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Guaranteed response to web, email and voice mail technical support calls in four hours


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Always Up To Date on the Latest and Greatest Information Technology Infrastructure. A Complete IT Toolbox in Your Fingertips

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Guaranteed response to web, email and voice mail technical support calls in four hours

  1. 1. Confidential Customized for Lorem Ipsum LLC Version 1.0 A&T Services “Adding life to the solution”
  2. 2. Overview Since last 8 years, we have observed even a 1 year old Branded Computer performs better than new Assembled PC of same configuration.. Every professional organization is looking for a IT Service Provider who maintains time for their committed service at the time of faults. Our Engineers & Support Staffs are working round the clock in Delhi - NCR. A&T Services is known for its commitments and services:
  3. 3. Problems to solve 1 24x7 Dedicated Remote Technical Support. 2 24x7 Complaint Registration & Service Status Tracking. 3 Onsite Support by trained engineers within maximum 4 hours (TAT). 4 Genuine Computers, Servers & Parts (New & Imported/Refurbished).
  4. 4. Dedicated Remote Technical Support 01  Increases Communication  Fixing, Optimizing, and Repairing  Tech Support Can Help With Industry Compliance  New IT Solutions  24-Hour Support
  5. 5. Complaint Registration & Service Status Tracking 02  Faster Escalation When Needed & Faster Time to Resolution  Builds a Culture of Trust and Transparency  To ensure there is no interruption on the operation/business  Technical staff by doing proactive monitoring
  6. 6. Onsite Support 03  Onsite IT provides pro-active solutions and improvements  High rate of first-contact resolution  TAT – 4 Hours (Minimum In industry)
  7. 7. New & Imported/Refurbished 04 We offered Imported/Refurbished Computers which are widely used in various offices, homes and cybercafé. These Imported/Refurbished Computer and laptops are available at competitive prices and are comparatively much cheap than new machine.
  8. 8. Thank you. For Queries Contact:- +91-9958-749-129