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Setting up a soundcloud account


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Setting up a soundcloud account

  1. 1.  Soundcloud is a vital component in our media project, because it allows us to save copyright-free music, and then add it to our film opening. Adding copyrighted music/sounds to our project is illegal, and can disqualify us from achieving our desired grades.
  2. 2.  Type ‘soundcloud’ into Google, and click on the link that has ‘’ The screen should look like this:
  3. 3.  Click on ‘sign up’ at the top of the homepage, and a box should appear on the screen. Fill in the required fields (email address and password).
  4. 4.  After you have agreed to the T&C’s, click on ‘sign up’. A new screen should appear, asking for your personal details e.g. name, interests etc.
  5. 5.  After you have finally clicked ‘sign up’, you now officially have a soundcloud account. You can now follow other accounts, listen to and even save sounds.  Thanks for watching!