Reinventing Water Singapore International Water Week 2012


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Paul O'Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research, gives the keynote speech at the Tech Xchange Workshop at Singapore International Water Week 2012.

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  • Company HistoryMy backgroundBiochemist, worked in industry, operated pilot plants, always involved in start-ups and new technologies.Worked as a consultant doing process design, tendering, with technology companies and with industryStarted O2 Environmental in May 2005. Re-located in Ireland in May 2009. First BlueTech Forum 2010. Launched BlueTech Research July 2011. Currently have a team of 8 people. 3rd Annual BlueTech Forum in May 2012.
  • Imagine for a moment a world, where People drill into sewers to mine them for wastewaterEvery week a collection services collect canisters of urine from your home along with your recyclables, so that they can recover Phosphorous and nitrogenCities on the coast use seawater to flush toiletsWastewater Treatment plants are net producers of heat and electrical energy and useful products.Many of the companies here today are enabling this to happen:MaxWest – releases energy from sludgeAPT Water can help produced re-use quality water How many years out would you say that is? 10 years, 20 years,  Every element of that world, is happening right now.In Australia- they mine sewers for wastewater
  • Today Singapore meets 60% of its water needs without the need to import, or desalinate sea water. How have they done this? Approximately 30% of the water needs of Singapore are met with Rainwater, 30 % with NEWater; the amount imported from Malaysia varies but is typically in the order of 30% and seawater desalination is used to meet just 10% of demand. The overall success in water management, which makes Singapore a model for Urban water management, is a combination of the following: Per capita water re-use in Singapore is among the lowest anywhere in the world at 154 litres per head per day. Water leakage rates in Singapore are 6% Wastewater is converted to NEWater and meets 30% of demand. Urban stormwater run-off is treated as a water resource and two thirds of the area of the State is a Rainwater collection area. .
  • Water is essential for human lifeBut water is not essential for everything we use water for:CoolingTransport of wastesIrrigation
  • ICT – Sensors - Biotech – Aquaporin proteins = BiotechHydrovolts – technology is enabled be devleopments in other areas of CleanTech- Burt Hamner
  • Reinventing Water Singapore International Water Week 2012

