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171123 Presentation BioMed Elements


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Presentation by BioMed Elements at the SMB meeting of november 23rd on Novio Tech Campus

Published in: Health & Medicine
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171123 Presentation BioMed Elements

  1. 1. Tuning Materials. Enhancing Lives. Tonny Voermans, M.Sc. Managing Director
  2. 2. confidential2 The issues of cure ▲ Drugs and medical devices become more advanced, but still pose challenges ▲ Another issue is suboptimal handling of the device ▲ Current issues are: ▲ Complex diseases with a variety of causes and treatments ▲ Overmedication (of antibiotics) ▲ Extensive cure need due to hospitalization
  3. 3. confidential3 Mission ▲ Improve the treatment options for patient and surgeon ▲ Improved working ▲ Longer efficacy (degradation) ▲ Target release ▲ Enhanced handling ▲ Better applicators ▲ Extension application areas ▲ Change functional form
  4. 4. confidential4 Elements as innovation ▲ New technologies offer new treatment solutions ▲ Biopolymers are used as devices or carriers for drugs or tissues: viscosupplements and hemostasis products ▲ BioMed Elements has a technology platform to optimize the behavior of medical devices by tuning the basic elements of the polymers
  5. 5. confidential5 Examples Biopolymers Gelatine Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Chitosan Alginate Cellulose Soy
  6. 6. confidential6 Biomaterials market Market Size CAGR Biomaterials 70 B 16% Plastic surgery 6,5 B 14% Orthopaedic 22 B 5% Dental 6,6 B 7% Hemostasis 1,5 B 4% Tissue engineering 2,1 B 10% The key market players are Royal DSM, Wright Medical Technology, Inc., Corbion N.V., Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., Bayer AG, Carpenter Technology Corporation, Covalon Technologies Ltd., BASF SE, Invibio Ltd., Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials, Inc., and Collagen Matrix, Inc. among others.
  7. 7. confidential7 BioMed Core Technology Source Material Core Technology Spherical Submicron Particles ▲ Access to well defined spherical submicron particles ▲ Control over parameters (e.g. size, density) ▲ Patented continuous process: ▲ Upscaling is possible ▲ High consistent quality 1µm
  8. 8. confidential8 Functional Forms Suspension Powder GelSponge Resorbable HemostatResorbable Scaffold Flowable Carrier Application: Application: Application:Application: Drug Carrier Application Areas: orthobiologics, wound management, tissue engineering, medical aesthetics and cosmetics.
  9. 9. confidential9 Business model ▲ Contract research and co-development: ▲ Feasibility study and product optimization ▲ Analytical study ▲ Contract manufacturing: ▲ Medical devices and half fabricates manufacturing ▲ Development own product range: ▲ Developing a range of niche products
  10. 10. confidential10 Value proposition Phase 1: Feasibility study for improved or new product Phase 2: Proof of concept; lock in of IP Phase 3: Upscaling of manufacturing based on BioMed expertise and manufacturing capabilities Phase 4: Manufacturing and distribution of device
  11. 11. confidential11 Current partners ▲ Netherlands: HCM Medical, Avivia, Fibriant, Leader Biomedical and Zuyderland hospital. ▲ Europe: Mathys Medical (Switzerland), OST Developpement (France) and Sirakoss (United Kingdom). ▲ USA: Pro-Tech Design, Alamo Tissue Services, Synergy BioMedical, Celling Biosciences and Vivex Biomedical.
  12. 12. confidential12 Development route ▲ Phase 1: Hemostatic range ▲ Hemostatic gel for various applications ▲ Sponge for heavy bleedings with active
  13. 13. confidential13 Development route ▲ Scenario 2: Hyaluronic acid products ▲ Dermal filler ▲ Viscosupplement
  14. 14. confidential14 Do’s and don’ts ▲ Be stubborn, but also look for people who are even more stubborn ▲ Be smart on how to persuade investors ▲ Hold perspective on success; by yourself as well as from others ▲ Use network opportunities ▲ Luck = your effort + what others help you with
  15. 15. confidential15 BioMed’s future ▲ Investment need for validation of haemostatic gel ▲ Set up and strengthen partner network ▲ Perform animal study for heavy bleedings product Q2 2018 ▲ Market access in ENT surgery products And what the future brings
  16. 16. “Tuning Materials. Enhancing Lives.”