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Aboriginal art animals

Teaching resource for an aboriginal art lesson. Quick history of animals in aboriginal art for kids. Links to worksheet | coloring in | templates. primary school slide show

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Aboriginal art animals

  1. 1. Animals in Aboriginal Art
  2. 2. Aboriginal people have been painting animals in rock shelters for at least 30,000 years
  3. 3. Some of the paintings are so old they include animals that went extinct tens of thousands of years ago
  4. 4. This aboriginal rock art of a Tasmanian Tiger in the Pilbara was done before the last ice age
  5. 5. Aboriginal paintings of animals often show the bones and internal organs as if the animal was having an X Ray. That is why it is often called X Ray Art.
  6. 6. Animals in Aboriginal art were often a part of a dreamtime story These stories are secret and only known by a few people and had hidden meanings.
  7. 7. Instead of colourng in the painting in blocks of colour Aboriginals use paralell lines or cross hatching.
  8. 8. Rarrk cross hatching can be hard to do with a color pencil but is much harder to do with ochre paint brush.
  9. 9. Can you tell what Animals these are?
  10. 10. All these animals are in Aboriginal stories.
  11. 11. Soon it will be your turn to try and fill an Aboriginal Animal with Rarrk. Don’t fill it all in and remember to use cross hatching
  12. 12. You can get some great effects only using just a few earthly colors
  13. 13. Aboriginal Artist in this presentation include Lofty Nabardayal Nadjamerrek John Marwurndjul Yirawala Dick Murra Murra Milaybuma Namarrnyik And of course unknown artists from eons past
  14. 14. END