    1. 1. Re-inventing Water Current and Future Trends in Water and Wastewater Technologies PA U L O ’C A L L A G H A N | C E O | B LU E T E C H R E S E A R C HSINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL WATER WEEK 2012 | JULY 2012 | WWW.BLUETECHRESEARCH.COM
    2. 2. O2 Environmental Corporate Overview O2 Environmental (Consultancy)BlueTech Research BlueTech Forum(Intelligence Service) (Annual Conference)
    3. 3. What We OfferActionable Water Market IntelligenceOnline Intelligence Platform:• BlueTech Company Tracker• Company Reports• Monthly Intelligence Briefings• Insight Reports on Hot Markets/Applications• Webinars on Hot Topics• Analyst Access
    4. 4. Our ClientsWe serve the global water market.• Large water technology corporations• Venture capital firms• Fortune 500 corporations• Research groups• Leading consulting engineering practices• Government agencies• Universities
    5. 5. Reference Clients
    6. 6. Brave Blue World
    7. 7. Water is a Local Issue
    8. 8. Providing Water Services…Without Water
    9. 9. Re-thinking Water Systems Efficiency
    10. 10. Urban Water Solutions• Municipal and urban water systems represent 92% of the value of the global water market• Technology opportunities – Re-invent the urban water system – Current system is inefficient and wasteful
    11. 11. Global Water Use Energy & MunicipalAgriculture Industry & Urban 70% 22% 8%
    12. 12. Agriculture Energy & Industry $9.5Bn (2%) $23Bn (6%) Municipal & Urban 8% Energy & Industry 22%Agriculture Municipal & Urban 70% $368Bn (92%) Global Water Usage Global Water Market
    13. 13. Intelligent Design or Evolution?
    14. 14. Past, Present, Future(source: adapted from Glen T. Daigger, WEFTEC, 2008)1850 Todaywater closet (WC) 6 billion people,andsewer adopted mostly urban, experiencing energy & resource1914 constraintsactivated sludgewastewater Futuretreatment processinvented Population & urbanisation areThen set to increasePopulation <2 billionand mostly rural,without moderntechnology
    15. 15. Innovative Companies Tracked by Application Area
    16. 16. Next Generation Sensors• Advances in • Operational costs - information where the money is: technology and sensors and sensors is transferring automated control across into the water systems offer the industry potential to access “operational dollars – without becoming an operator”
    17. 17. Global Water OPEX Utility Market Industrial Market OPEX – 53% OPEX – 57% Capital Capital Expenditure,Expenditure, Operational Operational Expenditure, $9.7Bn $164.3Bn Expenditure, $189.7Bn $13.3Bn
    18. 18. Energy-Water-Waste Nexus - Hot Spot of Innovation Energy from Wastewater Resource RecoveryDecentralised Treatment & Water Re-use
    19. 19. Energy-Water-Waste Nexus - Hot Spot of InnovationThere is energy in wastewater! The energy in wastewater produced by one person each day could power a 100-watt light bulb for five hours.THERE IS ENERGY INWASTEWATER
    20. 20. Total USA Municipal WWT Wastewater Energy Input Treated Effluent 2% Biogas 17% Utilized CO2 33% 36%49 MillionMWhr in USAMunicipal Biogas WWTPWastewater Flared 67% Incineration Sludge 15% 45% Sludge Utilized: 12% Beneficial Re-use 48% Landfill Not Utilized: 88% 37% Source: BlueTech Research Insight Report
    21. 21. Phosphorous Recovery• Every person produces approx. 1.2kg P/annum• The UK then has approx. 72,000 tonnes P in wastewater from humans• This has a market value US$168M/annum
    22. 22. Phosphorous Recovery in Europe (Source BlueTech Insight Report 2012) EU27 imports 3,400,000 tonnes of P2O5 /yr [100% of Total Imported P2O5] 34% 66% to agriculture, industry, Approx. 1,145,000 tonnes P2O5/year goes into the etc. EU27 wastewater [34% of Total Imported P2O5] 52% 48% is discharged in the effluent* Approx. 595,000 tonnes P2O5/year goes into biosolids (sludge) [18% of Total Imported P2O5] 37% 63% is landfilled or [7% of Total Imported P2O5] incinerated Approx. 220,000 tonnes P2O5/year gets recycled to farmland in biosolids*in absence of P recovery
    23. 23. Re-inventing the water industry The waterTectonic Technology industry is Shifts Opportunities undergoing a period of re-invention both from within and without. New NewEntrants Thinking
    24. 24. BlueTech Tracker Companies:Number of Employees per Company 100+ 7% <5 19% 30-100 18% 5-30 56%
    25. 25. How is the water technology market likely to change?• Pressures are driving early adopters• New technologies will then move to the ‘early majority’ section of the market• Overall, the rate of adoption of new solutions will accelerate
    26. 26. What technologies are we likely to see?• Technologies that – deal with water issues locally – that use butter knives, instead of chain-saws – which provide water services, without using potable water, or using less water
    27. 27. Straws in the Wind• Increase in research – Up 30% each year between 2000 & 2009 (Elsevier)• Increase in patent filings – Desalination technology patents in 2010 almost double those in 2005 (BlueTech Research)• Investments and acquisitions – 2009 - record high, 50 deals, 60% early-stage (Cleantech)• Water Centres for Excellence & Research Centres – Proliferating at an alarming rate• Water Conferences
    28. 28. Re-inventing Water When there is Big Change, there isBig Opportunity.
    29. 29. Actionable Water Market Intelligence™ Premier source of actionable water market intelligence for strategic business decisions on innovative technologies and companies.SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL WATER WEEK 2012 | JULY 2012 | WWW.BLUETECHRESEARCH.COM