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Escape to Egypt


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Matthew 2:13-23 Sermon Synopsis: In our text today we will see that from a young age there were people seeking to take the life of Christ before he reached Calvary. But God's redemptive plans for mankind will not be thwarted no matter who reigns on the throne in Judea. Through a series of three angelic appearances, Joseph is warned in a dream that his family is in danger and they must flee to Egypt for safety. Because of his faithful obedience, three Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled concerning God's son. For us, Joseph is an example of obedience to be mirrored. We also see God working behind the scenes to bring about the salvation of mankind through the finished work of Christ on the cross.

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Escape to Egypt

  1. 1. Escape to Egypt Matthew 2:13 -23
  2. 2. First Point Escaped. vv. 13 – 15
  3. 3. Second Point Executed. vv. 16 - 18
  4. 4. Third Point Evaded. vv. 19 – 23