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Ryans title opening presentation


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Ryans title opening presentation

  1. 1. Our Opening Film TitleCreated By Ryan and Simba
  2. 2. Our Titles We will be using a red ‘blood effect’ font on a black background (similar to Dawn of the Dead) which will help define our film as a horror/slasher film. The titles will appear on the screen about every 10-15 seconds during our film. The titles will show the Producer (caveman films), the casting and the film title.
  3. 3. The Visuals In our opening title credits we will be showing flashbacks in time to when the killer was being bullied. Filling out invitations to lure the victims into the trap. The opening will also show the killer preparing for his first revenge attack , for example gathering together knives etc.
  4. 4. The Audio For our film opening, we have decided to have some eerie, slow paced sounds, again helping to define the genre of the film and to grab the audiences attention. When the credits show up, a long and low pitched drum beat can be heard to add tension to the opening.