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Free from condemnation


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Canadian Endocrinologist Hans Selye gave this diagnosis: “As much as we thirst for approval, we dread condemnation.” Sadly, many people experience both a lack of approval and condemnation. It’s a double whammy that saps us of hope. The Bible is clear that “all have sinned” and that the “wages of sin is death.” We are legitimately condemned, and yet, in Christ, we have been set free from condemnation. There is no double jeopardy with God. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed (Jn. 8:36). Many long for such freedom but have yet to discover that freedom is found in the wake of surrender to Christ. It is in being slaves to Christ that we are freed from sin and are free to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

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Free from condemnation

  1. 1. Who we are in Christ Identity
  2. 2. Identity Who we are in Christ This Week Free from Condemnation Romans 8:1-11
  3. 3. Identity Who we are in Christ First Point Free from Condemnation in Christ (v. 1-4)
  4. 4. Identity Who we are in Christ Second Point The Spirit versus the Flesh (v. 5-8)
  5. 5. Identity Who we are in Christ Third Point Freedom in Resirrection Life (v. 9-11)
  6. 6. Who we are in Christ Identity