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How to build online presence of your brand in 2016


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This is a presentation on how to build online presence of your brand in 2016. Building online presence of your brand is now very easy because of the various social media platforms. This presentation explains every possible way to strengthen online presence of your brand in 2016.

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How to build online presence of your brand in 2016

  1. 1. Start building it because it’s the need of the hour
  2. 2.  Social Media  Email Marketing  Instant Messaging Services  Mobile Applications  Online Advertising  Blogging  Referral Rewards
  3. 3.  Use various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.  Create your business/fan pages on these websites  Create groups/communities to connect with your users/customers  Promote your social media pages wherever possible  Provide support to end users on these pages
  4. 4.  Send regular emails to your customers  Promote your new products or ideas through email  Take consumer surveys through email marketing  Include links to your business website and social media pages in emails
  5. 5.  Use services like WhatsApp, WeChat etc. to connect with your consumers instantly  Include your phone number where your customers can contact for general queries  Provide instant support on these numbers to increase user’s engagement with the brand  Create groups and promote your new products on these services
  6. 6.  Build a mobile application for your brand  Make mobile application which supports different operating systems like Apple and Android  Send regular notifications of new products or services which you’re offering  Allow users to access the same services in mobile applications of your brand
  7. 7.  Run different ad campaigns on popular websites like YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter  Create innovative advertises and promote through these advertising campaigns  Get benefit of huge traffic of these popular websites for your own brand
  8. 8.  Create a blog for your brand to post the latest updates  Promote these posts to various other platforms to make your customers aware about your latest updates  Allow users to subscribe  Increase users’ engagement with the brand by responding to their query on this blog
  9. 9.  Provide different rewards to customers for referring your services to others  Multi-level referral idea will bring more users  Build a MLM network for your brand to create win-win situation
  10. 10. Presented by Ritesh Nishar