Sim coupe 0.81a-win32


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exe file yeah sure its uplaoded#

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Sim coupe 0.81a-win32

  1. 1. SAASound--------Licence.txt (issue 1) (3.01.0)IMPORTANT---------Please read all sections before unzipping further.Please read all sections before viewing source or attempting to compile SAASoundSAASound--------Current project at version 3.01.0 (10 Jan 2001)Comprises the following filesSAAAmp.cpp 3.01.0SAAEnv.cpp 3.01.0SAAFreq.cpp 3.01.0SAANoise.cpp 3.01.0SAASndC.cpp 3.01.0SAASoundImplementation.cpp 3.01.0SAAAmp.h 3.01.0SAAEnv.h 3.01.0SAAFreq.h 3.01.0SAANoise.h 3.01.0SAASndC.h 3.01.0SAASound.h 3.01.0SAASoundImplementation.h 3.01.0types.h 3.01.0SAAFreqTable.dat 3.01.0SAASound.def 3.01.0SAASound.rc 3.01.0resource.h 3.01.0SAASound.dsp 7 Jan 2001 09:23LICENCE.TXT Issue 1 (3.01.0)SAASound.lib 10 Jan 2001 00:49SAASound.dll 3.01.0README.TXT 29 March 2000 01:03Source Redistribution---------------------The following files are required to build SAASound support into WinCoupe, SAAEmuor any other code that makes use of SAASound. Note that for a given application,not all of the following files may be required.SAASndC.hSAASound.hSAASound.libIf redistributing ANY of the files contained within this package, ALL files mustberedistributed, and may only be redistributed as an entire package. The onlypackagesthat may be redistributed are those available at package which has been obtained from (and ONLY from) the above address maybe
  2. 2. distributed freely. The following versions have been released previously to thisreleaseand are therefore also freely redistributable:SAASound package version 3.00.0: you believe you are in possession of an unofficial redistribution of thesource codeand the corresponding SAASound.lib and SAASound.dll files, please visit theaboveinternet address or contact to obtain the latest officialversion.Object Redistribution---------------------The only exception to the previous redistribution rule is that the SAASound.dllmay beredistributed PROVIDED it is also shipped with THIS licence statement, or thecorrespondinglicence statement included in whichever distribution theSAASound.dll in questionlast appeared, (whichever is most recent), AND PROVIDED no other components ofthis SAASoundpackage are distributed alongside the dll and the licence statement.This means that the following versions of SAASound.dll may be redistributedalong withthe corresponding licence statements:dll version licence statement issue number3.00.0 Issue 13.01.0 Issue 1 (3.01.0)IT ALSO MEANS THAT VERSIONS OF SAASOUND.DLL PRIOR TO VERSION 3.00.0 MAY BEFREELYDISTRIBUTED.If you are currently redistributing SAASound.dll prior to version 3.00.0 itwouldbe greatly appreciated if you could update your distribution to include THISlicencestatement (issue 1). If this is not possible, a link to either no-brain@mindless.comor MUST be provided in documentationthat youredistribute with the SAASound.dllThe latest DLL-only distribution (i.e. containing just SAASound.dll andLICENCE.TXT)will always be available from
  3. 3. The source code can be modified for personal use only.MODIFIED SOURCE CODE AND/OR OBJECT CODE, MODIFIED DOCUMENTATION (INCLUDING THISLICENCE)AND ANY OTHER FILES WHICH HAVE BEEN MODIFIED SUCH THAT THEY DIFFER FROMIDENTICALLY-NAMEDFILES AVAILABLE IN OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION PACKAGES MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED WITHOUTMY CONSENT.NO PORTIONS OF THE EXISTING SOURCE CODE OR OBJECT CODE THAT MAKES UP SAASOUNDMAY BEDISTRIBUTED UNLESS THE ABOVE RULE AND THE RULES FOR OBJECT REDISTRIBUTION ANDSOURCEREDISTRIBUTION (ABOVE) ARE STRICTLY ADHERED TO, OR UNLESS I GIVE EXPLICITCONSENT.THE INTERFACES BETWEEN THE CODE MODULES THAT MAKE UP THE SAASOUND PACKAGE AREALSO COVEREDBY THIS LICENCE STATEMENT. NO DROP IN REPLACEMENTS FOR SOURCE CODE OR OBJECTCODE MAYBE DISTRIBUTED UNLESS ALL THE PREVIOUS RULES ARE STRICTLY ADHERED TO OR UNLESS IGIVEEXPLICIT CONSENT.Porting-------This licence statement does not allow distribution of ported variants of theSAASound package.Future licence statements are likely to have a clause that relaxes thissomewhat.However, personal modifications (as described above) ARE allowed by this licencestatement.DISTRIBUTION of such modifications is ONLY allowable with my explicit consent.If you are interested in, or have succeeded in, porting any or all of theSAASound package toan operating system currently not supported then please keep me posted!Explicit Consent and Inheritence of this licence statement----------------------------------------------------------Any explicit consent granted will be displayed on information displayed will included details of what has been allowed, alongwith acontact address (email, web or snail) for the party/parties involved.Any consent granted carries with it the obligation to1. Implement and adhere to the statements set out in this licence statement(or a more recent statement if available)2. Supply and act in accordance with this licence statement (or a more recentstatement if available)Updates to this licence statement---------------------------------
  4. 4. This is issue 1 of the licence statement for SAASoundAny updates to this licence statement will be posted clearly at this is NOT the most recent licence statement available, all statements setout in THISlicence statement will ALWAYS be superceded by those in the most recent licencestatement.Contact-------Main page: