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Sharing the Grace


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annual operating and capital improvement campaign slide show

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Sharing the Grace

  1. 1. Sharing The Grace Annual Operating Budget And Capital Campaign Hedding United Methodist Church
  2. 2. Our Heritage
  3. 3. 1797 Methodism founded in Barre, Vermont 1801 First Methodist Church built in the city park 1805 Bishop Elijah Hedding, Pastor and Circuit Rider Historical Highlights
  4. 4. 1895 Current church construction completed, 900 in attendance 1904 North Barre Mission established for the Granite Industry’s non- English speaking immigrants 1930 Junior choir organized and “Hedding Herald” published and distributed to over 400 homes 1931 Vermont Governor Wilson addressed the Sunday School totaling 310 students 1944 116 men and women from Hedding were serving in WWII 1948 The North Barre Mission joined Hedding
  5. 5. 1957 Construction began on the Martin Educational Wing 1960 Public nursery school opened and operated for over 30 years 1997 The Food Shelf was established to provide food assistance for those in need 2000 The “Praise Band” became an important addition to the traditional Sunday service 2003 Community dinners began on Friday nights 2013 Pastor Kim Kie appointed first female minister
  6. 6. Our Promise To uphold Hedding United Methodist Church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service Our Challenge To use our gifts and graces to extend Hedding’s legacy to future generations
  7. 7. Our Project
  8. 8. All that we have, All that we are, All we have the potential to be, are God’s gifts to us by His Grace
  10. 10. Our Priority
  11. 11. Our first commitment is to support our Annual Operating Budget. $0 $50,000 $100,000$150,000 $108,000 $10,000 $39,000 $29,000CONFERENCE PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION STAFF
  12. 12. WEEKLY GIFT ANNUAL PLEDGE $2 each week $104 $10 each week $1040 $20 each week $2052 $50 each week $2600 $75 each week $3900 $100 each week $5200 We should glorify God in what we receive and also what we give. A tithe is 10% of our produce. NIV Deut. 14.22 Please prayerfully consider increasing your pledge
  13. 13. Other ways to support Hedding’s annual operations Our prayers Our presence Our service There is always a place for you to serve God.
  14. 14. Our Needs
  15. 15. Our second commitment is to support our Capital Campaign.
  16. 16. Restore the steeple #1 Church Entrance Base
  17. 17. Restore the steeple #2 Church Entrance Top
  18. 18. Restore the steeple #3 Stain Glass Windows
  19. 19. Restore the steeple #4 Bell Tower
  20. 20. Restore the steeple #5 Steeple Base Damage
  21. 21. Restore the steeple #6 Steeple Top
  22. 22. Build accessible restroom
  23. 23. Relocate food shelf to a larger room
  24. 24. Sealcoat and re-line parking lot
  25. 25. Paint and repair parsonage front and back porches
  26. 26. Our Goals
  27. 27. Hedding UMC has 2 goals No. 1 To increase our annual budget so that Hedding can make a greater difference in the lives of the church and community through worship, mission, and educational programs. No. 2 To raise $125,000 to restore the steeple and make other building improvements.
  28. 28. Our Plan
  29. 29. Hedding has combined our two goals into one campaign called
  30. 30. During the Sharing the Grace campaign, you will Be invited to presentations like this where you will find answers to your questions Receive letters and brochures to keep you informed Be included in Hedding’s prayers Listen to testimonies during Sunday service
  31. 31. WEEKLY GIFT ANNUAL GIVING 3-YEAR COMMITMENT $2 each week $104 $312 $10 each week $1040 $3120 $20 each week $2052 $6156 $50 each week $2600 $7800 $75 each week $3900 $11,700 $100 each week $5200 $15,600 Consider how your gift will grow to help our Capital Campaign
  32. 32. Your pledge can take many forms  Gifts of cash or check  Electronic giving using EFT or the QR Code reader on your smart phone and the QR Code card in your pew.  Memorial gifts in the name of a loved one.  Gifts of appreciated stocks and bonds or mutual funds can eliminate capital gains tax, and you will receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of your gift. All your giving is considered a charitable deduction from your income tax. Electronic giving saves you time and postage.
  33. 33. After all the planning, receiving, listening, questioning, and praying, you will  Receive 2 commitment cards in the mail early November. On one commitment card, you will indicate your pledge to Hedding’s Annual Operating Budget. On the second commitment card, you will indicate your pledge to Hedding’s Capital Campaign.  Turn in your two commitment cards during Sunday worship on November 15  Mail your two commitment cards in the enclosed envelope OR
  34. 34. Your pledges will begin January 1, 2016 Your pledge for Hedding’s Annual Operating Budget will continue for all of 2016 Your pledge for Hedding’s Capital Campaign will continue for 3 years, 2016 through 2018.
  35. 35. Our Pastor
  36. 36. I continue to be amazed by the work God is doing through Hedding United Methodist Church. The Sharing the Grace campaign will enhance our ministries with an accessible rest room, an expanded food shelf, and ensure that our steeple remains a beacon of hope in Barre. Each day I see lives transformed as we share God’s grace and love with our neighbors. We are blessed to be a blessing. Rev. Kim E. Kie
  37. 37. Hedding United Methodist Church 40 Washington Street, Barre, VT 05641 802 476-8156 Make all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can. John Wesley Methodist Founder