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Ti tenic comics (1)


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ti tenic comics (1)

  1. 1. Omg, there is a ticket just right Beautiful here toship but… the the TitenicNorataniawas better.
  2. 2. The heckis this! Aticket! Warsho warsho warsho warsho warsho asdfghjklas dfghjklasdfg hjklasdfghjkl ~~~
  3. 3. … Damn… I getting sick, this journey was a Oh my mistake!God, she’s sobeautiful… I want to date her!!
  4. 4. Oh No no no, no my lady, I will life iscatch I’m a goinger, oh mess,yeah. to I catch wann you! a die!
  5. 5. Let me go, you dumb guy!! You’re crazy! How Not asfunny~ crazy as you, babe
  6. 6. Ok, Omg, this whateveguy doesn’t r, thisunderstand drug she is MY taste GIRL. good C:
  7. 7. Hey, you need to put off some kg out! Oh yeah! I’m the Queen of the WorldLet’s changethe place C:
  8. 8. Ok, but I just know toPaint me like your draw kitties and dogs french girls~~ C:
  9. 9. think shelikes it!!!
  10. 10. Hey… this is your…. Oh! Forget it YEAH YEAH YOUUM TOO!!FFF
  11. 11. Meanwhile, inthe middle of the ocean.~ Oh damn, I think we clashed Do you want with a to run rock! together huh?
  12. 12. And you get to your ownbussines man, I will going to marry her! CLASH OF TITANS!!
  13. 13. CACHUM ! PUMCUAZ !! ZAS!! ! PAS!!
  14. 14. This is my bussine ss man!ZAS!! !
  15. 15. And you bet ter not get backtogether wit And he died… h those I don’t knowpoor delude what I am d doing with this Cloralex thing!