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QM Environmental Services Company presentation

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Qm Company Presentation 2011 V2

  1. 1. QM Environmental Services Ltd. Environmental Products and Services The Friendliest Environmental Solution
  2. 2. Index Company Presentation QM Overview QM Products & Services QM Achievements
  3. 3. QM Environmental Services Ltd. Founded in 2000 Main activities  Setting up European Distribution network for Environmental Products & Technologies developed in North America  Technical and Sales Support for distributors throughout Europe  Performing In Situ Bioremediation projects
  4. 4. QM Products & Services Microbial & Microbial Activator Products for: Wastewater Treatment: Reduce Effluent Peaks (Maintain within discharge limits) Reduce Effects of Toxic Compounds Improved Settling Thru Filament Control Enhance Process Stability Minimize Downtime/Costs Reduce Sludge Reduce Odour Reduce Nocardia-type Foam Improve Biogas Production
  5. 5. QM Products & Services Microbial & Microbial Activator Products for: Bioremediation Reduce the Lag phase of bioremediation processes Quickly introduce genetic information to indigenous microbial population Improve nutrient balance for microbial development Buffer soil pH’s Assist in increasing bioavailability of COC’s. Drain, Trap, Lift Station and Sewer Maintenance Introduce FOG degrading microbes in Plumbing systems to improve biodegradation and prevent clogging and odors Odor Control Lake & Pond Treatment
  6. 6. QM Products & Services Analytical Instruments Accu-Test COD test kits BI-2000 Electrolytic Respirometer Ampultmatic
  7. 7. QM Products & Services BioFill – Microbial Growth Support Material forWastewater Treatment PlantsType A Type B Type CSurface Area: >160 m2/m3 Surface Area: >125 m2/m3 Surface Area: 525 m2/m3Size: 70 mm Size: 160 mm Size: 25 mm
  8. 8. QM Products & ServicesGasinfusion Bioremediation Systems iSOC / HiSOC in situ bioremediation systems gPRO LP & HP Biological Remediation Aerobic oxidation (O2) Co-metabolic oxidation (O2 & alkane gas) Co-substrate oxidation (O2 & ethene or other co-substrate) Anaerobic reductive dechlorination (H2) Physical Remediation LNAPL en DNAPL Recovery (CO2) Chemical Remediation pH adjustment (SO2, CO2, NH3) Geochemical fixation of metals (H2 and SO2) Oxidation of Metales (O2)
  9. 9. QM Products & Services EOS Remediation Organic Substrates EOS : Emulsified Oil Substrate Chlorinated Solvents: PCE, TCE, TCA, CT, etc. Energetic Materials: Perchlorate (ClO4-), RDX, TNT, etc. Nitrate (NO3-) Oxidized Heavy Metals Radionuclides (TcO4-, UO2+2) Acid Rock Drainage
  10. 10. QM Achievements Ongoing establishment of distribution network in Europe, Middle East and Africa Countries covered: The Netherlands United Kingdom Germany Belgium Baltic Republics Hungary Czech Republic Romania Turkey Kenya Kuwait
  11. 11. QM Achievements Successfully solved operational problems at 100+ municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants which continue to use QM products Effectively treated large sections of the London sewer network to prevent clogging of the lines for Thames Water Utilities, who continue using the QM products to maintain free flowing sewers Successfully bioremediated highly delicate sites in a historic Dutch town, Brielle, by using in situ remediation technologies
  12. 12. QM Achievements Successfully completing 3 large scale remediation projects in the United Kingdom thru Inex ground remediation Ltd. (100% owned subsidiary) Client: Isle of Wight Housing Association Site: Oakfield, Ryde, Isle of Wight Project contract sum: £ 2,8 Million Site History: 2,5 hectare former scrap yard and landfill site for domestic and industrial waste Objective: Remediate site for residential development Remediation technologies: Dig/Sieving & Separating/Dump & re-use of waste fractions Ex situ Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils thru biopiles In situ bioremediation thru Bioaugmentation Permeable active barrier for groundwater treatment
  13. 13. QM Achievements Client: Southern Housing Group Site: Downsview, Sandown, Isle of Wight Project contract sum: £ 1,7 Million Site History: 1,8 ha former brick works site and caravan park Objective: Purchase and Remediate site for residential development, after remediation sell site to SHG Remediation technologies: Dig/Sieving & Separating/Dump & re-use of waste fractions
  14. 14. QM Achievements Client: Parchment Housing Group Site: Dunsbury Lane, Havant Project contract sum: £ 166K Site History: Former Garage/Petrol Station Objective: Remediate site for residential development Remediation technologies: Excavation of contaminated hot spots Construction of Windrows Regular turning over of the piles Project duration: 12 months
  15. 15. QM Environmental Services Ltd.Environmental Products and Serviceswww.qmes.nl ìnfo@qmes.nlTel. +31-104701369 We work with you, not independently of you.