Leaders in the making


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Leaders in the making

  1. 1. Leaders in the Making Thursday 21 October 2010 Southern Metropolitan Region
  2. 2. Program9:00-9:30 Introduction- Simon Hamilton - A DEECD system/regional view9:30-10:30 SMR Leadership and Managers presentations –  Ross Gardiner – Facilities Project Manager –  Carolyn Bowes – Office Manager –  Greg Ivill – HR & Finance manager –  Kerry Winsor – Student Wellbeing project officer –  Anita Kain – Acting Manager PPDU10:30-11:00 Morning Tea11:00-12:15 Reflection on your Learning Projects/networking12:15-1:00 Working Lunch Discussion about the schools to be visited and the two focus questions »  SCHOOL VISITS1:15-2:30 A. Dandenong South PS/ B. Silverton P S2:30-2:45 Travel2:45-4:00 A. NWSP-12 / B. Alkira SC (PPP)4:00- 4:25 Travel4:30-5:30 Jean Russell Centre (Nossal HS ) - ALLFocus questions for school visitsWhat characteristics do you see as a leader has contributed to the development of the school?How has your leadership contributed to the vision, direction and curriculum of the school?
  3. 3. Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development
  4. 4. Blueprint reform agenda•  Our school system performs well on international comparisons and has made improvement in the last few years.•  However, data identifies gaps in student outcomes in some regions and schools and for some cohorts of students, particularly indigenous and low SES.•  Some schools need additional support to improve outcomes for all students.Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development Page 6
  5. 5. Blueprint goalsThe Coaching Initiatives will support achievement of Blueprintgoals: Literacy Goal In year 3 Victorian students will have the literacy skills to provide a foundation for their learning and support will be in place for those who do not. Numeracy Goal In year 5 Victorian students will have the basic numeracy skills to succeed in mathematics and support will be in place for those who do not. Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development Pages 10-11
  6. 6. The Effective Schools Model identifies those factors that have a direct correlation with schoolperformance, and it is this model that guides the work of the Department.
  7. 7. Context for Whole SchoolImprovement Coaching is highly effective professional learning and needs to become part of the school culture to be sustainable – Teaching & Learning Coach Survey, 2008 • Effective schools • Effective leaders • Effective professional learning
  8. 8. Coaching Initiatives:•  The Literacy Coaches, Koorie Literacy Coaches and Teaching & Learning Coaches Initiatives are aimed at directly supporting teachers in the classroom to improve the learning outcomes for all Victorian students, as articulated by the Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development•  The focus of the Initiatives is on improving the quality of teaching in literacy, mathematics and science
  9. 9. Other DEECD initiatives that will support theCoaches Initiatives are: •  Development and release of a statement on Victoria s 6 to 18 month approach to literacy and numeracy •  Expansion of resources and opportunities for improving outcomes in mathematics and science and the use of ICT •  Development of the Differentiated Support Framework to guide teachers in responding to the range of student abilities and backgrounds •  Dissemination of an instructional model for teachers Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development Pages 20-22
  10. 10. Developmental Learning Frameworks Professional Leadership Professional" Leadership Stimulating &" Focus on" secure learning" teaching and" environment learning Learning EFFECTIVE Purposeful Purposeful " communities SCHOOLS Teaching teaching Shared vision" Accountability and goals High" expectations
  11. 11. Curriculum Resources •  E5 Instructional Model •  Principles of Learning and Teaching (PoLT) •  Curriculum Planning Guidelines and Modules •  Assessment Advice and Modules
  12. 12. SMR Personnel•  Ross Gardiner – Facilities Project Manager•  Carolyn Bowes – Office Manager•  Greg Ivill – HR & Finance manager•  Kerry Winsor – Student Wellbeing project officer•  Anita Kain – Acting Manager PPDU
  13. 13. Manager HR & Finance - SMR•  Human Resources Management –  Manage Human Resources & Finance for the SMR –  Relationships –  Staffing [Principal Class, Teacher Class, ES Staff, SSSO, Regional Officers] –  WorkCover –  School Resource Package [SRP]•  Financial Management –  Financial Reporting –  Accounts Payable / Receivable
  14. 14. Carolyn Bowes Office Manager Office Manager Member of the Leadership team The Many Hats of the Ensure the smooth running of the regional office in general. Office Manager Communications Officer Liaise with Central and Ministers offices Support /advice to RNLs, schools, school Carolyn Bowes – 9794 3501 communities Workplace Contact Officer Various Project Teams Admin Manager EA to RD / ARD Operations Manager Manage the Administration team – includes: Provide support to Peter Overall management of the 3administrators, receptionist, Greenwell, RD and Bob PD Centres:CLOs, IT Project Officer, PD Stephens, ARD School Jan Lake Centre, Moorabbin Centre staff. Improvement. Jean Russell Centre, Berwick Neville Rohan Centre, Frankston