded for the 2011-2012 school year and beyond.
  3. 3. What is ESF? In a "Weighted Student Funding" based system, schools are predominantly given monies based on student enrollment and need. USE: School Leaders must decide SCHOOL BUDGET how to spend the money. $ Per Pupil Based on Need Teachers ELL Principals Special Education Librarians Guidance Counselors Foundation Grant Assistant Principals Title I Funding After-School Programs & Enrichment Professional Development Curriculum Materials Academic Intervention School or Program Weights Gifted/Talented Etc. Non-Formula Resources As determined by$ per pupil, services, equipment or materials, or the Central Office Full Teaching Employees (FTE) Superintendent’s 2009-2010 Budget Presentation
  4. 4. Three Components of ESF District Priority Special Funds Locked Funds Program Funds Per-Student Weighed District Controlled Unique Program FundsAllocation Based on Need Resources Title I Allocation (Foundation Grant)
  5. 5. Total Breakdown of ESF Funding District Priority Special Funds Locked Funds Program Funds Per-Student Weighed District Controlled Unique Program FundsAllocation Based on Need Resources SOTA Allocation for the Arts$4,799,025.00 Title I Allocation (Foundation Grant) ? $633,000.00 $149,543.00Total ESF Allocated Funds - Not Including Locked Funds/District Controlled Resources $5,581,568
  6. 6. Total Breakdown of ESF Funding Weighted Category WeightsGeneral Education Student (Base Weight) $3,682.00Special Education Student $5,856.00English Language Learners (ELL) Weights Beginner (K-8) = Base + $2,396.00 $6,078.00 Beginner (9-12) = Base + $3,594.00 $7,276.00 Intermediate = Base + $2,396.00 $6,078.00 Advanced = Base + $1,198.00 $4,880.00 Combination of Students Projected to SOTA = $4,799,025.00
  7. 7. SOTA Operational Costs 2010-2011 Current Academic School YearAverage Annual Salaries Totaling $8,326,822.40Operating Costs(paper, supplies etc.) Averaging $200,000.00Annual Operating Budgetfor SOTA 2010-2011 $8,526,822.40Proposed ESF Allocationfor SOTA 2011-2012 $5,581,568.00
  8. 8. Impact-$2,945,254.40 Representing a 35% ReductionOver ⅓ of SOTA’s Current Budget
  9. 9. SOTA Operational Costs 2010-2011 Current Academic School YearCurrent Arts Staff Totaling $1,458,954.40Proposed ESF Allocationfor the Arts 2011-2012 $633,000.00
  10. 10. Impact -$825,954.00Representing a 57% Reduction to the Arts Over ½ of SOTA’s Current Budget
  11. 11. SOTA at a Glance101 Teachers All Art and Academic Staff32 Support Staff Clerical, Counselors, Paraprofessionals, Art Center Staff, Etc.27 District Staff “Locked Funded” Principal, Custodial, Food Services, 1:1 Paraprofessionals, Social Workers, School Psychologists Etc.8 Administration Educational Leadership Team168 Building Personnel (Current Ratio: 1 Teacher to 17.5 Students Minimum)
  12. 12. SOTA at a Glance - Under ESF - Minimum / NYS Mandated Programs (Middle School / High School Graduation) 59 Academic Teachers (Current Staffing 77) 10 Arts Teachers (Current Staffing 24) These Numbers DO NOT Include; Administrators, Clerical, Counselors, Security Officers etc. or ANY Staff That Would Provide Additional Support for Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff Outside the ClassroomAssumed Staffing Ratio of 1 Teacher to 28 Students Under ESF
  13. 13. RCSD Board Priorities• Academic Achievement• School Safety and Environment• Performance Management• Fiscal Oversight and Accountability• Customer Service 2011 State of Our Schools Slide Presentation
  14. 14. RCSD Board Priorities• Academic AchievementAP Art Electives 0.6 2 Courses, 3 Sections, 15 Classes a Week Arts 5.6 28 Sections, 140 Classes a Week AVID 1 3 Sections 15 Classes a Week, Plus Entire Program Counselor 1 250 Students English 1 5 Sections, 25 Classes a Week 20 Sections, 100 Classes a Week, Entire ProgramForeign Language 4 Beyond the 8th Grade
  15. 15. RCSD Board Priorities• Academic Achievement Health/PE 1 10 Sections, 50 Classes a WeekInstrumental Music 2 9 Lessons a Day, 45 Classes a Week Math 2 10 Sections, 40 Classes a Week, Plus All Math Labs Science 1 5 Sections, 25 Classes a Week Social Studies 1 5 Sections, 25 Classes a Week 6 Sections, 30 Classes a Week,Specialists ELA/Math 2 Plus All Benchmark Assessments Substitutes Across Every Department and Bargaining Union
  16. 16. RCSD Board Priorities • School Safety and Environment Home School 2 Attendance, Tardiness, Home Visits, In School Suspensions Assistants Supervision of Students; Scanning, Arrival, Dismissal, Busses,Safety and Security 1 Breakfast, Lunches, Before and After School and Overall Campus Administration 1 Student Behavior, Safety and Management, Instructional Support, Evaluation and Observation, Parental Contact, Transportation, Small School Initiative School Accessibility, Parental Support, Phones, Library, School, Clerical 4 Student and Faculty SupportMaster Scheduling 32 Early Dismissal for Juniors and Seniors due to Limited Course Offerings
  17. 17. RCSD Board Priorities• Performance Management Artistic Support Staff Arts Center Arts Eligibility Auditions - Change of Mission Center for Youth College Readiness Extended Day / Intervention Programs Field Trips
  18. 18. RCSD Board Priorities• Performance Management High School Transcript / College Entrance Portfolio Library Accessibility and Distribution of Books National Collegiate Athletic Association Eligibility (NCAA) Due to Sequencing / Availability of Upper Level Core Subjects i.e. Math, Science and Foreign Language On-Line Credits for Mandated Courses i.e. Health PE Alternatives / Electives Productions - Recitals, Gallery Openings, Evening Arts Events Special Programming - AVID / College Prep Programs Substitutes Textbook Transportation Outside of RTS
  19. 19. RCSD Board Priorities• Fiscal Oversight and Accountability Computers Software and Hardware Consultants Copiers Custodial Services and Supplies Equipment / Instrument Repair Field Trips Instructional Supplies - Departmental Needs, Purchases - Planners, Student IDs
  20. 20. RCSD Board Priorities• Fiscal Oversight and Accountability Library Books Postage Printing and Advertising Professional Development Service Contracts Stipends Substitutes Supervision / Management Telephone Textbooks
  21. 21. What’s at StakeOur MissionStudent Success … Academic, Artistic and HumanisticSchool of the Arts … is a Highly Successful and AcademicallyChallenging Performing Arts SchoolHighest … Graduation Rate, Attendance and CollegeAcceptance … Driven by the ArtsCelebrating 30 Years of Artistic and Academic Excellence …the Only RCSD Program to be in Good Academic Standingunder NCLB
  22. 22. What’s at Stake$1,458,954.40 Currently Allocated for the Arts$633,000 ESF Program Allocation for the Arts for 1,200 students $527.50 Per Student, Per Year $2.93 Per Day
  23. 23. What’s at StakePerforming Arts School … becoming … Comprehensive School
  24. 24. RCSD Board Promise• Recruit and organize parents.• Include parents and community in school decisions.• Design effective communication between home and school.• Identify community resources to strengthen school programs. 2011 State of Our Schools Slide Presentation
  25. 25. RCSD Board Priorities• Customer Service
  26. 26. Every Child is a Work of Art. Create a Masterpiece.